4 Amazing UFO And Lunar Anomalies

So, get this! In Brazil, there was this crazy thunderstorm, right? And guess what? People saw a UFO disk that looked like a disk UFO halo behind a cloud! Can you believe it?

4 Amazing UFO videos and a lunar tower, spire in NASA image.

Let's have a look.

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The anomaly was witnessed during a massive thunderstorm and it's described as Pareidolia which means seeing familiar objects in randomness.


Moving on to South America, a group of eyewitnesses observed six orange and glowing UFO orbs hovering over the sea. The third anomaly is a Lunar tower or spire, discovered in a NASA image taken by the Lunar Orbiter and brought to light by Mark Sawalha.

Lunar tower, spire in NASA image and cloud disk UFO.

Mountainside Large UFO Craft

Lastly, a black disk craft, possibly a CGI rendering, was seen flying low over a coastal mountainside. These four separate anomalies continue to intrigue and baffle observers worldwide. But are they real or are some real but not others?

NASA Possible Antenna On The Moon

NASA captured the image of what genuinely looks like a lunar tower or spire said to be 3.5 miles high on the moon even has a large shadow on the surface which means it's not an image anomaly. Yeah, you heard me right. And it was this guy named Mark Sawalha who brought it to everyone's attention. Pretty cool, huh?


Oh, and let's not forget about the black disk craft that was spotted flying low over a coastal mountain. Some people think it might be a CGI thing, but who knows? It's still pretty mind-boggling and only full government disclosure would clear up any confusion.

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- In Brazil, within the last few years, a UFO disk was spotted behind a cloud during a massive thunderstorm. It appeared as a white, illuminated halo behind the cloud.

- Over the sea in Brazil South America, there was a sighting of 6 UFO Orbs. These orange and glowing orbs were grouped, with eyewitnesses discussing the phenomenon.

- A Lunar tower or spire, as described, was discovered in a NASA image taken by the Lunar Orbiter. Mark Sawalha made this intriguing find.

- Lastly, there was a UFO sighting of a black disk craft flying low over a coastal mountainside. However, it is suspected to be a CGI rendering.


All in all, these four crazy anomalies have got people all around the world scratching their heads.

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Credit: Mark Sawalha/NASA/Aliens Are Already Here Pinterest/UFO Sightings Footage/UFO Sightings/Ufosfootage/Canva.

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