Footage Of Turkish UFO Incident Showing 2 Aliens

Footage Of Turkish UFO Incident Showing 2 Aliens

This one of the best UFO videos out there because you can see the actual Alien in the UFO looking through a window.

You can clearly make out Aliens in this image.

There's what appears to be Aliens at the window in this craft over Turkey. And it's just mind blowing and very similar to what we subconsciously think an Alien looks like with the big teardrop head shape.

The Turkish government has declared this UFO video as real and authentic which lends a degree of evidence and proof of the whole story.

It has been investigated by near enough every single self appointed authority and well respected graphic design teams aswell as video and film analysts who all agree that the video is 100% real or authentic to use the proper term.

Here is the amazing video along with the stills of note which show the Alien going about it's business (whatever that is)? The video if it's contents are real and was not a massive hoax then it shatters every known belief including religion and mankind's back story?

And yes, it absolutely points to the probability that space is teaming with Alien species of all kinds and I mean all kinds of Aliens from very tall to very tiny and everything in-between bar none.
Here's the amazing video:

Dr. Roger Leir writes: The stills and video you are watching is the clearest and the best close up of a UFO off the coast of Istanbul, Turkey. There are videos of the sighting for the years, 2007, 2008 and 2009.

The footage has been analyzed by an organization of the Turkish Government and has been deemed genuine footage of an Alien craft.

In Turkey, in the early morning hours of May 13, 2009, a video captured a UFO in which two aliens were clearly visible through a window on the craft.

Now, the Turkish government has confirmed the authenticity of a UFO sighting.

The bizarre sighting apparently happened on May 13, 2009, at around 2.20 AM. The video shows an eerie flying object hovering in the skies, and interestingly two aliens sitting in the UFO were clearly visible in the footage.

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