Google Maps Showing A Huge Metallic Real UFO Updated 2020 April

Updated information 2nd April 2020, It's not a water tank, keep reading it gets better - it's in the middle of the desert and it's shadow is round without a typical water tank shadow and it's not a building neither and that only leaves one thing... Swamp gas. 

But seriously, it's got no support struts, no pipes leading to it or from it, there's no foot traffic around the "unknown object" there's no vehicular tracks, there's no signs pointing to it, there's nothing by way of water tank locations list. It's a UFO and you can take that to the Bank!

There you go, that's never been a water tank! That's not a building, there's no support for a building or water tank. 

Scott Waring, i respect the guy because he is not afraid to say what he believes and he has the effort to post his beliefs in a very 50/50 world of UFO believers! That takes courage (or brave). So, thanks Scott for being a massive influence on me and many others in the world of Ufology. Thank you. 

It's April 2020 and I'm relooking into the evidence regarding this mystery. I say mystery loosely because it is what it is right? Guys, as new information has emerged its always wise to relook at posts that you've written, that's why I always post old posts because it's UFO sightings and information is always changing but the UFO sighting itself is always, always relevant. 


37°18’20.41″N 116°28’21.13″W
16°46’11.59″N 169°27’43.97″W
34°36’30.68″S 58°21’52.87″W


Here's what the witness said:
First off this UFO in the photo above is inside Area 51 and not far from Area S4. S4 if you don’t know is the area of the USAF where nuclear physicists try to back engineer Aliens technology (source Bob Lazar, an amazing guy).

Using Google Ruler we see that the UFO is 31.36 feet across or 9.5 meters. Its shadow is 8.15 meters across or 27.8 feet across. This UFO is 35.3 miles (56.8km) from Area S4. The UFO is 36.17 miles (58.22 km) from Area 51 (US AFB).

Source Latest UFO Sightings

Here's the smoking gun as far as Ufology goes because for every one thousand so called UFO images caught by the general public this one beats them all because it can't be faked! You've not got access to Google Maps to go inside it and plant or distort the satellite images so in my eyes these are solid evidence. These are what Ufology is based on. It is stuff like this which makes it a doddle as far as research goes. It is what it is, isn't it. Here's the coordinates to check out yourself:

37°18’20.41″N 116°28’21.13″W

Nevada UFO caught on Google Maps is proof we are not alone.

I stopped short of saying this is right next to Area 51 because I didn't want to add anything to make it more credible because like I say, it is what it is. It has a shadow under it, it's got what looks to me as movement coming in from the north heading south west.

Close up image of the Nevada Google Maps UFO.

Google Earth Has Captured Another UFO Under The Water 👽🛸🛸🛰👽

Thank's to Google Earth we've now got "another" amazing UFO for the history records which will last in the records and book's yada yada for eternity. This is one of the finest examples of Unidentified Submerged Object's. Just off the coast of Greece lies a great USO of which nobody knows how long it's been there. We've brought you UFO's like this before like the hovering UFO over a field in Mexico.

Unusual and clear looking UFO's on Google Earth this time off the coast of Greece.

In fact I've just realised that both of these two UFO's (above and below) look exactly the same? What do you think? There's an uncanny resemblance don't you think so...

Google Earth has a great track record of showing us amazing examples of Unidentified Flying Objects and even stranger blurred out structures that really boggles the mind? But today we're focusing on this amazing UFO or USO (unidentified submerged object) whichever one you feel comfortable with calling it?

As soon as it goes underwater it becomes a USO and a UFO once it enters the air again. There's plenty of UFO's in the world and there's plenty of unusual things going on in the world - but catching them on camera or on film etc is hard. So thank you to Google Earth for saving us a job.

Google Earth showing UFO hovering in a field in Mexico.

Here's the link to go and see the unusual looking UFO for yourself just off the coast of Greece. Here's the coordinates:
40°27'04.6"N 22°51'39.8"E

I'll put another link here for you to go and see the UFO hovering in the field here.

We try to research you the best UFO related evidence and proof as we can, we always go for the evidence first then we go for the circumstantial evidence second, it's always good to have the physical evidence first. But you simply can't get any better photographic evidence relating to a UFO than spotted on Google Earth because you know for a fact that it can't be staged and it can't be a doctored image as all someone has to do to verify the image is to go to the coordinates and look right? That is why I think Google Earth will always be the most trusted UFO proving ground or debunker!

