British Scientists Claimed To Have Found Proof Of Alien Life

Alien lifeforms where found way back in 2013 but it obviously went under the radar.

Image Credit/University of Sheffield.

Can anyone remember this from way back in 2013? What happened to this does anyone know or can anyone even remember what became of these claims, the scientists or was this hushed up? I'm absolutely stunned as I simply cannot remember this and I think I would of remembered it if it was such a dramatic headline like what it says that Aliens have potentially been found. I mean it even led with this headline:

The truth IS out there (above Cheshire, that is): British scientists claim to have found proof of alien life.

Then it had this:

Alien life on the edge of space it doesn't get any better than this for proof of Aliens.

Image Credit/University of Sheffield.

A team of British scientists is convinced it has found proof of alien life, after it harvested strange particles from the edge of space. The scientists sent a balloon 27km into the stratosphere, which came back carrying small biological organisms which they believe can only have originated from space.

Professor Milton Wainwright told The Independent that he was "95 per cent convinced" that the organisms did not originate from earth.

"By all known information that science has, we know that they must be coming in from space," he said. "There is no known mechanism by which these life forms can achieve that height. As far as we can tell from known physics, they must be incoming."

Another Alien on the edge of space scientists are confident of it.

Image Credit/University of Sheffield.

Some of the samples were captured covered with cosmic dust, adding further credence to the idea that they have originated from space.

"The organisms are not usual," said Professor Wainwright, who works at the University of Sheffield’s Department of Molecular Biology and Biotechnology.

"If they came from earth, we would expect to see stuff that we find on earth commonly, like pollen."

OMG after reading this, one scientist was quoted as saying that they contained DNA even though the actual Alien lifeforms are technically "extinct". Here is his actual quote:

The organisms are probably not alive, but, excitingly, probably do contain DNA.

"We're very, very confident that these are biological entities originating from space," he said, acknowledging that absolutely certainty is hard to achieve in science.

The team believes that the entities are coming from comets, which are big balls of ice shooting through space.

The samples were collected during a meteorite shower from a comet. As they hit the earth's atmosphere, the comets melt - ablate, to give it a technical term - releasing the organisms as they break down.

"The particles are very clean," added Prof Wainwright. "They don't have any dust attached to them, which again suggests they're not coming to earth. Similarly, cosmic dust isn't stuck to them, so we think they came from an aquatic environment, and the most obvious aquatic environment in space is a comet.

"They're very unusual beasts, not your normal kind of life from earth."
No video but guys, we don't need a video as the images are the proof. These Alien lifeforms or "beasts" as the professor put it are absolutely amazing.

What or where did they come from and from where in the Universe did they start their life? This whole story (which you need to check out the link below) is absolutely amazing stuff.

Could life on Earth have come from space...

Source Independent.


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  1. A team of British scientists is convinced it has found proof of alien life, after it harvested strange particles from the edge of space. This is one them articles published that seems to go right over peoples heads for some reason, but the implications of this are history changing.

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