Baltic Sea Anomaly Crashed UFO What Else Can It Be

If the Baltic Sea anomaly isn't a UFO then what is it if it's not a spaceship-looking anomaly?

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It's been down there for a very long time, I'm talking about the longest time you can imagine - then add a few thousand years on to that (probably) that's how old it is. It's said to be 14,000 years old. It's 61 meters wide by 8 meters tall!

It's huge as well, it's so large that it dwarfs anyone who goes down there to see it and it dwarfs the mini-subs that have been down there in the Baltic Sea to check this out and survey it. The sonar image speaks for itself.

Baltic Sea Anomaly UFO looks like a Millennium Falcon and is very huge.

Its outside skin or the material it's made from on its surface (so to speak) has petrified. It's turned to stone (my own opinion) or it has a very robust concretion of sea crust - like a build-up on its outside surface of shells called crustaceans, which makes it look exactly like stone.

What is The Baltic Sea Anomaly:

But the thing it doesn't hide at all - is its shape and that's because this thing is huge! Think Millennium Falcon, think of a spaceship or Indiana Jones and the lost temple of spaceships under the water. If Lara Croft knew about this back in the early 90's then it would have ended up in the film.

The Baltic Sea Anomaly UFO with the crash marks embedded in to the sea floor or sea bed behind it.

The image first appeared on the sonar of Ocean X, a private treasure-hunting company, a couple of years ago. You can see its strange and artificially circular shape. It looks something like a UFO. Also, note the streak marks behind it.

Questions and Answers About The Baltic Sea Anomaly:

Q: What is the Baltic Sea anomaly?

A: The Baltic Sea anomaly refers to a peculiar and unexplained structure discovered in 2011 during a sonar survey of the seabed in the Baltic Sea. Its unique shape and features have garnered attention and led to various theories about its origin.

Q: What are some theories about the Baltic Sea anomaly's origin?

A: There are several theories surrounding the Baltic Sea anomaly. Some propose that it could be a natural geological formation, such as a glacial deposit or a volcanic feature. Others speculate that it might be the remains of an ancient shipwreck or a geological anomaly caused by ice. Some more speculative theories entertain the possibility of a man-made or even extraterrestrial origin.

Q: Has the Baltic Sea anomaly been thoroughly investigated?

A: While there have been investigations into the Baltic Sea anomaly, thorough examination and conclusive findings are ongoing. Limited access to the site, challenging diving conditions, and the need for specialized equipment have posed difficulties in fully exploring and understanding the structure. However, research and analysis by various teams and experts continue to contribute to our understanding of this intriguing phenomenon.

More Baltic Sea Anomaly Questions And Answers:

Q: What evidence supports the extraterrestrial theory of the Baltic Sea anomaly?

A: The extraterrestrial theory regarding the Baltic Sea anomaly is based on the unusual features and peculiar shape of the structure. Its circular shape, resembling a possible UFO or a flying saucer, has sparked speculation. Additionally, claims of sonar interference in the area and unexplained electromagnetic readings have been cited as supporting evidence. However, it is important to note that these claims have not been conclusively proven and remain speculative.

Q: Are there any ongoing efforts to further explore and investigate the Baltic Sea anomaly?

A: Yes, there are ongoing efforts to explore and investigate the Baltic Sea anomaly. Various research teams and organizations continue to study the anomaly, employing advanced technology and conducting surveys whenever possible. These efforts aim to collect additional data, conduct further analysis, and provide a more conclusive understanding of its origin and nature.

Q: Can the Baltic Sea anomaly be visited or observed by the public?

A: Due to the challenging conditions, limited access, and remote location of the Baltic Sea anomaly, it is not readily accessible for public visits or observations. Diving to the site requires specialized equipment and expertise, making it difficult for casual visitors to explore. However, researchers and scientific expeditions have periodically documented the anomaly and shared their findings, allowing the public to stay updated on any new developments through publications and media.

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Look at the way it is shaped it looks like whatever this thing was crashed and skidded along the ground before coming to a stop.

The team that discovered this object noted that when their boat was directly above it some of their electrical equipment stopped working. When they sailed away, the equipment started working again. (For me this is another compelling, "compelling" piece of the proof)!

The dive team that explored the sunken object also explained how the object appeared to have steps leading to an egg-shaped entrance. Parts of either the object or rock that had formed around it were dated to be around 14,000 years old.

Here's the video:

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

The Baltic Sea anomaly refers to interpretations of an indistinct sonar image taken by Peter Lindberg, Dennis Åsberg and their Swedish "Ocean X" diving team while treasure hunting on the floor of the northern Baltic Sea at the centre of the Bothnian Sea, in June 2011.

The team suggested their sonar image showed an object with unusual features of seemingly non-natural origin, prompting speculation published in tabloid newspapers that the object was a sunken UFO. A consensus of experts and scientists says that the image most likely shows a natural geological formation.

Explain the huge indentations of skid marks behind it then? They along with the spaceship itself leave me in no doubt whatsoever that this is a real ancient crashed UFO.{alertInfo}

The Baltic Sea Anomaly:

The discovery in 2011 by the Ocean X Team during a sonar survey of the seabed, has fascinated researchers and enthusiasts alike. This perplexing and enigmatic structure, located in the Baltic Sea's depths, has defied easy explanation. Despite numerous theories, no consensus has been reached regarding its origin or nature. The anomaly's unique, disc-like shape and the presence of unusual features such as a stair-like structure have fueled speculation ranging from natural geological formations to the possibility of man-made or even extraterrestrial origins. Ongoing investigations and discussions within the scientific community aim to shed light on this enduring mystery, unravelling the secrets that lie beneath the waves of the Baltic Sea.

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