Here's one more just to see you through til next time OK, lol.

Unusual and clear looking UFO's on Google Earth.

UFO Hiding In The Clouds Over Moscow In Russia - This Is Bizarre

Here we have some of the best sky or cloud formations imaginable. These where all luckily caught on camera and shared with the rest of the world.

There's these wonderful UFO shaped clouds and then there's the total opposite to a UFO formation in the clouds - or should I say literally the opposite, you'll see what I mean.

I can see a round hole right at the very bottom of this that look's like a port hole or a hidden light? I explain more of what I see further on in the post. It's now well into December 2020 and I can assure you that it is still a mystery, nobody has come forward to say that it's a hoax and shown proof of a hoax. Even if someone came forward to say that it's a hoax, I'd still want proof of that - but nobody has.

The UFO shape cloud:

UFO over Moscow in Russia looks exactly like a flying saucer.

Below is the opposite to a UFO shaped cloud:

So if you imagine what the opposite to the one above would look like for a second, it would have to look like this:

Skypuch is what people have called this rare hole in the clouds.

I mean, it's just a hole or should I say a hole and a half, but what the heck could of made this? It's like there's something there, but what - as it's invisible and we all know that some huge corporations with secret trillions of dollars in R and D funds are very capable of creating such a machine or a device or even an aerial vehicle that could create this with it's shape. You can bet the house on that. This is like a Mothership from a scifi movie trying it's hardest to look invisible (if there's such a thing) as everyone looks up but can't see anything. Now that's a conundrum because we know it's there but can't see it and that's why it's weird.

Here's the Moscow skyline UFO caught on camera. This is just fantastic for all the right reasons as there's a dark line going around the lower part of the "fallstreak" which gives this cloud shape definition and that's why this could be a cloaking device. This look's intelligently made, I'm sorry but clouds DO NOT have port holes and or lines going round the thing to give it definition. That's why I wanted to feature this and that's why I need your help in establishing what the heck this is? I've never seen a cloud either in real life like this or online before, have you?

It is my determination that we're looking at something definitely intelligently made here as this has all the hallmarks of a UFO hiding in plain sight? It is fascinating, weird and probably stealth with an invisibility cloak around it and as I've done over 1250 videos on conspiracies, I know a thing or two about this type of technology I say technology because it's real. The military has been working on this type of materials for a long time. It's materials as some of the first ever produced stealth invisible cloaks were clothing. Apply this to a gravity defying craft and you have a cloaking device around a craft making it invisible. It is not invisible in the traditional meaning of the word more blending in with the background. That's why it look's like a cloud.

UFO hiding in the clouds over Moscow in Russia.

Unusual fallstreak cloud formations.

It's doing the famous magicians trick "now you see me now you don't" dance or routine, well sort of. So, as I was trying to think of what the opposite to this hole in the cloud could be or actually "is" so I looked it up and it stands to reason that it's a *Fallstreak. It's a *Skypunch. It's a *Cavum. It's a Hole Punch Cloud! I mean that was obvious, NOT. Who gives these things names like that? Check out the Wiki page for it and you'll be amazed at how many names there are for these weird (it only need's one name and that's weird) right.

I kid you not! There's an actual Wikipedia page dedicated to these rare cloud formations. Now this is what they mean buy when they say that "not everything that's rare is worth money". Maybe that's what they mean, probably not. I think that refers to my old shoes, one of a kind-ish. Now they are.

But then we have a even more rare sign and that has been interpreted as a sign from God? This is an astounding and very unusual even heavenly cloud formation which I have to admit has me wondering if this is a real sign from God (check this link for the origins of human beings)? This is the amazing and all natural cross cloud:

A rare cloud formation in the shape of a cross.

As you can imagine some religious people are taking this as a sign of things to come? Some are seeing this as a sign that God is with us all the time. There's obviously some people that think it's the end of the world but personally I think this is just a Fallstreak Cross cloud formation.

Sometimes I can actually make out the shape of a Rabbit, does that mean it's going to rain carrots or Rabbits for that matter? Please check out this website post with more spectacular and amazing all natural cloud formations, the one above happened in Nelson County, Virginia, US.

