The Video To The Fylde Coast Monster

Here is the video we have made about the Fylde Coast Monster or Mermaid possible Alien?

We hope you can weigh in with your opinions and give us a clue as to what the heck this "thing" is?

BREAKING NEWS: Unusual And Strange MONSTER SKELETON REMAINS Washed Up On The Beach Fylde Coast

The Montauk monster, the two headed Porpoise, the Faceless Fish, the Mermaid skeletons which wash up all the time etc?

Witnessed by a local who got the images that we see, the witness wishes to remain anonymous and has given us (UFO SIGHTINGS FOOTAGE) the permission to use these images exclusively. UFO Sightings Footage believes that this is some sort of an awful experiment gone wrong? Why do we believe that? Because we've compared this "thing" to other obvious candidates and come up empty handed? There is other evidence from around the world, also? Things like:
Check this link for other strange creatures washed up around the world?
This is creepy because it looks like it has a human skull? It looks like it has a human rib cage - BUT it has a blooming massive finn where feet should be? So what is up with that? It doesn't make any sense at all? We have checked out many skeleton images to find similarities and actually we've come up stumped! There is a few candidates but the (shark, seal) got ruled out because as we explain later on, they don't match up.
Is this a bona fide Mermaid? Is this a creepy specimen of fish that we just don't know about as yet? Have you heard about The Mermaid of Great Yarmouth? That is the only thing that this looks anything like? I'm adding an image of that just below the images of the "Fylde Coast Monster" (that's the name we have given it).

Image no1
This seems to have a skeleton similar to a human with a skull? But, all similarities end there! After that the only thing left is a weird fin, like a fish fin? The colour of this thing is oddly natural looking? It clearly has some flesh or bits of flesh still attached to it? The skin seems to of disappeared at the top half of the "thing"? The skull seems to have a hole for eyes, maybe? It could be for ears or the actual hole which killed this? If that is the case then is this a hunted specimen which got away from the hunter maybe? The /thing is, who hunts on the water with a gun? Unless your specifically after a "monster"?

The ribs of this "thing" is what made us rule out it been a shark or seal skeleton?
Go ahead and check it out for yourself? We've added some images of a shark skeleton and a skeleton of a seal below so you can compare and do a little research for yourself?

The remains of a Mermaid washes up on a UK beach.

Image no2
Similar characteristics to a rib cage of a human...
Strange and very scary looking Mermaid skeleton on a UK beach.

Image no3
You can clearly see a single fin at the back of the Mermaid, Creature, Monster-ish or just unusual looking "creepy" monster? Either way, whatever one calls it, it is a very monster looking freaky ANOMALY?
It's this image number 3 which has us reeling and it really takes us aback! It looks positively ALIEN! Like literally, from the movie Alien where the Alien creature bursts out or from the chest of it's victim?

I mean, look at it? I believe that image number 3 was taken the day after the first photos were taken? That's my assumption? I think the witness went back to see if it was still there and by this time the water had come in and gone out but only turned the skeleton over (it's worth noting that the tide where the skeleton was photographed only comes in at the most 2 feet all in?
It is very shallow on the Fylde Coast right next to Knott End On Sea?

Unusual monster remains washes up on a beach in the UK.

Here is another mermaid in the image below to show that the UK is regularly a host for Mermaid skeletons!
The Great Yarmouth Mermaid (image just below) washed up on another UK beach AS WELL (Norfolk Beach)? Very strange don't you think that another Mermaid type creature washes up on another UK beach (Fylde Coast)? Why is the UK a magnet for strange, ugly looking sea creatures?
Why is there a strange skeleton washing up full stop?

I thought nearly all fish, animals of this size has been identified already?

 A man claimed to have found a dead mermaid washed up on a windswept Norfolk beach

I was sent these images last night which was the 4th March 2018 from a person only identified as Darren. The images immediately "got me" thinking in overdrive! I checked the skeletal structures of Sharks which are a group of elasmobranch fish, did you know that? I didn't know that until I have been researching this amazing, strange, unusual and really intriguing skeletal image? The Shark skeleton never looked similar to ours skeleton at all?

This video shows other weird creatures washed up from the deep dark oceans?

