Supposedly Creature Aliens at Bayside Mall Miami

The Miami Bayside Mall took an unexpected turn when over 30 police cars turned up to respond to a reported paranormal entity.

Bayside Mall Miami Florida Creature beginning of January 2024.

This is bizarre let's get into it.

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According to eyewitnesses, not mainstream media, the chaos began while they were in Footlocker with their girlfriends.


Chaos at Bayside Mall Miami

Suddenly, people started running in all directions, including elderly individuals, and it seemed as though everyone was trying to flee the area. It happened on New Year's Day 2024 on 1st January.

Dark Figures Like Shadows

The witness recalls looking back and seeing dark black figures that seemed to be moving towards them, almost blurring in and out of reality, just as gunshots started to ring out. Mainstream media has already started to talk about fireworks as opposed to the eyewitnesses that were there.

What do you think happened? Because mainstream media are all synchronizing their stories but seem to be leaving out that black helicopters were there as well.

Initial ReportsMention Teenagers and Firework

It was initially reported that the disturbance may have been caused by kids setting off fireworks, but as the story unfolds, it becomes apparent that there is more to this mysterious occurrence.

Let's Stay Focusedin Reality

This is all the information we have to date, but one thing is for sure - the events at the Miami Bayside Mall have left both witnesses and authorities puzzled about what truly transpired that day.


It seems that there is still much to uncover about the paranormal entity or entities and the dark figures that caused such panic at the mall if indeed that is what happened - but like anything it's better to stay apprehensive and sceptic because it's easy to get carried away.

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Credit: Lady Legend Tik Tok/UFO Madness/ufosfootage/Canva.


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  1. Some UFOs and cryptids seem to be made by plasma balls . They can have light, like ball lightning, or be dark , misty, reflective...The plasma often comes from electricity released by earthquakes specially over fault lines. There has been more seismic activity in the area these days. It is explained here:

  2. In the days of this it's very possible it was something not from this world. But the media shouldn't hide it that for sure. I believe it was something but guns won't stop it.

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