A fallstreak hole (also known as a cavum, hole punch cloud, punch hole cloud, skypunch, cloud canal or cloud hole) is a large gap, usually circular or elliptical, that can appear in cirrocumulus or altocumulus clouds. Such holes are formed when the water temperature in the clouds is below freezing but the water, in a supercooled state, has not frozen yet due to the lack of ice nucleation. When ice crystals do form, a domino effect is set off due to the Bergeron process, causing the water droplets around the crystals to evaporate: this leaves a large, often circular, hole in the cloud.

Why Does This Image Mean The Apocalypse?

If you can guess why this image means it's the apocalypse then good on you. But why does it mean it's definitely the apocalypse? I got it pretty much straight away, well within 10 seconds when you think about time and the relativity blah blah.

If you guess it right you win a biscuit, go get one. If you guess incorrect wait til mom gets home your dead! Answers on a postcard.

Hovering over the image looking for the answer is cheating by the way.

Original post can be found here.
The answer is, it would be real bad if the sun got between the Earth and the Moon. They call that "the apocalypse".

Google Has Angered The Flat earthers With A Massive Change To Google Maps

Google Maps will now become a sphere when you zoom out (Picture: Google).
Google Maps will now become a sphere when you zoom out (Picture: Google).

Google has quietly rolled out a change to Google Maps, shifting what happens when you zoom all the way out. Instead of displaying a flat ‘meractor’ projection of the world, the tech giant has rounded it out into a sphere.

You can spin and rotate the big blue marble any way you want. Which is great for most of us, but not great if you happen to be one of those people that believes the world is flat.

Flat Earth theories continue to populate the internet and say that the rest of us have got it wrong.

Despite overwhelming evidence to the contrary, the Flat Earth theories continue to populate the internet and say that the rest of us have got it wrong.

‘The current world maps (Mercator Projection Map) used in schools, textbooks and relied upon by millions of people every single day is in fact, a lie,’ argues Flat Earth Disclosure.

Base layer on Google Maps no longer uses the Mercator projection and is now spherical.

‘The true scale of land masses in comparison relative to one another are all wrong and gives us a very distorted representation of the world.

The world we have had etched in our minds is just a lie, a distortion and misrepresentation of the true land mass areas egregiously re-sized to favour arrogant political, commercial and racial motivated biases.

Google Maps no longer uses the Mercator projection and is now spherical.

Google Maps’ new globe mode only works on desktop browsers – but it’ll be viewable in Chrome, Firefox and Edge. At the moment, the mobile version of the program still shows it as a 2D plane. So Flat Earthers may want to stick to using their phones for directions for the time being. Check out that story here on the Metro dot co dot uk website.

Ancient Alien Gods And Ancient Astronauts The Evidence Is Shocking

The evidence for an actual ancient Alien God living and breathing (yes breathing) on this planet and also existing in this reality is overwhelming. It's simply undeniable even to the most hardened unbeliever. If you put this statue...

Ancient Aliens and ancient astronauts did they exist.

It's now October the 2nd 2020 and still the evidence is pointing to these ancient statues as being evident and evidence that people in the distant past were trying (successfully might I add) to convey a message with future people and conveying a message with their own generations in the future - that we had visitors from the heavens (space) and this is what they looked like. The statues point of existence is so the story of the visitors "stays on track" and that people and generations down the line don't add things or take away anything from the story. These are visual representations of what they actually saw in my opinion. This opinion has not been disproved by anyone.

In anyone's hand right now and say what's that? They would say it's an astronaut from NASA! They'd more than likely say it was done by a struggling artist maybe with hints of the outsider art element to it. That's pretty awesome to think that someone made it hundreds of years ago.

Out of all of the ancient statues I think this one put's the point over clearly and the best because it looks remarkably like the modern day astronauts spacesuit. Do you agree with that, if you do agree with that short assessment then good. But if you don't agree with that short but to the point assessment then please let us know why in the comments?

It's common sense that I should talk about this one but if you look at them all, they are all an ancient Alien statue package so-to-speak. They all convey the message that ancient Gods, ancient astronauts was very real. Unless they had imaginations of the future and could narrow down the visions they had to an astronauts spacesuit? Put like that it sounds silly.

Ancient Aliens and ancient astronauts did they exist.

Here's another ancient astronaut statue I have discovered online (ages ago) which for me, shows everything you would ever think of as an ancient Astronaut would look like? I can see the nuts and bolts or rivets holding the airtight visor on the space helmet, can you? A bit more on that further on.

