Black Pyramid UFO Filmed From The ISS-Video

Russian Cosmonauts tried to do something different, they tried to go against NASA's protocols when they saw this Pyramid-shaped UFO (Alien craft) and were trying to reach it or engage it through communication.

But how much truth is there to that story?

I'm not so sure that this is a Russian video at all because the words are all in English. The Russian Cosmonaut and MIR space station videos that I've seen "all" have Russian words in them, but I am fully aware that I could be wrong.

A visiting Pyramid UFO checking out the Earthlings attempts at technology, how the laughed at us.

The video shows that soon after the Russian spacecraft ascended into space, the astronauts discovered that a mysterious irregular object appeared nearby without warning. The astronauts later discovered that this was an unidentified object with a three-dimensional triangle. Soon, it seemed to find that Russian astronauts were watching it, so it quickly approached, and the action of this uninvited guest made the hearts of the Russian cosmonauts nervous.

Here's what I've gathered so far about this event that happened on June 11th 1998.

Not long ago, a video about the mysterious events of the Russian space agency's "spacecraft in space" caused widespread concern.

We can see right through the windows and through to the other side where the blue of the planet can be seen. It's very sobering to know these things or Aliens can be inside looking out at potentially with a telescope anyone they like?

Absolutely scary UFO getting far to close.

This Pyramid UFO streaks ahead in looks, wonder, technology probably, and speed and can grace past the International Space Station defences (because it's right next to the ISS - UNDAMAGED) so it must be immune to any efforts of interference or cutting it off from anyone, anything controlling it?

It is a creative design, but for what purpose does it serve and could we understand it from a human perspective? It has viewing ports and that can mean only one thing?

ALIENS looking out of the windows or a camera port, a sensor port. There are multiple ways to describe the shape from our point of view but if this isn't ours then it could be for something else entirely.

If like our satellites which require NO people on board then we do not put expensive windows on the satellites? We just do not do it, so it begs the question, why would a UFO have viewing ports or in layman's terms windows? It might be that the technology inside needs to see where it's going. It might be that the A. I have got sensors or robotic eyes and yes if you take away the tech jargon you are left with bio organs. Eyes, brain and touch, feel i.e. the sensors I mentioned earlier. But windows are only for looking out of really.

It is no more.

Does this UFO Pyramid have the capability to beat our defences? Well, it's just beat our first line of defense and our first line of attack is still in the dry dock, possibly.

What are we going to do? Ask China to get their model ship out with their railguns. We are literally in that place we thought wouldn't ever come. We're in the last place you thought this year would come until at least like what, 75 years? It's here, every blog, and news media outlet has been telling you for as long as I can remember! But people wanted to ridicule Ufology and predetermine an outcome before any wrong investigation.

Fast forward to 2023 and the US Government has acknowledged the UAP existence. If a government can do a U-turn on UFOs why can't people? It's probably because the ridicule is a better story.

There's actually two UFOs in this video.

Well, what's it looking for?

Very clear image of the Pyramid UFO.

In 2,000 years, we will have this same conversation because that time and now are connected. Why is it connected because time is what links everything whether you know it or understand it or not, time is what always stays constant. It's the one constant source in this dimension so, the future, now and the past are all linked.

A visiting Pyramid UFO checking out the Earthlings attempts at technology, how the laughed at us.

The mysterious UFO did not pay any attention to the Russian astronauts’ inquiries, and the closer they were, the more the Russian astronauts had to take urgent measures. At this time, this mysterious pyramid-shaped UFO suddenly disappeared, and it was almost without a trace, just as it appeared.

Here's the video.

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Source NASARoscosmos. Mir Space Station.


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  1. This is one of the best UFO sightings footage from the ISS that there is in my view. It’s a pyramid shaped UFO ��, you gotta see the video to understand how uniquely amazing this is. Is there something in the pyramid or not. You decide guys. ������☝️������������

  2. Such an amazing video but not yet one comment....

  3. It looks like the space shuttle, that is not flying anymore as far as we know

  4. That can't be a Russia shuttle since theirs only flew one mission in 1988. This has to be an American shuttle....I'm confused.

  5. According to Wikipedia it must be STS-91, the last one to dock with MIR. Return to Earth was on June 11. Wow. That thing is very close to the Space Shuttle. Is there any conversation between Cape Kennedy and STS-91? Could it really be man-made?

  6. That Satellite was just sitting there and the Space Shuttle Endeavor from NASA approached and took a closer look. The question here is who took that fantastic photo? The object is in fact a Satellite from Heaven and was placed into orbit 4 million years ago during Creation while God was Creating Earth's mountains and plains. The sun was not going back then! I am the Arkangel Daniel and I am from Heaven.

    1. the sun is 5,000 Million years old..give or take a day..

  7. Replies
    1. If we had these we would not need to spend trillions on slow useless Airplanes and space rockets!

  8. This is cgi by TheFakingHoaxer on YouTube. They make a bunch of different videos. A 2 minute google search debunks this whole story and this website. Do better.

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