So then I looked and checked a Seal skeleton?
Shark skeleton.

It looks nothing like it?

So I checked a Seal skeleton and it looked nothing like our skeleton at all!

If you look at the image just above of the real seal, you can clearly see that there's spikes on the spine in comparison to our skeleton which clearly has no spikes or whatever you call them? This one comes close but not exact - which is what one would need to compare and have the same results, this is way off!

So that's our evidence and research and we can't figure this out? We need your expertise and please tell us what you think about this? it's the skull that throws us right in to confusion? It's also the ribs that really get us scratching the old noggin for answers? We just simply do not know what this is at all? It's perplexing and to us, it's just as Alien as a real Alien!

Please share this and if you can, let us know in the comments what you think it is?

Video Released From The US Government's UFO Program Shows Strange Flying Objects

“There’s a whole fleet of them,” one pilot says.

Are we alone in the universe? Government officials confirmed for the first time this month that the U.S. Defense Department has been trying to answer that question, according to the New York Times. Out of the defense department’s $600 billion budget, a very well-hidden $22 million went to the Advanced Aviation Thread Identification Program, an initiative that investigates reports of “anomalous aerial vehicles,” more colloquially known as UFOs.

The former director of the program, a military intelligence official named Luis Elizondo, resigned in October and shared previously classified videos of fighter jet pilots sighting UFOs. “There’s a whole fleet of them,” one pilot says.

Video 1

FLIR1 is the second of three US military videos of unidentified aerial phenomenon (UAP) that has been through the official declassification review process of the United States government and approved for public release. It is the only official footage captured by a US navy F/A-18 Super Hornet present at the 2004 Nimitz incident off the coast of San Diego.

Like Gimbal, this footage comes with crucial chain-of-custody (CoC) documentation because it is a product of US military sensors, which confirms it is original, unaltered, and not computer generated or artificially fabricated. While there have been leaked versions on the internet, the CoC establishes the authenticity and credibility that this version is the original footage taken from one of the most advanced sensor tracking devices in use.

Video 2

Gimbal is the first of three US military videos of unidentified aerial phenomenon (UAP) that has been through the official declassification review process of the United States government and has been approved for public release. This footage, and all official USG footage you will see on TTS Academy’s community of interest (COI), comes with essential chain-of-custody documentation validating that it is received in its original and unaltered form and is authentic. The US Department of Defense uses this process in order to meticulously ensure that information and material retain their integrity without revealing sources and methods. This documentation is what sets this footage apart from anything else that has made its way to the public domain, by establishing its authenticity and thereby giving it enormous historical significance.

The video, taken from the cockpit camera, shows a glowing object traveling at high speeds while rotating and includes audio of Navy pilots struggling to process what they are seeing. The program was created in 2007 and officially ended in 2012, but officials familiar with the initiative told the Washington Post that collection efforts were ongoing as recently as last month. Former Senate majority leader Harry Reid (D-NV) was largely responsible for securing funding for the program. He worked with the late Sen. Ted Stevens (R-AK) and the late Senator Daniel K. Inuye (D-HI) on the project and recalled that Stevens, who served as a pilot in the Army’s air force during World War II, was eager to investigate claims that service members were often hesitant to report sightings to their superiors due to fear of being laughed at or stigmatized.

“Ted Stevens said, ‘I’ve been waiting to do this since I was in the Air Force,” Reid said, adding that during the meeting Stevens recounted being tailed for miles by a strange aircraft with no known origin. Most of the money went to Bigelow Aerospace, a company run by billionaire entrepreneur and friend of Sen. Reid, Robert Bigelow. Bigelow is currently working with NASA to develop and produce expandable crafts for human space travel. He said in a CBS “60 Minutes” interview that he “absolutely convinced” that alien life is real and that extraterrestrials have visited Earth.

The defense department program made discoveries in 2009 that prompted Sen. Reid to request a special designation and heightened security for it. “Much progress has been made with the identification of several highly sensitive, unconventional aerospace-related findings,” Sen. Reid said in a letter to William Lynn III, a deputy defense secretary at the time. His request was denied, the Times reported.