Can you see the air breathing apparatus aswell? That means "they or the ancients must" have first hand knowledge of the space environment because you can't breath in space so they knew that they need to have an airtight space helmet with a breathing apparatus, well that tell's me that these are real ancient astronauts or probably real Ancient Gods to the locals or humans?

Then there's this amazing statue:

Ancient Aliens and ancient astronauts did they exist.

Almost every culture and religion the world over has some sort of origins story and are always involved with a visitor from space, so why the hell don't we involve these "visitors" in official origins facts? There's loads of proof for it so I don't understand it, do you? Why don't we (the people) research these origins stories and origin legends and put more faith in well, faith?

It's not just a few "local" legends or stories passed down from one person to another person or from one generation to the next that I am saying is the undeniable evidence and proof - but rather it's based in these actual physical and exquisite ancient statues with intricate and futuristic designs and (what we can recognise and understand today) symbols that are mind blowing because we can recognise them today.

These ancient astronauts are wearing obvious looking spacesuits in obvious looking spaceships wearing a science instrument called a breathing apparatus, helmet, gloves, backpacks and wearing a space helmet that has a visor which the person inside can clearly see out of and then there's the the nuts and bolts that hold the visor in place! They have to be science instruments because they are wearing these in space.

The testing of these ancient science instruments is something they must of done so again, it's almost like a piece of this modern time slipped back in time just like a record player skipping a few groves on the record itself and took the energy ONLY with it and plonked it down in the ancient times for anyone or anything that's capable of accessing it.

It seem's plausible to me? Especially as Tesla did invent and create a wireless electricity machine. So sending a file of energy back or forward is just semantics. It feel's like it is possible but I just don't know how to do it, do you have any ideas on how to send a file of pure or raw energy like a package of electricity?

Space is technologically intricate and scientifically mind blowing. It takes years and years even decades and decades of teams of geniuses to create what we see now? Imagine then what it took to create the vehicles we see in the statues and the spacesuits but way back in the past. These are things of magnificence in today's world. It take's seasoned artisans and science experts with degree's and degree's of degree's to create a spacesuit.

It takes an army of NASA employees to create a rocket and an engine so the mind boggles when I compare the technology in these ancient statues to today's technology and when I see what goes in to making and building the modern day equivalent's - it is undeniable and well frightening to think of what or who these ancient Aliens where because immediately I think time travel. I think it's us going back in time to well, give us a start?

Everything is out of not only place but also out of time aswell. Space, time and the continuum is out of whack.

You can see a rocket engine on the famous Mayan Palenque - Mayan ancient astronaut with aerodynamics and an eye sight tracking system like Google Glass. There's peddles for his feet and levers, computer instruments on a dashboard and there's even fire coming out of the rocket engine(s) thruster(s). These's vehicles which this Palenque one shouldn't even be in the minds of the most knowledgeable person of the time. It shouldn't even be possible for any of the more way out there or fantasists to know about.

Especially down to the intricate level that all these things go together in this vehicle which we recognise right now. It is an ancient anomaly the likes of which instantly triggers a red flag as far as i'm concerned and tell's me that time travel or secret knowledge is real, it is a very real people through the times have either achieved or gained somehow through either divine intervention or given by a time traveller or a secret book of knowledge exists and is in strict confines handled by a few families and is only looked at when needed?

Cave paintings of ancient Alien astronauts.

I believe this is real and attainable. The ancient peoples shouldn't of known of such vehicles and it begs the question, what else dis they know? What else "do" they know? All of this, they shouldn't know of and more over, they couldn't know of the future but yet it seem's that they did - there it is in physical tangible form right in front of the eyes!

Ancient Alien's and ancient Astronaut's living in the past is a definite yes. Not only in myths and legends but in art and in cultural expressions also cultural mythology.

In this article, we look into the life and history behind King Pakal, the ancient city of Palenque and the sarcophagus lid; “bulletproof” evidence of ancient astronauts according to the Ancient Alien theory.

Best Ufo Seen Over Texas USA - MUFON Case Number 93799

This is one of the best Mufon cases ever submitted.

MUFON Case Number:
Description (short):
Picture of full moon over lake. Noticed image when reviewing photo.
Submitted By:
Tyler From TX, US
Date Submitted

This is one of them "best UFO image times" where I put my big old nostrils right up to the screen and immediately think yep, "we have something here"?

