UFO Evidence Caught Flying Past SpaceX Capsule

This is not a of the light, it's not a piece junk drifting through space (best guess) and it's certainly not a joke.

  • As far as UFOs go, this is one of the most interesting one's that I have seen because it's got the Earth in the background so we can see the shape, shadow and light hitting it with excellent quality and clarity.

Debris of this size is definitely mapped "always" and at all times and is under observation with it's location been known at all times. Just remember that when you see a blurred UFO whizz past the ISS or SpaceX capsule either NASA doesn't know anything about what it's claiming it's mapping software does with the close collision and positioning blah blah blah or this one UFO has snook on right up there through the net so-to-speak and given them food for thought but I know what I'm putting my money on.

UFO evidence caught on camera flying past the SpaceX capsule.

Credit: SpaceX/NASA/UFO Sightings Footage/Canva.

It drifts right on by the SpaceX craft and it's almost as if it's making it's presence known on purpose? The last time I saw a UFO this close to a "SpaceX vehicle/rocket" was when it blew the thing up and Elon Musk tweeted about it asking if it was responsible for the devastating explosion?

ESA space junk tracking software visual animation.

Credit: ESA.

Above is a Gif showing us what NASA’s supposedly keeping track of and this ESA tracking and positioning software is up to date "to the minute" in real time mapping. So, sorry but should all the ISS UFOs be gone through and looked at again because according to NASA, they should know what every single one is? Right... And that's by their own admission to.

Didn't he say that he was going to look into it as well? So, they're definitely getting the attention of the powers that be, that's for sure. I'm not sure if Elon is the powers that be but in terms of influence in the space realms, he's got some swing.

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Structures in space are often written about and known about in the future because these space rocks, strange space junk and debris are supposed to be mapped and plotted in charts and graphs with research into the near collisions and the probability of a collision and eventual touch down are already known in advance. But what's not publicly mapped or publicly available information is the Alien crafts in our immediate space and the UFOs.

So, I think this one wasn't in that database because it would never be allowed to come so close, they'd be steering clear of that "space debris" for sure, so it's not a known problem. That makes me think it's an uninvited guest in the form of a Alien craft.

This link is about space junk on Nature's website. Also there's NASA’s (ODPO) Orbital Debris Program Office which is helping to sort out this problem.

NASA’s Orbital Debris Program Office (ODPO) is mapping space junk.

Credit: NASA ODPO.

Here's a quick quote from Nature website:

On Monday 2 July, 2018 the CryoSat-2 spacecraft was orbiting as usual, just over 700 kilometres above Earth’s surface. But that day, mission controllers at the European Space Agency (ESA) realized they had a problem: a piece of space debris was hurtling uncontrollably towards the €140-million (US$162-million) satellite, which monitors ice on the planet. (That shows NASA is actively tracking space junk). And whatever else strays close...

As engineers tracked the paths of both objects, the chances of a collision slowly increased - forcing mission controllers to take action.

Alexandra Witze, Nature.

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