Flying Saucer Darts Overhead So Close It Can Be Touched

I'm trying not to judge this and stay open minded about it, but I'm fighting every single ounce of common sense (that I have left).

It's telling me that this is CGI which I can't confirm, I don't know if it is for sure but I hope you can shed some light on this. If you have any further information on this please let us all know. It looks amazing and like it really could be real.

Through all the other UFO videos and UFO sightings that I've checked out and read up on, it only takes one of them to be the real deal and for an Alien to be behind it, to validate everything that I've done. I live in hope that one day along with the UAP videos, an Alien is filmed with a UFO.

This is the moment the UFO goes over the head of the eye witness.

Credit: Arshad Kh YouTube/UFO Sightings Footage/Canva.

I'm convinced that I should check out all the UFO videos that I possibly can and that I should not allow my pre-judgemental beliefs to impair my view on every UFO sighting that I come across because that would be unfair to me, you and anyone else that is interested in Ufology. Getting to the bottom of this UFO is a good thing as it rules it out if it is a hoax then we can move on to the next better one.

This is a Flying Saucer which flies over the head of the eye witness filming it.

Credit: Arshad Kh YouTube/UFO Sightings Footage/Canva.

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Massive UFO The Size of a Planet Filmed By NASA

I just want to get to the bottom of every UFO sighting that has ever been reported or filmed, I know that's unattainable and not even remotely possible but I can't give up on UFO sightings and neither should you. Plus I've learnt so much about UFOs by having an open mind and checking out even the one's that don't look real. Since I began writing about them I've learnt a lot.

The beginning of this UFO video looks so real, it looks very promising, as if it was actually really filmed back in 2008. It's not the usual thing that happens in these supposedly random UFO videos, to see one is one thing but to have it on film flying over the eye witnesses head is another thing entirely. The video graphics (if that's what they are) look so convincing to my eye and the whole video comes across as genuine except for the last few seconds.

You know what, I'm sick to my back teeth that there's idiot's out there willing and actively hoax and fake UFO videos. They're cool with faking the living daylights out of the Ufology phenomenon. I honestly don't get it, what's the point in tricking people into thinking a UFO looks real when it's not? What's there to gain by that, by lying to people in such a way that all it's doing is giving Ufology a bad name.

Maybe that's all there is to it, maybe all along the way people who can fake a UFO video convincingly have done so just to show off? If that's what this is then holy moly, what a numbnut thing to do!

But that's neither here nor there or by the by, if there's a slight chance that this could be a real UFO sighting then I've gotta bring it up so that people can scrutinise it. So let's have a good gawk at the video and please give us your thoughts on what you make of this? Cheers, and thanks for the opportunity to learn something new from all of you guys.

All the information says is "Moral" and nothing else just the 9th February 2008 at 4:01:15pm whatever that means? It was uploaded to YouTube by Arshad KH and the video description states nothing. It just says "live for others" and nothing else. There's no way of knowing where it was filmed (if at all) and there's no tell tale signs of country.

Usually it's because the eye witness filming it wants to remain anonymous and doesn't want to be named or associated with a UFO sighting for whatever reason. It could be because of a job, it could be because of not wanting to be laughed at.

Here's the full video:

Please enjoy this crazy good UFO video and if you can share it with your friends or anyone else you can think of or would appreciate it then by all means you can share it to them. Let's hope we learn more and as soon as possible about it, cheers.

Credit: Arshad Kh YouTube/UFO Sightings Footage/Canva.

UFO Guarded By Battery of Tanks in Antarctica Is It Really What They Think

Firstly, if you aren't aware of it yet, but there's a so-called debunked answer to this crashed UFO event in Antarctica.

I swear down on NASA’s integrity that this is not four science modules being erected in Antarctica next to a water well, so that scientists can carry out clown science. The stupid answer was that "we're actually looking at the four foundation blocks for scientific huts forward slash modules. That's exactly what some experts said we was looking at. Unless they had a battery of tank's aimed at the huts then this answer is wrong. And here's why:

UFO being guarded by four tanks in Antarctica.