There's not that many coming through MUFON at the minuet with media let alone amazing media like these perfect images. Did I just say the red flag word? You see, the word perfect in Ufology circles is a no no!

MUFON case 93799 showing the best UFO image ever.

There's no such thing as a perfect UFO image because more often than not, they always turn out to be staged or hoaxed? But the really good thing that this has going for it that the 3 other images in the set are terrible and this is probably the best of the set? It stands to reason because even the way we humans upload images has "always" been to upload the best first then the worst.

It is possible to zoom in and see it very clearly as you'll see from the image above. The image below is the original and it is absolutely just a tiny, tiny red spec. It's probably one pixel. but the original image on the MUFON website is huge. That's why we can zoom in with ease. Cameras nowadays have the most amazing features imaginable and always see what we can't see with naked eye.

MUFON case 93799 showing the best UFO image ever.

And, yep right on cue this is the first one uploaded to MUFON of the set so that evens that little flutter. You see, by no means is that an approved Ufology technique but I know human behavior and I know it's the one I'd upload first. Now, if I was trying hard to prove the images were real, or authentic then I'd put it 3rd or even last?

MUFON case 93799 showing the best UFO image ever.

So for me, the images are genuine (obviously not just because of that) but there's many other steps that validate this for me. I've been looking and determining UFO images for a long time and even though we don't a "standard" to compare the UFO images to.

A quick video I did about this spectacular UFO sighting.

I feel very confidant and happy with all my results and opinions I've given over the years.

MUFON case 93799 showing the best UFO image ever.

MUFON case 93799 showing the best UFO image ever.

Links to the MUFON case number 93799 and if you click between the images fast you can see it's moving in the night sky:

Source Link 1.
Source Link 2.
Source Link 3.

Hitler And The Nazis Had An Advanced Secret Antarctic Base

As if I needed more evidence that I have a really awesome job, I occasionally get emails from my editor, Jason, that say things like, "A reader just left a comment about Nazis looking to form a super-advanced civilisation in Antarctica. Can we add that to the list of things to investigate.

Nazis and advanced ancient and/or alien civilisations in Antarctica.

While there are more than a few conspiracy theories that deal with the Nazis and advanced ancient and/or alien civilisations, the supposed Nazi/alien/Antarctica connection, as told by a number of paranormal/conspiracy writers, can be summed up like this: the Nazis claimed an area of Antarctica as German territory and sent an expedition there plus the Nazis experimented with innovative technology like stealth aircraft and liquid-propellant rockets and the Nazis in Antarctica must have found alien technology or met actual aliens.

Branching out from that hypothesis, there are stories about Hitler being whisked away to a secret Antarctic lair built under a mountain, British and U.S. forces battling Nazis and UFOs in the snow and, finally, the polar Nazi forces being wiped out by a nuclear bomb. It would make an excellent summer action movie, but are these stories based on anything? Like many conspiracy theories, there are some elements of truth to it all. But whether the facts can be woven together into one cohesive narrative without having to make great leaps of logic is another matter.

The German Antarctic Expeditions and Base The Story:

In 1938, the Nazis sent a large team of explorers including scientists, military units and building crews on war ships and submarines - to the Queen Maud Land region of Antarctica. While mapping the area, they discovered a vast network of underground warm-water rivers and caves. One of these caves extended down as far as 20-30 miles and contained a large geothermal lake.

Ancient and alien civilisations in Antarctica.

The cave was explored and construction teams were sent in to build a city-sized base, dubbed Base 211 or New Berlin, that hosted the SS, the Thule Society, “serpent cults,” various Nazi occultists, the Illuminati, and other shadowy groups. At some point, the Germans either discovered abandoned alien technology or made contact with extraterrestrial explorers (variously described as Greys or Reptilians).

They learned or were taught how to replicate the alien technology, and used it to begin developing a number of super weapons including an advanced aircraft called an “antigravity-disk,” or flying saucer. While many of these weapons were not ready for use in World War II, the base and the ability to manufacture these weapons might still exist and the Germans/aliens/some cult or secret society (depending on which conspiracy theorist you ask) will eventually launch a New World Order from it.

From December 1938 to April 1939, the Germans really did carry out an exploratory expedition to the western part of Queen Maud Land. Instead of a large-scale scientific and military operation, though, it consisted of one ship, the Schwabenland, and its goal was to scout new territory for the expanding German whaling industry.

