California UFO Releases A Fleet Of UFOs

This is the moment the UFO over California releases more Orbs.

There's something happening in the skies of California in the US because recently there's been a spike in UFO activity and it doesn't seem to be slowing down anytime soon. Because this Mothership (if you like) is releasing all these Orbs is this where other Orb UFO sightings originated, at this particular one?

This is a great example of a UFO releasing orbs or drones all of which are still UFOs in their own right because we just don't know what they are and they're flying around skies that are supposedly protected or at least monitored?

Two balls of light come out briefly from the main UFO - before being sucked back in to the main UFO and then it bursts out the Orbs as if it's firing them out in a specific distance?

A close up and a look at normal zoom length of the UFO seen over California in the US.

They must be seeing something on their screens and if the reason they're doing nothing is because they don't have resources then that's terrible. Or are they been directed to do nothing? It makes me wonder...

Anyways apparently it's being investigated by Ufos Magazine and hopefully they will share their results straight away? I know they'll share the results but I just hope it's sooner rather than later?

Where did this UFO come from.

It looks real, it feels real and if it is real then that would make this yet another Mothership (yes it's a Mothership) and there's other Motherships over the USA as we've posted only recently about other ones deploying what appears to be metallic UFOs which can be seen here?

Below is an image of the other UFO Mothership dropping what looks like a metallic UFO drone:

this is a UFO or Flying Saucer Releasing a UFO drone.

Many times the public have caught some very striking footage of UFOs flying past extremely fast or from a plane in the clouds etc but for a UFO to be filmed actually releasing what looks like Orbs or metallic drones then that must send chills through the government if they know that these are real (they know some things that we don't) and to be privy to top secret information and then see it on film, well it must be weird?

The UFO Mothership releases a lot of Orbs but where are they going.

What's going on, especially since President Trump announced this Space Force? Has this been the main reason why we're seeing more UFOs over the US?

Another two Orbs come streaking out the UFO.

Will we ever get to know the truth, I believe when the investigation is over we might be closer to the overall truth?

Here's the video:


We are investigating this sighting done in California where a gigantic orb releases a fleet of other smaller orbs the preliminary analysis does not show manipulation of the video.

Source Ufos Magazine Instagram.

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