Credit: Google Earth/UFO Sightings Footage/Canva.

The controversial image is the one above that was taken on the 24th February of 2011. The image shows the alleged UFO crash site with 4 tanks in front of it and they seem to be literally stopping the UFO from taking off, wondering off or stopping anything from getting out of it.

Conspiracy theorists (including myself I suppose) are claiming these to be tanks which can be seen guarding the UFO object right in front of them with the gun's pointing outwards. All of the objects in the above satellite photo are definitely covered with ice and snow so how long have they been in the Mexican stand off for?

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Concrete Evidence of Triangle UFOs on The Moon

It's definitely not any sort of buildings - of any type, shape or form and it's certainly not scientist's habitat modules. Someone was saying that the nearby Mcmurdo station was the reason for the scientists huts being built so the scientists can be effectively rotated on shifts coming in from the McMurdo station.

It gets a wee bit confusing now because in the image below, the earliest known Google Earth satellite photo from 2009, the stuff has all gone but the crash indentation is there yet the now famous photo was taken in 2011. Something definitely strange is happening in that spot of Antarctica and one clever guy thinks he's got the solution. He believes that this place in Antarctica is a top secret underground base. He believes that we're seeing the top of the base and the reason that the "illegal tank's" aren't there is because they've gone underground into the base.

So, the satellite photo from 2011 (in the photo above) was supposedly building huts but in this image from 2014 (just below) there's nothing there. Where the hell have these illusive huts or modules aka science labs disappeared to? They wasn't even there in the first place. Because go back up the page and you'll see that in 2009, the crash strewn area was already there but no craft and no tank's.

Image from 2014 supposedly where scientist huts were built in Antarctica.

Credit: Google Earth/UFO Sightings Footage/Canva.

Don't get me wrong, it was a good attempt to get to the bottom of this UFO conspiracy but it actually did the opposite. It simply added fuel to the already desperate and confusing and hideous cover up attempt that was poorly thought out at best.

Here's the basics of the actual first story:

A guy called Valentin Degterev from the city of Nizhny Tagil in central Russia, says that he found the UGO (unidentified ground object) online using Google Earth. I'm not so sure about trying to give Ufology a new acronym but I think that UFOs and UAP are enough for today.

Anyway, there's a time line of action slash activity right in the very same spot in Antarctica which I don't find strange that much but why is expensive satellite time given to random spots in Antarctica with no apparent reason or excuse other than what we see here?

Unless I'm missing something here, it seems that the time line of the satellite in question means that either it was a UFO being guarded by four tanks or something else entirely different is going on there, like an underground military base maybe...

This image shows lots of different tracks in the snow near the UFO.

Credit: Google Earth/UFO Sightings Footage/Canva.

The image above is the oldest Google Earth image of the controversial location with some objects visible in the photo. This just proves that something else was there and doesn't prove anything in my own view. The image is dated 15th Dec 2009. And if this is true then although we cannot make out what's going on but it sure looks a bit familiar but not 100 percent? Unless this was all put together as part of the disinformation campaign to muddy the truth and throw doubts in to the mix!

All I've got to say about this absolutely stunning Antarctica satellite photo is that something was most definitely being guarded by four tanks! What that was is up to you to figure out? I know what I believe and I am going with what we all can clearly see in the photo. I personally see four tanks opposite a UFO that looks like it's been held there against it's will and is been stopped from taking iff with tank cannon's aimed upwards.

On the right of the image, you can see as if something has crashed in to the ice. There is lot of activity seen on the left hand side and its difficult to know what this can be.

If you goto Google Earth or Google maps and search for coordinates 77°49’46.88″S 166°50’42.43″E, you will see very less activity in the area.

This is a quite old story but after working out that some of the so-called answer's were bogus and down right outlandish, I had to puteth my tuppence in. The contradictions were a to easy to see and I thought what would be the best way to set the story as correct as I can then highlight it to you guys, the best bunch of readers I could ever ask for.

