Tesla Designed The Worlds First Ever UFO That Flew

If you can see it in your mind's eye then you can design it and build it. If your anything like Nikola Tesla then there is many things that you must be good at maybe without you even knowing it because it was innate with Nikola.

He was able to do the unthinkable and take apart machines screw, bolt and bearings one by one all in his mind and not only that he could also put it back together again all within his mind.

He is arguably a leader. He is most sincerely a designated point in time true wonder of that age. If the past owes us one thing, that would be an apology for the treatment of a one off. It would be a wise move for anyone trying to think like a Tesla to become a loner. Become a one off at your own peril for that road is lonely. It a road of pain, hurt and shame. The only light at the end of your tunnel will sadly never be realized in your time. But fear not as you will be recompensed in the next one.

So let us begin, let us start on this lonely road. All who want off yell now...

Uncovered: Tesla’s Patent For World’s 1st “Flying Saucer”.

Our future owes it's existence to one genius and he's called Tesla.

Nikola Tesla – the man who, as many believe, was almost buried in forgotten history until a recent surge in interest over the past few decades. Nikola Tesla’s inventions and technological breakthroughs are so incredible advanced, many are still baffled by what he invented over 120 years ago that is just now coming into recent public tech use. The rumors that surround the man are almost as fascinating as the facts – tales of alien encounters and other strange psychic abilities all surround the fable and myth that make up the image many have of Nikola Tesla in the current age… and, sometimes, that is for good reason.

Recently, Rise Earth reported on a very, very interesting patent that Tesla submitted, along with pictorial design – entitled “The World’s First Flying Saucer” – and it’s illustration looks just like a UFO you would see in a Steven Spielberg film – the strangest part? The patent was filed over 100 years ago.

Nikola Tesla is considered one of the most innovative and mysterious men who ever lived. If Tesla hadn’t invented and researched everything he did in his time, our technology today would be considerably worse. But is there something more to Tesla? Did he in fact have contact with Aliens as he publicly proclaimed? He is one of the most amazing inventors our civilization has ever known his knowledge and ideas went far and beyond what was known and Tesla was a Genius, and his inventions and ideas had no boundaries.

Over a hundred years ago, during the first decade of the twentieth century, Tesla filed a request to patent a peculiar aircraft, which he called “the world’s first flying saucer.” The methods used in the design of the flying saucer matched the descriptions of those who claimed to have seen a from the UFO inside: with a discoidal capacitor with sufficient size to provide enough thrust to fly, while other small capacitors allowed to control the direction of the flying saucer, to which he added a gyroscopic stabilization system and a electric “drive” control. Basically it is a incredibly well designed aircraft, one that we could actually manage to build today. Or have we already built it? What happened to this invention? Why are we not flying into space with Tesla’s incredible invention?

While the patent was granted, the UFO or rather called IFO as it had been identified by the insatiable imagination of Tesla, had a drawback: since the aircraft did not include an energy source of its own, it needed to be energized by the towers of wireless transmission, Tesla’s sources of “free energy”. The lack of funding led to the abandonment of the development of the towers, so, eventually the ship also fell into darkness, and Tesla’s UFO or rather IFO was never made. But hold on Never? Actually don’t be so sure because the US Secret Service seized all patents belonging to Tesla after his death “for reasons of national security.”

Now if Teslas ideas were insane as some had categorized them, why would the United States secret Service seize the patents for reasons of National Security? Hmmm lets think about it for a minute. The ideas of ​​the great Nikola Tesla are incredible and better yet, way ahead of its time, many of his inventions, aimed at contributing towards world peace through free energy access, but governments and financiers of the time, did not follow the progress of Tesla’s mind. Years later, his groundbreaking models and technological projects were used by the Nazis (not the way he had imagined it), and now numerous of his projects are held by the secret service, far away from the eyes of the public.

Genius and mad man Nikola Tesla did have a working and flying UFO on the design table.

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