UFO Over Walmart Car Park And Hovering Over A Family

Walmart car park with a family right underneath a huge UFO.

A guy out shopping with his family at Walmart spotted a huge UFO right above them. The Unidentified Flying Object with white lights evenly spaced around it was filmed right above Walmart's car park and so could not of been some stadium lights or even the car parks lights.

This UFO is way to high in the sky for it to be remotely anything like that, other than an unknown aerial phenomenon known as a UFO or UAP. That's just as simple as that really, or is it?

UFO seen over Walmart's car park and hovering over a family.

This is the kind of UFO sighting that the person videoing the it or the "Flying Saucer shaped" UFO was mindful enough to actually try to get the proof of it been there and that the video is not a fake by saying he's out with his kids and there's a UFO right above us here at Walmart while glancing back and forth between the UFO and his family.

This is the kind of of video that really has to make you, me and the world stand up and take notice of Ufology. We need to take notice of their presence and that these UFOs are getting more daring, more public and more it seems, wanting to be seen?

If that is the case, then why?

Are they preparing the world for their introduction? OMG that just felt like a realisation. It felt like it all made sense right there in that moment as I was typing it felt like it all made sense.

The UFO above Walmart just hovers above the families heads.

These UFOs are coming and going, coming in to focus, going across mountains and cities and the space between the Moon and Earth and now I think it could be that they are deliberately getting us all used to their presence and soon "one day" they will just announce themselves by stepping out the craft?

Taking over the airwaves, frequencies etc and OK it sounds a little far fetched but you have to admit that it feels like the real UFO sightings are getting more frequent?

If these UFOs and the occupants (Aliens) really do want to be seen, then why can't they just tune in to everyone's television's and commandeer the air waves? Why, what's stopping them? Do they even have that capability or even the technology to do something like that? Why can't they broadcast on the radio instead?

I thought I had seen something similar to this UFO before? These two images below are from other posts that I have done before on other UFOs which are so similar the bottom one (second one) could even be it?

This UFO looks very similar to the UFO in the post the one above Walmart.

Again here is a UFO that I have posted about before which looks very similar to the UFO above Walmart.

Here is the link to the post I did before. In fact this UFO has been seen over New Jersey before! After looking at this other post I did a while ago I now remember that back the UFO was really high up, well higher than it is now. So this UFO is back. Judging by that video in the post, there's no way it can be stadium lights as it's just to high. Very, very high.

Because they're probably aware of the hoaxes and pranks that humans are always pulling on each other (War of the worlds) and so they probably figured out for themselves that it would just be a waste of time as it would be brushed off as a "another prank". A really good prank, but a prank none the less.

So the best thing to do from the start is to show themselves and let us get used to them been here. Let us get used to their spaceships. Let us get used to the fact that we are not alone in the vastness of space and that the future really is one of absolute mind blowing cooperation between Aliens and humans.

What an interesting video.

Source Ufolovers Instagram.
Source Reference Circular UFO over New Jersey.


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  2. Many people have interacted with them with lucid dreams, telepathically and met face to face. Eventually the aliens felt they had to make people familiar with them

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