Rubio | US Does Own Crashed Non-Human Craft

In recent years, UFO sightings have become more widely accepted and common, and there has been increasing interest in the subject from the government and the general public.

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Let's get into it.

US does own crashed non-human craft according to Marco Rubio.

Recently, Senator Marco Rubio made headlines after claiming that he had heard firsthand accounts of shocking UFO sightings from top Pentagon officials.


Rubio alleged that these officials claimed that the US does in fact own crashed non-human craft, and is currently working on reverse-engineering their technology. This is beyond words and beyond UFO disclosure going into the realms of "am I awake" because it's been talked openly with regards to recovered crashed UFOs.

Although this information may seem shocking to many, it is not a new idea, as the US government has been rumored to be studying extraterrestrial technology for decades. The only thing that has changed for many people living UFO research is high public officials openly claiming that indeed the US Government does have UFOs.

Rewind 10 years ago it would not have been possible at all. Something drastic has changed high up and it makes me wonder if a change in people within the gatekeepers office is the answer? There's been a monumental shift in released info and the whole stance has shifted to be fair.

The topic of UFOs has gained more attention in recent years with the release of previously classified documents and leaked videos. The Pentagon's own UAP Task Force has also recently released a report, acknowledging that unidentified aerial phenomena (UAP), formerly known as UFOs, are a legitimate concern.

This alone is beyond words because most people think that these offices set up by the people hiding the information was just a token gesture designed to manipulate the masses into thinking that something was being done.

What we know

  • UFO sightings have become more common in recent years, leading to increased interest in the topic from both government officials and the general public.
  • Senator Marco Rubio has made headlines after claiming that top Pentagon officials have firsthand accounts of shocking UFO sightings, including claims that the US owns a crashed non-human craft that is being studied for its technology.
  • The US government has a history of studying the possibility of extraterrestrial technology, often rumored but unconfirmed.
  • The Pentagon's UAP Task Force recently acknowledged the legitimacy of unidentified aerial phenomena and released a report about their concerns.
  • It is important to note that these sightings do not necessarily confirm the existence of extraterrestrial life, as they could be advanced technology developed by other countries.
  • Rubio's comments have sparked renewed interest in the subject and raised important questions about government involvement in studying UAPs.

As the attention and interest in UAPs increases, it remains to be seen what the government's next move will be in terms of disclosure and providing more information to the public. Will they or won't they take the responsibility of their own office that they swore to uphold and to the letter be forthcoming! I hope that they don't withhold the information "in the people's interest" because that is nothing but malarky.

You can guarantee that Rubio's comments will spark renewed interest in the subject without a doubt and outside of the UFO community because this is a senator and yes they do get briefed on matters of interests to the country. That brings all kinds of "friends, wannabes and people looking to further their own careers" out of the woodwork.

Marko Rubio knows more about Extraterrestrial entities, he's just said he's been briefed on non human origin craft's, go figure. It would have once upon a time being front and center, headline news around the world but now...

That means we're ready for the evidence, we've gone past the disclosure stage as with this and now as Rubio states, there are crafts so that's the logical next step.

David Grusch, a former Air Force officer, has made headlines recently for his bold claim that US officials have recovered and back-engineered extraterrestrial craft and bodies. This claim has garnered worldwide attention, as it offers possible confirmation of long-held conspiracy theories regarding government involvement with unidentified aerial phenomena. Grusch's assertions have yet to be confirmed by any other sources, but they have sparked renewed interest in the topic which is a good thing and raised important questions about the government's potential involvement with extraterrestrial technology. It remains to be seen if any additional evidence will arise to support Grusch's claims or if the government will offer any official statements on the matter.

Lee Lewis UFO Researcher 

The people have raised important questions about the government's interest and involvement in studying UAPs and these questions are being answered finally. It's taken more than half a century of asking for the information regarding UFOs and finally it looks like we're getting somewhere.

It remains to be seen what the government's next move will be in terms of UAP materials and whether they will provide more information to the public about their findings.


While some may be surprised and even skeptical about Senator Rubio's claims, it's important to remember that the US government and military have been studying the possibility of extraterrestrial life and technology for years.

The increasing attention and interest in UAPs could lead to more transparency and disclosure about any findings in the short term future like within the allotted 6 month's time by the Senate.

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