Towers on The Dark Side of The Moon Mean Only One Thing

This is fantastic NASA information that's very important for anyone who's keen on getting to know, understand and then want to take the truth to the people.

NASA Astronauts in the early stages of the space race probably couldn't believe what they were seeing "in Heaven" on board the Apollo Lunar Module Eagle.

Basically, they must have expected there to be nothing there unless they were somehow already aware of the tower on the Moon which this photo (just below) is definitely showing us all, the structures and the bases are obvious but come later on in the coming years.

Maybe, just maybe The Shard Tower (photo below, bottom) on the Moon might of been a key factor in going to the Moon I mean who knows and who would admit it anyways? Even if the truth came out about that, who would believe it?

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All they must have been focusing on was the mission at hand and just the Moon, the craters that they saw in their bosses telescopes and the photos, videos that they saw.

But when they got there, they were staring at towers with obvious intelligent purpose. What the hell is going on I imagine is what they must of thought...

Credit: NASA/Revealing the Real truth YouTube video/UFO Sightings Footage/Canva.

As a quick observation, The Lunar Orbiter 2 took this very peculiar photo and I don't remember seeing these miles high monoliths in subsequent Sea of Tranquillity photo's, do you? But I could be wrong:

NASA's Lunar Orbiter 2 took a photo 29 miles above the Moon's surface of four other "towers".

Credit: NASA Photograph taken by Lunar Orbiter 2 on November 20, 1966, twenty-nine miles above the lunar surface, over the Sea of Tranquillity.

It's supposed to be empty of anything, right, devoid of life, bases, crafts in fact let's just say nothing at all should be on the Moon.

Lee Lewis UFO Sightings Footage.

All the teaching in the world could not have prepared them for what they were about to learn! Because we are not alone in the universe. Life is here, life must there, life intelligent just like us has got to be out there and be on other planet's. The Tic Tac UFOs are what I believe to be surveillance drones belonging to another species of life. The US Government all but said the very same thing.

Even if the inhabitants have moved out, even if it only looks like an old building in disrepair - that only means something to us but maybe whoever built it, built it like this? Don't forget, this is building in a foreign environment, it's a wonder if concrete even hardens in the Moons atmosphere and that's if the chemicals even combine.

Concrete might be an unknown product to the builders on the Moon and again, what we think we know about the Moon (back in the 1960's especially) is based on what I ask you? It's based on only what we know.

All bets are off!

Take this amazing opportunity to see for yourself what is going on, on the dark side of the Moon in NASA photos! There's a presence there and everyone, plus their aunty knows that this is true! If you really and honestly believe that this is a natural formation on the Moon then good on you. You have your own mind right, but please consider that this is evidence of life on the Moon (taking everything else we have as evidence) and things begin to look increasingly likely that life is on the Moon.

NASA 1967 photo of the Shard Tower on the Moon.

Real, tangible proof trumps (it must) any and all opinions in my book. You can't dispute verified proof by the very authority that took the photo your giving your opinion on!

Here's what I have been able to research in terms of The Lunar Orbiter Module III Moon images as they're freely available to anyone and the publicly available information that is out there, but not everyone it seems knows where to look?

Credit: NASA Lunar Orbiter III in 1967 taking a photo of The Shard Tower.

Seriously, it's harder than you might think regarding figuring out where the bloody hell it's kept! NASA really don't paste it everywhere in their websites so to find it is all about key words and link jumping.

Structures on the Moon used to be a great source of good quality information on what is happening on the Moon, but now it's probably been used that much by tag stuffing or tag stuffers when posting YouTube videos that it's saturated with the same stuff.

Revealing The Real Truth YouTube video:

YouTube video description:

The shard and the tower on the dark side of the moon what are they? These images are from Lunar Orbiter frame LO-III-84-M. Taken with the medium resolution camera at a distance of at least 250 miles, it shows an object dubbed by Hoagland the "Shard". The star-like object above the "Shard" is a camera registration mark.

The "Shard" has a shadow cast in the correct direction for it to be a real object on the Moon and is aligned with the local vertical rather than the grain of the film, decreasing the chance it is an emulsion abnormality. Close-ups reveal a cellular-like internal structure.

Above and behind the "Shard" is the "Tower", a massive 7 mile high structure with a central "cube" suspended by a tripod like base. Enhancements of the "Tower" show a similar cellular construction to the "Shard", but with a distinctly hexagonal pattern.

Credit: NASA/Revealing the Real truth YouTube video.

Structures on the Moon Photographed by the Astronauts (but denied by the very same Astronauts) is a real shame because we'd definitely achieve more working towards a common goal of disclosure!

Thank you for checking out this post. Visit NASA and have a look round their own archive of so much Moon, space, planets, asteroids and all the other anomalies in between. And believe me, there's so many different weird and wonderful out of place anomalies.

The Shard Tower.

Credit: NASA/Wikipedia.

NASA conspiracy theorist Richard Hoagland claims this photograph, taken by the Lunar Orbiter in February 1967, shows a mile-high spire rising from the lunar surface in the distance. Hoagland has dubbed it the "Shard," and argues that there is no plausible geological explanation for it, so it must be artificially made.

He certainly has a point there because our Moon is and has been since day dot been inactive!

Credit: NASA/UFO Sightings Footage/Canva/LiveScience/Ufosfootage/Revealing The Real Truth YouTube.

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