Metallic Disk-Shaped Object In Antarctica Update

In recent years, conspiracy theories about extraterrestrial life and ancient civilizations have become increasingly popular.

This was discovered by Brad Olsen in October of 2020 so it's a recent UFO discovery.

Antarctica Metallic Disk UFO discovery in Oct 2020.

One such theory has emerged in connection with Antarctica, where some people claim that a mysterious metallic disk-shaped object visible on Google Maps could be a genuine UFO.


According to a recent article on Express, the object in question is a dark, oblong shape located in a remote area of Antarctica. Some conspiracy theorists believe that the object could be evidence of an ancient human civilization that once thrived on the continent in ancient times, while others speculate that it could be a landing site for extraterrestrial spacecraft.

It's certainly not a pool of water because natural pools of water don't have an edge like a swimming pool. Well, whatever this is it's got all the hallmarks of it being an unnaturally occurring and intelligently made look about it.

Some experts and UFO enthusiasts point out that the object bears a striking resemblance to a classic flying saucer, which raises the possibility that it could be a genuine UFO. With more people comes more knowledge and wisdom. The object does appear to be metallic and disk-shaped, with a smooth and reflective exterior that suggests advanced technology.

Antarctica is known for its harsh and remote environment, which makes it difficult for researchers to explore. However, numerous scientific expeditions have been conducted in the region, and none have uncovered any evidence of an ancient civilization or extraterrestrial presence.

Furthermore, while Google Maps is a powerful tool for exploring the world, it is not infallible. The images it captures can sometimes be distorted or contain artefacts that are not representative of the actual landscape.

However, the metallic disk-shaped object in question appears to be a clear and distinct shape, which suggests that it is not a mere imaging artefact. While the idea of a genuine UFO in Antarctica may be both exciting and unsettling, it is important to approach these claims with scepticism and critical thinking.


Without concrete evidence to support such claims, they remain nothing more than speculation and conspiracy theories. In conclusion, the metallic disk-shaped object visible on Google Maps in Antarctica has raised the possibility that it could be a genuine UFO.

The update

After checking the coordinates that I've checked a million times as of today on Google Maps the coordinates are blurred or pixelated as it's known. It's a square piece put directly over the area because to the south of the coordinates and north, east and west it's fine. There's a large square of pixelation from 2023 because it's got the Google watermark on the new square. Just what's going on with this area and why is there an obvious attempt to cover up the area? Check it for yourself.

Antarctica 66°16'24.0'S 100°59'03.0°E

While further investigation and evidence are necessary to confirm or debunk this theory, it is an intriguing possibility that continues to capture the imaginations of many.{alertSuccess}

Credit: Google Maps/Brad Olsen/Express/UFO Sightings Footage/UFO Sightings/Ufosfootage/Canva.

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