Real Plane Frozen In The Sky The Matrix Glitch

Plane frozen in place in the sky.

This is the proof (for some) that we are living in the Matrix and that the movie The Matrix was a documentary by a wakened soul.

Is this the real answer or is it that the plane is flying in to the wind (even though it's not windy lol?

Well, we have to have a rational answer God forbid we actually see the real Earth and what's really happening that magic is actually a Matrix trick by awakened souls all part of the secretive Magic Circle or The Society Of American Magicians.

Is this another Matrix glitch since 2012.

Fun Fact:
Dynamo, UK magician walked on water over the Thames. Onlookers stayed on to witness the taking away of the equipment they used for him to walk on water like a glass walkway etc. NO PEOPLE CAME. The tide went out, nothing was there.

Is this a UFO but with a cloaking device or system - and is it malfunctioning or it could actually be that but the UFO is hovering over this city.

So what we are looking at here in the video is nothing short of impossible! But yet there it is, it definitely happened and I don't have an answer for you.

Well I do, The Matrix but that kind of falls short of a definite answer somewhat?

If you have an answer please let us know?

Are we living in a Matrix style digital world with glitches.

I remember doing a post about a video of a propeller of a helicopter not moving and it looked like the helicopter wasn't even using it's rotors but it was flying.

Someone said the propellers are matching the speed of the camera shutter. I mentioned it was a digital camera. Still, it was definitely the camera shutter speed lol.

If you think that the camera shutter speed is matching the plane speed lol, well I don't even think that's possible? And it's a digital camera, hmmm? That's how perplexing this video is to me, I honestly don't have an answer for you. I don't know what I'm looking at - do you?

Here's the actual video:

It shouldn't be happening, but it's a real video. There is little information with the video but if we discover any in our research we will update this post so check back every now and again.

Source ufolovers Instagram.


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  1. At a few thousand feet up, or when over hilly areas, or over water, it is possible to have head winds that are faster than the stall speed of the aircraft especially with about 10 to 15 degrees of flaps put down.

    When I used to fly Cessna's and other light aircraft when I had strong enough head winds for fun I would I would lower the flaps a bit to allow the aircraft to have a much lower stall speed. This way I was able to make the aircraft hover using the wind velocity to support it. In fact if I had a strong enough head wind I was able to make the aircraft fly backward. The stall speed on a small Cessna is about 65 mph with no flaps down. With the flaps down a bit it does not take much to allow the aircraft to hover.

    At very high altitudes in the range of 25,000 feet plus it is very possible to have winds in the range of a few hundred mph. When flying against such a wind with a large aircraft it is possible to also make it hover by lowering the flaps to the range of 10 to 15 degrees and applying just the right amount of power from the engines.

  2. When getting my pilots license I usd to slow the plane down and fly backwards over the interstate! It appears that this plane is towing a banner which would make it easier to pull off.

  3. In the lower film..I had the impression of the plane being a visible part of a much larger cloaked machine. Maybe some of it has to be seen so made into a craft we would ignore.....just an idea.....

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