Alien Agenda of Replacing Humans With Hybrids

Throughout history there's been many lookalikes but then there's been a certain few other's that just look damn weird?

Unexplained doppelgangers and people that deliberately go out of their way to look like people (Michael Jackson for starters) and then there's the other dark side.

I'm going to put some images on here showing clones throughout history.

The DNA experiments like Dolly the sheep. Then there's the very recent Zhong Zhong and Hua Hua which are the world's first fully cloned Monkies from China. China doesn't have the same restrictions and laws as the rest of the world and even then there are lots of countries that don't have any laws against this type of stuff. A free-for-all type of scenario for scientists looking for a free passport. A "do whatever" you want and at the end of it, just walk away.

Is Mark Zuckerberg a cloned Alien from ancient history.

Eddy Murphy might be a clone of himself throughout history.

Hilary Clinton might just be a real clone immortalized through being a clone.

Has the Alien species offered Enzo Ferrari the ability to live forever.

So yeah, China is working within the laws of the land and they can clone these monkeys until they turn blue. But is it ethical? Is it right? Well keep on reading and you'll soon read why I think that this kind of thing is even happening in the first place. It's fascinating and it explains a lot of things that are murkier than a Louisiana Bayou.

Humans are the next step (some it's been done already) and some have said that they have been cloning humans since 1978. That doesn't even compare to the real conspiracy theory that states that people have been cloned for centuries. If there were ancient Aliens then that means that ancient aliens had some very advanced technology. It must be very advanced if they came to this planet on a spaceship or UFO. If we have this kind of technology now, imagine an Alien race only half advanced back in the olden days of thousands of years and then it sinks in that humans have been getting cloned for a very very long time. Do you know what this means?

It means that even you could be descended from a cloned Alien and you could be a clone yourself. Especially if you are an orphan or don't remember your parents. Brought up by the state? Guy's it's the perfect cover story.

Hugh Grant an actor could very well be a clone.

Then there's the sperm donor. Wow, this is a perfect and I mean perfect way for scientists to install anything they want to! An orphan with no family and no connections just appears, that doesn't make sense - but it does if you put in the small detail of cloning and Alien beings with a nefarious and bigger story. Let's have it right, an Alien could leave a basket on an orphanage's doorstep and just ring the bell and watch from the car I mean UFO as the basket containing the Alien hybrid is taken in and cared for as an equal human being.

Is Putin a clone from history.

So, it begs the question: Why are DNA databases and other different ways for the government to gather and amass data on its pe and amass a huge archive of DNA profiles? It makes sense that we the people are being vetted, we're been weeded out and we're been hunted. If the human species did begin on this planet hundreds of thousands of years ago then it doesn't matter because we're all related.

"Pssss" check this next chapter out that I found online about our ancestors and why we might look like each other. This is eye-opening and very, very crazy. Some ancestor DNA companies who try to link your history, might not be fully Kosher and might be scamming us. According to this respected scientist, his argument is scientific guys!

If someone in the 9th century successfully passed on their genes through their offspring - well then we're all related and that's according to Dr Booth who worked alongside Dr Selina Brace who both worked on the DNA of the Cheddar Man (Britain's oldest known skeleton). I think he means the people of Britain trying to link themselves to the ancient Vikings. Here's the post link so you can read it for yourself. It is eye-popping and revealing to say the very least.

“Because everyone in the 9th century, if they’ve successfully passed on a descendant, is your ancestor.”

Dr Tom Booth.
Specialist in ancient DNA.

“What I don’t like about these companies is that they market themselves as linking you to medieval populations, which is complete bunkum, you can’t do that.”

Guy, I honestly don't know what to make of our so-called ancient ancestors' past. Are all related or are we all cloned and are there nefarious and cunning organizations working to undermine the human race and bring the ancient species of humanity to its knees? Are we slowly (time is of no consequence) being replaced by a hardier, more robust, lives longer and can grow and thrive in harsher conditions like say, Mars?

It is all beginning to fall into place because Monsanto isn't working to create wheat that can grow in harsh conditions because if they were, they would be already growing it, already selling it, already it would be on the market but no! They are sitting on it. They are amassing a vast seed bank of these seeds so they can take them with them when they go to Mars. they are creating food that can grown in the harshest conditions found in the world.

It's not, it's so they can grow food in space.

We just don't know if Hilary Clinton is a clone.

Monsanto Corporation recently took a farmer to court and they won because the farmer wanted a Monsanto wheat plant that had got onto his property because his property is next to the Monsanto test and test farm, ranch or whatever you wanna call it, off his property. The court ordered the farmer (obviously) to leave it or go to prison! That's because the judge, the court the authorities and the politicians are all getting ready to leave this test laboratory that we call Earth. Why do you think technology keeps shrinking in size, it's easier to store on spaceships so they can take more. The planet Earth is a secondary home to these Aliens, their original home is Mars. They want to go back to Mars.

There's a species of beings or Martians on this planet that came here from Mars many, many aeons ago when they obliterated their planet. They nuked Mars, they toasted their environment because they are a very nasty race of people? It makes sense because they obliterated their own home! They even nearly obliterated one another to extinction and so had to come here (Earth) to replenish their species back to a manageable and more healthy species albeit a hybrid version but Martians no less. DNA experimentation was always going to happen because that's their main objective. that's their main reason for being on this planet. They want to bring Mars back to its splendour like it was a long time ago.

Is Ellen DeGeneres a real clone from history.

There's many examples of clones possible from history.

These hybrids are integrating into the human race because they are dying out. They brought all their knowledge and they brought their genius genes with them. In the USA you can order a baby with a predetermined IQ, hair colour, eye colour skin colour, and height and with no diseases, and no viruses that can or could give the baby any abnormal effects. Look it up again before saying no way, that's impossible. Just look it up!

What was the second world war about?

Why was there a Second World War?

Thinning out the over stocks. thinning out the experiments and guys, everyone has heard about the second world war but nobody knows why it started! That's messed up. Look it up.

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