UFO Shaped Eye Firing Laser Or Plasma Bolts


I'm proper speechless and genuinely I've struggled for a day now in terms of what or how to describe this to you guys, what is this unknown aerial phenomenon (because that's exactly what it is) it doesn't look faked.

And the technology involved here in this UFO video if this "is" a genuine UFO encounter, is very futuristic! The technology on display here is so far ahead of anything we've got now technology wise and for us to see it here now in this video and know it could not or should not exist - but it does, it blows my mind.


It just appears and then as quickly as it fires what looks like laser bolts or plasma, it shoots them or let's them off then leaves! Strange way to describe it but it does do exactly that. In fact it's a strange thing for a UFO to do altogether, but that's only because we're not used to seeing UFOs do that. Is this a new type of Alien vehicle we're seeing, possibly used by a different Alien species as far as the traditional Flying Saucer shaped craft goes - this one is very different indeed!

Close up look at the laser or plasma bolt of light expelled by the unknown aerial vehicle (UAV) in the video:


You can tell by the video (below) that it really could of taken place, you can tell by the way the "things" move behind the trees and in the Instagram comments some people was voicing concern about how scared they are knowing that this type of stuff is here on Earth and unchecked. That is just another level Alien type stuff. πŸ‘½

I do not think this is fireworks at all.

I don't think it's stray flares from a whole squadron of Jets or helicopter debris.

I definitely don't think it's swamp gas.

This isn't a drone dropping flares, it's not a balloon, it's not a Chinese lantern or a skydiver. It's not Venus, it's not a Sun flare (as you can I'm struggling for answers).
I know there will be people out there desperate to voice their opinion that this is fake - but why is it fake, please don't just comment "fake" without anything further. That doesn't do anyone any favours.
There will be people out there paid to tell people this is a fake or that this is an edited video but the fact of the matter is that this happened and no amount of trying to convince the people otherwise will help. There are also people out there that will say this:


"Proven long time ago that it was a hoax, next or move along". Seriously this is stuff which is designed to sow seeds of doubt.

It doesn't matter what I say or what they say - go with what makes sense to you?

All you have to do is watch the video - nothing else - and then make your mind up with no influence whatsoever from that, which you'll never hear a hoaxer say because they can't do their job without trying to influence you? So, I will stay silent and you watch the video. That's it, nothing more nothing less and make your own decision?

Guaranteed that "the authority paid minions" will be out trying to convince people that (or at least plant seeds of doubt) that this is a very clever hoax or a photo-shopped video) and they usually do that by saying "it's actually a very bad fake" or "poorly edited fake". They usually say stuff like "I could do a better job with windows number 1 software" etc?

Personally I believe this could be real. Personally I don't need anyone to tell me either that "it's real or fake". But I will always listen to your opinions all the time "everytime". But I always go with my own determinations which is what I encourage you to do. I'm not ignorant and not open to other opinions - I'm open to what you have to say I just know that there are people out there paid to sway other peoples thoughts and opinions and because I know that - I rely on my own judgement(s).

Image showing the UFO Eye disappearing:

UFO sighting of a very unusual looking UFO that has an eye shape to it.

Do not rely on what I say, do not believe what I say because someone told you to believe it or that I have asked you to check this out or even that I might be beginning to believe it. Believe this video (or not) because it makes sense to you, or not, lol! Common sense will always look after you, if you let it.

I have only one concern about this video:
The onlooker (woman's voice) sounds like she's looking off to the distance and doesn't even mention it? Does that bother anyone else here? It might be a genuine reaction, it could be that this part of the video (only part available as of today 8th February 2019) and doesn't show her other more terrified reaction etc. I'm just not 100 percent on this at all because of that right there.
Check out this amazing video showing a TR3B and a car parked in the desert on Google Maps. The video above can't be showing a TR3B can it? What do you think it is? Please share this post and lets all get some answers, cheers guys.

Here is another UFO Mothership (link to post)Letting go UFO Drones:


Source Ufolovers Instagram.
Source Reference TR3B Parked Up With A Car In Google Maps.
Source Reference Metallic UFO Mothership Releasing Drone.


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  1. This is a really good UFO encounter, shaped like an eye and caught on camera. The details that we can see are pretty good and the whole feel of this UFO video is one of amazement. I didn't know how to describe it for a day. The UFO fires out what looks like laser or plasma bolts of light which then change shape in to a ring and literally fly off themselves. I know this is different but I get a good feeling about it. It's mind blowing, you gotta check it out. When it lets out the light bolts that's when I really thought this is real. πŸ‘½πŸ›Έ☄πŸ‘ŒπŸŽ₯⚡✨πŸ’‘πŸ‘Œ☄πŸ›ΈπŸ‘½

    This is the first time I've left a comment using Blogger's own comments tool, it's always been Google Plus comments but now that's been retired (all Google Plus is going). It's something which everyone will miss. That's my farewell to Google+ I really liked and enjoyed Google Plus which I'm sure a lot of you have enjoyed Google+ or Plus as it's know or should I say "was known as".

  2. My immediate thought is a reflection of some kind from maybe a window mixed with something actually happening in the sky. Hence the blind or wire behalf covering what could be a drone. Also the smoke or light ring seems to be identical both times. But I’d love to believe x

  3. Wow, looks legit. interesting footage for sure.

  4. There must be over a million videos of alien craft so say 30% are not real ..that leaves a huge NO that ARE real ..as for RELIGION..theres not one!!

  5. They all look like eyes. Even the planets. Take a look at my pins


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