Germans really did carry out an exploratory expedition to the western part of Queen Maud Land.

Further expeditions were planned, and while there’s no mention in German documents of any intention to establish a base, the future trips where one could have been built were quickly cancelled with the outbreak of World War II. After this first expedition, there was no official German activity in Antarctica until 1959, when several Germans joined a Russian expedition.

Even if they had wanted to, it’s not likely that the Schwabenland crew could have built even a small base, let alone one the size of a small city. The expedition, according to the ship’s logs, was only near the coast for a month. Summerhayes and Beeching figure it would have taken the Germans ten days to walk from the boat to the supposed site of the base and another ten to get back, leaving them less than ten days to build an entire base. Other polar expeditions of the era are known to have taken twice that long to build even small huts.

Operation Tabarin: SAS vs Nazis The Story:

While Great Britain was claiming the South Shetland, South Orkney and other islands between Antarctica and South America, they decided they needed a permanent presence in the area to monitor Nazi activity in Antarctica, Argentina and Chile. A secret military exercise, Operation Tabarin was launched by the Royal Navy, and established bases throughout the islands and on the Antarctic peninsula. Eventually, the Germans discovered the British base on the peninsula and attacked it in the summer of 1945. The base was under siege for months, until the SAS arrived around Christmas and rescued it.

For one thing, by the summer of ’45, Hitler was dead and the Germans had surrendered to the Allies. For another, the SAS was disbanded in October, and wasn’t reestablished until a few years later. British documents also suggest that Operation Tabarin was neither as large nor battle-ready as the stories say.

Deterrence and spying were not stated goals, and most of the activities were scientific. The base crews consisted mainly of wireless radio operators and government scientists, with very few combat-ready infantrymen. The largest crew, at Hope Bay, consisted of only 13 people, hardly a force that could repel the Germans for almost six months. Hitler’s Great Escape.

The Story:

Two months after the German surrender, a German U-boat, U-530, entered the Argentine naval base at Mar del Plata after escaping from Germany with Hitler, Eva Braun and high-ranking Nazi and SS officials on board and dropping them off at the German Antarctic base. An alternative theory says that the U-boat U-977 had been ferrying Hitler’s ashes, which were placed with other Nazi treasures packed in bronze, lead-lined boxes in the Antarctic city-base.

Survey: By 1945, Argentina had declared war on Japan and Germany after years of neutrality and friendly enough relations with the Germans. When the U-boat arrived, the captain thought his crew would be well-received, but they were taken as prisoners of war and interrogated by the Argentine's, the Americans and the British. The interrogators from all three countries concluded that the appearance of the submarine in the area was coincidental Hitler was not on board.

Summerhayes and Beeching also consider the dates of U-530’s departure from Germany and arrival in Argentina, a U-boat’s travel speed, and the weather conditions during the summer of 1945, all of which suggest that neither U-boat could have gotten Hitler or his remains to Antarctica. U-530 would not have had time to stop there on its journey, and either U-530 or U-977 would’ve had to dive deeper and longer under sea ice than they were capable of to reach Antarctic coastal land. Link to our source of information about Nazis in Antarctica. Link about Alien UFO Base number 2. All images are in the public domain.

Actual Energy Beam Is Captured Coming Out Of The Top Of Bosnian Pyramid

Mysterious energy beam above the Bosnian pyramid of the Sun.

Bosnian Pyramid of the Sun.

A team of physicists detected an energy beam coming through the top of the Bosnian Pyramid of the Sun. The radius of the beam is 4.5 meters with a frequency of 28 kHz.

The beam is continuous and its strength grows as it moves up and away from the pyramid. This phenomenon contradicts the known laws of physic and technology. It is an excellent find and it was quite by accident.

Energy beam coming from a Pyramid.

This is the first bit of real proof of non-herzian technology on the planet Earth. It seems that the pyramid-builders created a perpetual motion machine a long time ago and this “energy machine” is still working. In the underground labyrinth, in 2010, we discovered three chambers and a small blue lake. Energy screening shows that the ionization level is 43 times higher than the average concentration outside which makes the underground chambers into “healing rooms”. Stunning information.

