Most Insane Meteorite Burn Out Smashing Through The Atmosphere

Here is a quick post about the best Meteorite probably ever recorded by a person on the spur of the moment.

Sometimes these Meteorite showers are known about weeks even months in advance so there's always someone standing by with a camera for the TV companies, science institutes etcbut this huge, mesmerising Meteorite explosion above this guys head is genuinely beautiful.

Here's an image from the video.

Meteorite explodes above a guys head and it's the most beautiful thing ever.

Credit: Spacefeats Instagram.

UFO evidence

I've seen a couple of Meteorites burning up in the atmosphere but in comparison to this one, what I saw was a fart in the wind.

Real UFO

Have you ever recorded a Meteorite on your phone, camera or cctv because if you have, can you please share your footage with us, cheers.

Here's the full video of 20 seconds:

The video description says:

Recorded 25th March 2021, what is it?

Credit: Ufologopedroramirez Instagram.

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