UFO Struck By Lightening In The City During Typhoon

Lightening strikes this UFO and it takes it on the chin.

I finally got to the frame which shows us the UFO which is the image just above us (filter number is below in the source links).

That is definitely a UFO. The lightening strike is covering the UFO like a blanket covering it all.

This is a zoomed out look at the UFO.

It's hit by the lightening strike and it illuminates the outside of the craft and even though it's sitting happily in the clouds, it doesn't do a thing to it.

Lightening strikes a UFO over the city.

The UFO literally takes it on the chin and calmly carries on just sitting there.

You'd think it would plummet to the ground but it doesn't which means it's probably got a shield around itself?

This image shows us the lightening in action with the UFO.

Here's the short quote that is with this short video on Instagram. I think this was filmed in Thailand?
In this very short video filmed during typhoon you see object been struck by lighting, the question is? What is it? You're thought's. 
UFO over Thailand in sequence of film showing how it got struck by lightening.

In these sequences of film you can the movement of lightening going around the UFO.

UFO sequence of film showing how it got struck by lightening.

Real UFO struck by lightening.

The start of the lightening strike is actually an amazing sight to behold. In one of the comments on the Instagram post it says that this is from a movie which I very much doubt, but again it needs investigating.

What is this and is there any real way of us actually figuring this out I mean where would you start to do that?

This is an image of the city skyline from where the person videoing this amazing UFO encounter was standing.

Below is the video of this once in a lifetime video , where an amazing looking oddity is caught on camera:

It's only a short video but when your dealing with lightening strikes it all happens in the blink of an eye and it's all over, but this one is different as the people can see a UFO which is hard for the camera to pick up on but the lightening helps us out big time.

Source UFO Lovers Instagram.
Source Filter Code Number 5aab42a06400b432 On Canva.

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