Further electromagnetic detection in 2011 confirmed that levels of negative radiation through the Hartman, Curry and Schneider grids are equal to zero in the tunnels. There was no technical radiation (from power lines and/or other technology) found in the tunnels and no cosmic radioactivity. Ceramic sculptures are positioned over the underground water flows and the negative energy is transformed into positive. The list of the wonders in Bosnian archaeology does not end here. Read entire article right here it is fascinating.

A similar event occurred in 2009. On June 24, 2009, a beam of light was captured on photo above the ChiChen Itza Pyramid (on the Yucatan peninsula in Mexico). The witnesses that captured this photo, did not see anything there until seeing it in the photos. And this photo was taken in 2000 and shows the Pyramid of the Moon in Teotihuacan in Mexico.

Mysterious beam of energy seen coming out of a Pyramid.

Unique discovery was made in Bosnia Pyramids!

Where exactly? It was near well known Sarajevo, beside the town of Visoko. The main pyramid, Pyramid of the Sun is not a small or unimpressive structure. It is 220 meters high and the width of sides is more than 360 meters! Exterior of the revealed pyramid is covered, or better say tiled, by stone-hard blocks made of original mixture and by genuine technology.

This fact, together with many others, indicates presence and activity of unknown ancient civilization. Dr. Sam Semir Osmanagich who is the head and author of archaeological research and all the project in Visoko went into Pyramid of the Sun. Were the pyramids used as a source of energy? And if so, which kind of it? Electrical engineers measured energetic beam situated in the center of The Pyramid of the Sun. Its diameter is 4.5 meters, having frequency of 28 KHz, the origin is not natural -- it is artificial. Dr. Sam Semir Osmanagich explains what has been found lately and so far in the Bosnian valley of the Pyramids in this video here.

A recent carbon dating performed on a pyramid in Bosnia, proves it to be at least 25 thousand years old. Most scientists and historians however believe that human civilization started about 5,000 years ago with the Sumerians and Babylonians. That is, until artifacts were found, which predate them. These discoveries suggest, that there was a pre-historical civilization around the world- one that must have been highly advanced.

Link to our source of information secrets of the ancient Pyramids.

Aliens Created GOD When They Left Earth - Claims Giorgio Tsoukalos

Ancient alien civilizations were once mistakenly venerated by humans, creating the base for modern-day religion, it has been spectacularly claimed by History Channel presenter Giorgio Tsoukalos.

Mr Tsoukalos presented his incredible theory about the origins of religion at the annual Contact in the Desert UFO conference in Indian Wells, California, this weekend.

History Channel presenter Giorgio Tsoukalos.

The TV conspiracy theorist known for hosting Ancient Aliens on the History Channel gave an impassioned two-hour talk about ancient encounters between humans and extraterrestrial astronauts. The UFO-hunter alleged early people misrepresented alien visitors as deities and their technology was interpreted as magic.

He said: “The reason that we’re in the crap that we’re in today is because of misunderstood technology. “The reason we have religion today is because of misunderstood visits of extra-terrestrials.” According to Mr Tsoukalos, examples of the misrepresented technology are evident in the Egyptian and Central American Pyramids as well as ancient literature and art.

The TV host blamed archaeologists for dismissing evidence of alien visitors.

Alien claim: TV presenter Giorgio Tsoukalos believes in ancient alien astronauts.

Mr Tsoukalos came to prominence for his appearance on the History Channel show. He said: “If the alien guy says that the Earth is round, trust me, it’s round.” Mr Tsoukalos is a vocal proponent of the idea alien astronauts interacted with ancient humans in the past. His offbeat theories came to prominence and online fame thanks to his appearances on the History Channel series Ancient Aliens.

  The reason we have religion today is because of misunderstood visits of extraterrestrials. According to Mr Tsoukalos, examples of the misrepresented technology are evident in the Egyptian and Central American Pyramids as well as ancient literature and art. The evidence that we've been visited is overwhelming and that's to say the least.

The TV host blamed archaeologists for dismissing evidence of alien visitors in ancient relics as artwork of gods, magic and other fantastical beings. Among other things, the Ancient Aliens host claimed the Earth is round and not flat, humans will one day explore the far corners of space and aliens do in fact need space suits when travelling through space.

The TV host has since appeared on the Travel Channel, the Sci-Fi Channel and National Geographic. However, his work on Ancient Aliens has been described by audiences to be far fetched and extremely speculative. He said: “If the alien guy says that the Earth is round, trust me, it’s round.” Mr Tsoukalos gave a speech at the Desert Expo UFO conference in California. Link to our source of information Express Online.

