UFO Mothership Releasing A Metallic Sphere Drone

Flying Saucer Mothership releases a UFO sphere.

This is one for the books as a UFO Mothership is filmed releasing what looks like a metallic sphere or drone over the sea. There are many amazing things going on with this and it looks like it could be the real deal?

As far as information goes, there is hardly any other than the video itself. But let's face it the most important part of this story is there. It's like having a book without the cover.

I will continue to update this story as and when the information becomes available. I really expect that we'll come across some more information about this as it's just so good.

The metallic sphere or drone released by the Mothership is definitely spinning as it drops so why is that? It seems like it is not under any control at the point of it been dropped so that would suggest it is remotely controlled?

Strange UFO Mothership and UFO drone sphere.

It's videoed actually releasing a metallic drone or in my opinion a capsule to maybe gather some sort of information which ties in with common beliefs that these UFOs are here to spy on us or to just observe and send information back to the Aliens planet.

For what reason, well that's just pure speculation (also this video is speculation). Is this real or is this just another Hollywood style CGI video released to make people think this is a real Mothership.

Overall it might be part of a bigger picture of getting the public ready for disclosure so by releasing fakes "still" could be part of the disclosure?

The Mothership UFO looks like a Flying Saucer.

There could be people out there tasked with getting people ready or used to the idea that Aliens are here and UFOs are real? So these could be so real looking and it's part of the disclosure project.

Again we have to evaluate every scenario, we have to look at every possible answer and no matter how silly it sounds. This is because sometimes the more crazy it is, well that demands a crazy answer.

The Mothership UFO looks like an Alien Flying Saucer.

Believing in Aliens is considered crazy!

Believing you saw a UFO is considered crazy!

So to get an answer, we need to go there - otherwise we wont get an answer and it's as simple as that. So there is no such thing as a crazy answer unless one is intentionally made up.

Source ufolovers Instagram.



  2. I have seen such round objects pass in front of my fence and turn sharp angles with amazing speed and with a sound like a loud flute. But strangely the people around my house did not hear anything and everything went as usual

  3. I have seen one round object with much lights around near 30 metres over the head it didn’t make a sound and fly very slowly.

  4. looks like one of our millitray projects even looks like it got wheels for landing gear i would say its one of ours

  5. It was dropping a cow...

  6. DGS has developed a versatile, multi-layered counter-drone solution that offers a tailored solution to satisfy the mission requirements of airports and critical infrastructures to government agency headquarters. Drone Detection

  7. They are here and get ready people cause they are not friendly or they would have landed all across the globe by now and introduced themselves no matter if it’s just to civilians or Government earthier way they are not friendly and we should be careful we should all be ready for a war! Everybody says they are more intelligent than us but that’s might be true in some technology but I’m sure we have our own things that is advanced for them too. One example is clothes ��! They are here and we need to be ready to kill them when they come

  8. W. Who said they were not friendly? If they meant harm, it would have happened already .
    No humans have been harmed on purpose. If we were to battle with them, we would lose.

  9. Oh, they're real alright. BUT..the big question is are they "Theirs" or "ours."
    Or perhaps we are working together as associates. I highly suspect the latter and that is precisely why the PTB are not ready (if ever) to fully disclose what the hell is going on!

  10. It's time I think it's only fair that the answers come out


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