2 UFOs Become 4 UFOs And Disappear Into Thin Air

This is the moment when 2 UFOs become 4 UFOs and they eventually disappear into thin air.

This is the moment when 2 UFO lights becomes 4 UFOs that all vanish.

Let's get into it.

It's not every day that we see 2 UFOs being filmed by anyone let alone 2 UFOs multiplying into 4 and the same UFOs then vanishing into thin air.


We see the camera being used to film this bizarre event auto-focusing on the objects and that's near on impossible to get right in any CGI rendering software. Yes, there will be expensive software that could generate something like it but not like that, no way. That's just my opinion.

I want to believe that it's a real UFO sighting but years of writing about UFOs has taught me to hold off on saying one way or the other unless I'm convinced that it's a genuine UFO sighting.

I've personally encouraged people to report UFOs even if they withold their names and location because the UFO sighting is more important to mankind and for historical purposes than not having the record of it happening. So just because we don't have a location or a name we have the record of it and I'm thankful for anyone who has reported a UFO anonymously.

Lee Lewis UFO Researcher 


I think this is one of them days because while sitting on the fence is always a good thing I always have an opinion no matter what the UFO sighting. I mean, we all have opinions on everything but publicly saying one way or another is different especially when the video is all we have to go off.

But as you know a lot of UFO activity has gone on this last year alone and guy it's becoming easier than ever to state one way or another. You'd expect that because it's now widely accepted that UFOs are real and that's not me saying it, it's the US Government saying it. If you need any more information to make your mind up then your probably stalling or in denial.

There's also such a thing as disinformation going on also where people are paid to dismiss, ridicule, divert attention and promote false narratives away from UFO sightings, conspiracies and whistleblowers' "whistles" for want of a better word.

We've been waiting for decades for the US Government to accept UFOs are real and we've got it. So if you still have not decided then there's something else entirely going on. The human being that you are wants this, our hope wants this and our expectation demands it based on the mountain of evidence.

Guys UAPs are real UFO sightings that happen around the world what are your thoughts on this also please share this post, thanks.

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