Desert Expo UFO conference in California.

Source Express.

Scientists Have Officially Started To Look For Aliens In Antarctica - Or Is It Misdirection

Are there Aliens in Antarctica and why is Nasa testing drones there that are going to Europa.

You see this post online, it's stating that scientists have officially started to look for Aliens but are using Antarctica as a backdrop to the place they're going to be looking which is apparently Europa? What, this is giving so many clues off that I simply don't know where to start? Europa is nothing like Earth but they're fine tuning their drone to Earth conditions to work on Europa. It doesn't make sense at all?

The video I made is to big to be uploaded on my website so I have uploaded it to VK here.

Antarctica, it's either that there's something deep under the ice of Antarctica like Aliens which they say there is species there that nobody has ever seen or they are preparing their equipment for the icy depths of Europa the Moon of Jupiter? Guy's there's many, many things going on for this that have made me think twice as it is putting scientists in the spotlight something which they never want and now they're admitting albeit in a roundabout way that Aliens exist otherwise they wouldn't be entertaining this would they or supposedly going to Europa?

They have a finite amount of cash for research from NASA and so spending money on "crazy" thoughts as that's all it is don't forget, they're supposedly going to look for Alien life if it exists? This is never going to happen, unless they know something concrete and we don't!

That's my quick assumption, what about you? In 2030 everyone will have forgotten about this mission (that's what I believe, OK you name me a mission from 13 years ago) and even then they'll just say "oh sorry, we scrapped that mission" due to not getting the drone to work blah blah or it was to ambitious...

Put it this way, if I was a fact finding crusader scientist (all scientists are) and pouring money in to something so controversial and universally accepted as insane as this is, then you'd have to pretty much twist my arm or bribe me with a wad of liquorice all-sorts. I have expensive candy - chocolate tastes!

I would say unless you show me concrete evidence or the actual proof that there's Alien life on Europa we're not going, because otherwise I'm spending the money on more solid "bang"for your buck so to speak - like going back to the Moon to colonise that. That's why it seem's to me that they know there's life "somewhere" either in Antarctica (that's what I think and believe) or it's definitely on Europa "or" the third choice: This is all a red herring and they're not going anywhere but just making it look like they are to get or continue funding?

So, the red flags have gone up and it look's like they're staying up? Well that's as far as I'm concerned? It's only my opinion's and guy's your entitled to your own opinion's and don't let anyone tell you otherwise!

I'm going to quote this amazing website called Popular Mechanics (the link goes to the post about Aliens in Antarctica) on this amazing new story:

When you need to recreate the frozen temperatures of Jupiter's Europa, few places on Earth will do.

Image credit/Daniel Dichek

Alien Seas Icefin is meant to search for alien life a "bug hunt," as some scientists cheerfully call it. It is bound for the icy waters (icy waters doesn't even make sense but that's what it says on their website?) of Jupiter’s moon, Europa, possibly as soon as 2030.

“Icefin is capable of deploying through small drill holes in the ice, similar to what will one day be needed to explore Europa,” Schmidt says. “In the meantime, this project is looking to understand how ice-ocean interactions operate in Antarctica, and how these processes may couple to biological communities.”

Like many subsea drones, the 10-foot-long Icefin is shaped like a torpedo. It made headlines in 2014 as one of the prototype drones that plumbed the Antarctic as part of a NASA program to test the technology. Now, a new program called the Ross Ice Shelf and Europa Underwater Probe (RISE UP), NASA is funding three expeditions to put an upgraded Icefin under the ice. This was its first deployment.

“Icefin is capable of deploying through small drill holes in the ice, similar to what will one day be needed to explore Europa,” Schmidt says. “In the meantime, this project is looking to understand how ice-ocean interactions operate in Antarctica, and how these processes may couple to biological communities.”

So guy's I've only mentioned just a few sentences from the post and it's tantalising isn't it? I tell everything that's on my mind about this post in the video I have done about? It stinks of a real cover up mission here on Earth under the ice in Antarctica. I put my money on them finding the Alien life here in Antarctica and covering it up - which might be what they so desperately are seeking for in Antarctica just like all the other scientists that go there to study these "Aliens" (again my own opinion) I mean climate change and weather patterns and ice formations, lol. It even say's in the post that people are regularly finding new species that nobody has ever seen with their own eyes, weird!

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