Elizondo said that internal skepticism made it difficult for the investigations to take place within the Pentagon. “I was honored to serve at the DoD and took my mission of exploring unexplained aerial phenomena quite seriously,” he said. “In the end, however, I couldn’t carry out that mission, because the department — which was understandably overstretched — couldn’t give it the resources that the mounting evidence deserved.” In an interview on the Times “The Daily” podcast, he said that these videos are just a small sampling of the evidence the Defense Department has collected while documenting alleged UFO activity.

The best example of a probably real UFO?
Our best example of a real UFO.
Source of our information:

First contact? Stranded 'alien being' pleads with UFO investigators for help

MUFON has received a report from someone alleging to be an alien stranded on earth?

A VERY BIZARRE report has been filed with the world's biggest UFO research organisation MUFON claiming to be a body-snatching extraterrestrial being stranded on Earth. Now that's just strange as all heck! I never even knew about this in 2016? Can you remember this being in the news a few years ago?

Oh yeah, no wonder you or me didn't hear about it is because the mainstream media wouldn't "dare" touch something as amazing as this with a barge pole? They shun stuff like this because they are demanded by shareholders and their own paranoid thoughts and hunger to only print mundane, violence, evil plots and generally horrible stuff ONLY!

So it's no wonder this went under the proverbial "radar"?

The US-based Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) is the world's biggest organisation for logging and investigating UFO sightings and alleged alien encounters, so is used to its fair share of weirdness. But this is believed to the first report made to it alleging to be from an intelligent alien life form. The organisation receives its fair share of hoax reports that it has to sift through, so that explanation will probably be the most likely if it chooses to investigate the case. The 'alien' said in its bizarre report to MUFON it usually existed as an electromagnetic wave which hijacked physical bodies or even human beings. It said: "I'm an extraterrestrial being adopted by humankind. "You can call me Mogay."

Whoever filed the report claims to be a being of magnetic energy waves.

It went on to say in broken English (of course the Alien spoke English hahaha) that a disaster on another celestial body had caused it and others to seek refuge on Earth. It said:

  • "We were stay as electromagnetic wave and normally use replaceable bodies to work.
  • "A celestial body made most of our equipment can't work.
  • "We tried to make it get away from Matif, but we failed and that celestial body hit the Matif.
  • "Although the adverse effects of celestial body had gone when it knocked out of its orbit, but it's no more time for us to took refuge with transfer system.
  • "The disaster on Matif made us arrive on the Earth."

MUFON is regarded as the world's biggest serious UFO research group

The report went on to say the beings arrived last September but "were not like the aliens" humans imagine. It added: "We're extraterrestrial beings without enough protection on the Earth and we need your help. "I live in a human body now and that's also why your people adopted me. "I learned your languages in this body, so I can talk to you.

"I tried my best find help from earth's people since September 2015 and I noticed the governments will not negotiate with me without your help. "I hope to get help from this platform." According to the MUFON website, it is often plagued by hoaxes or misidentified sightings.

Alien Abducted Italian Man Has:

Video above by UFO Sightings Footage.
I tried my best find help from earth's people since September 2015 and I noticed the governments will not negotiate with me without your help. MUFON report by alleged alien being
Link to our source of information:

Stargates And Portals Might Exist After All

The striking similarities between CERN and the LHC particle smasher and the Mayan calendar is uncanny.

Some encounters suggest that portals really do exist. These events are usually investigated by UFO researchers and organizations due to their strangeness. Even people involved with the CERN project have spoken in such tones, with hopes of soon being able to better understand other dimensions. Here are 10 intriguing events, all bizarrely unique. However, the more we understand other dimensions and how humans might perceive them, the more it appears that there may have been examples of such experiences for some time.

The Harry Turner Incident Virginia (1979)

CERN experiments and the unusual things they do.

Despite having reached his final destination on a new route, long-haul truck driver Harry Turner had no recollection of the journey. He noticed a gun in his hand and empty shells scattered around the cabin of his truck, indicating that he had fired all eight shots. Then the memories came flooding back. His truck had been swallowed by a bright light as he drove to Fredericksburg from Winchester, Virginia. Apparently, Turner and his truck had been carried in perpetual nothingness. As his mind scrambled, the door to his vehicle suddenly flung open and an iron-like grip took hold of his shoulder. In a complete panic, he discharged his weapon, although he could not see any visible assailant. The next thing he knew, it was 3:00 AM and he sat in the warehouse parking lot of his delivery destination. The journey should have spanned 130 kilometers (80 mi). When his truck was analyzed, however, it showed that he had only driven 27 kilometers (17 mi). Turner believed that he had entered a portal and encountered an ultra-terrestrial (an inter-dimensional being). Supposedly, this was the creature that had grabbed him (and at which he fired his gun). A report was made to the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON), but the incident is still unexplained.

While driving home through the streets of Chicago in November 2008, a student experienced what was later theorized to be a portal to another dimension. It opened and closed around her as she drove. Despite being the only person on the road, she suddenly began to experience loud bangs that seemed to be on her vehicle. It was as if someone was trying to ram her off the road. At one point, the blast was so hard that it did force her into the other lane. The banging suddenly stopped as quickly as it had started, and the student stepped out of her car to inspect the damage. To her amazement, the windows and general shell of the car were undamaged. However, the bodywork on her doors looked as though it had been melted by intense heat blasts. There was no trace of another vehicle anywhere on the dented parts, something that would have been present if the car had been physically pushed.

As he drove home with his wife, Gloria, their two children, and his sister, John Mann prepared for a 90-minute journey that they had made many times. However, it took over 2.5 hours to arrive home, and their journey was one of the strangest they had ever taken. After driving for about 30 minutes, they noticed a strange light in the sky that appeared to be getting closer to them. Eventually, John stopped the car to get out and inspect the strange sight. His family screamed at him to get back inside as the light got closer. He did so but eventually realized that he was no longer on the road. Instead, his car was in some kind of “hedged tunnel” that zigzagged back and forth. Without realizing how they had gotten there, they were back on the motorway, approaching their hometown. Almost two hours had passed. They tried to locate the winding road the following day. But no matter how long they searched or how far they drove, they failed to do so. Had they been in some kind of portal?

The Salyut 7 Incident Orbiting Earth (1984)

When “angel-like” creatures were reportedly seen around the Salyut 7 space station in 1984, the whole structure was bathed and encased in a strange orange glow. Those involved claimed to have felt the light penetrate the ship and enter their inner feelings. They claimed that it was a feeling of joy and calm. These creatures were seen on two separate occasions by six different cosmonauts. The episodes occurred during the mission in which Svetlana Savitskaya became the first woman to walk in space. Had the Salyut 7 entered an alternate dimension through a strange portal that exists above Earth? Were these angels from another dimension? The report only came to light after the collapse of the Soviet Union when the files were declassified. We still have no definitive answers.

NASA Declares Portals To The Sun Exist Above Earth

In July 2012, NASA announced that portals or “X-points” really do exist above Earth and that the agency was continuing to study how these portals work. According to plasma physicist Jack Scudder, these X-points are created where the Earth’s and the Sun’s magnetic fields connect. However, we don’t know where these portals lead. The NASA Magnetospheric Multiscale mission launched in 2014 and will continue to study the phenomenon. Scudder also studied data collected by NASA’s Polar spacecraft, which spent considerable time in Earth’s orbit. By analyzing the energetic particle measurements and the dates when anomalies occurred, Scudder hopes to predict with great accuracy exactly where and when these portals will open in the future. Whether a mission to enter them ever occurs—or where these portals might lead—has yet to be determined.

CERN Opening Portals

The CERN projects carried out under the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) program have long been targeted by conspiracy theorists for a slew of unsavory activities, ranging from satanic rituals to world domination. One of the recurring accusations is that the LHC is opening portals to other dimensions.

In June 2015, Dutch photographer Harry Perton snapped an image of what some believed to be the formation of one of these portals above the Dutch town of Groningen. Perton put the image online, asking people what they thought it was. According to one reply, the LHC had been shut down for maintenance and then switched back on only days before the image was taken. Coincidence? Most probably. But when it was mentioned that the LHC had been switched back on at twice the power it was first using, eyebrows were raised by some people.

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