Here's the full Mystery History YouTube video, please enjoy:

“I'm not the voice of reason. I am the reason for the voice.”-TB

Credit: Mysterious Facts/UFO Sightings Footage/UFO News/Canva/Mystery History YouTube.

Why Hasn't This 1.3 Mile Long Spacecraft Been Talked About

NASA, always publishing UFO photos but always burying them under mountains of useless photos of the exact same spot.

That's no exaggeration neither because you've probably seen them yourself, the same type of photos with absolutely nothing in them except for a random piece rock or nothing at all. But, every now and again we'll be given something like this absolutely stunning piece of Mars history in the form of a UFO on the surface.

This UFO on Mars is over a mile long and it's shape is to uniform and regular to be natural.

Credit: Paranormal Crucible YouTube/UFO Sightings Footage/Mirror/UFO News/Canva.

Believe me, this isn't the first and it won't be the last. I've posted articles on Mars UFOs before like this 100 percent UFO that is literally parked up on the side of a mountain (the image is just below) . Seriously, check it out because you need to know what is going on. If you look at these UFOs and think they're not UFOs then I honestly don't know what to say? In fact after looking up Mars UFOs that I've written about before I've just seen a UFO photo from a post that I did years ago and I think it might just fit in perfect here.

Check out these absolutely stupendous and more than likely real UFOs. When I look at these I genuinely think that there's a lot more going on in the world, in space and in the universe than what the public knows about. I mean c'mon, these do not look like rock's on a desolate planet somewhere in space.

UFO on Mars that looks like a genuine real UFO.

Credit: NASA/Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter MRO/UFO Sightings Footage/Canva.

Here's the UFO on the side of the mountain on Mars. It's absolutely got similar looks just like tge other UFO image just above this one.

UFO evidence from the Mars Rovers cameras showing a real UFO on the side of the mountain.

Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter had completed 60,000 orbits of Mars as of May 15, 2019.

Credit: NASA/Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter MRO/UFO Sightings Footage/Canva.

Screenshot of the Mars spacecraft.

Credit: Paranormal Crucible YouTube/UFO Sightings Footage/Mirror/UFO News/Canva.

I love bringing this stuff to your attention because it's eye opening, it's standing up and taking notice of what's going on in the "universe" and not just on the Earth. Humans have been leaving this planet for a long time now. We're actually way more established in space than the powers that be would have us know or believe!

If you read about people saying that the UFOs people are filming doesn't always mean that they are Alien UFOs. Usually what they mean is that humans are way more advanced than you might know or give us credit for.

Humans regularly leave Earth in crafts that would definitely look Alien to most people that see them from a distance or close up. But, that's just it, these so-called UFOs are actually human made, they were created by humans and we're in space, on Mars, we most certainly have a presence on the dark side of the Moon, inside the Moon and have gone a lot further into deep space than "most people on this planet know about".

Supplies regularly get sent way out into deep space, nothing ever comes back though, ie empty containers, out of date technology, upgraded mechanical equipment etc. Be honest, when was the last time anything was brought back to Earth... But yet, they have all the latest equipment on board the ISS "just as an instance".

I'm getting way off track, This Mars spaceship has equal sides, uniform angles, gradual gradient from the back to the front of the craft. The sides have the same shape to them and if you was to cut along the middle of the craft and take half away, put a mirror against it, it would look exactly the same way as it does normally.

Natural rock formations do not do that or look anything like that! This is 1.3 miles long and that thing could be millions of years old. Is there still usable technology inside of it? Can we even get inside of it? Has the Mars Rovers been near this? Is there a way to get inside of it?

Is it stuff like this spaceship the reason why there's a mad dash for the red planet? There seems to be a highly charged focus on Mars right now in 2021, the top technology inventors, the top technology enthusiasts and the technology of tomorrow makers all seem to be pushing for a colony or an outpost (at the least) to be created on Mars.

Why is that? It can't be to be the first to have a colony in space otherwise they would just put one on the Moon, right? It's closer than Mars, the gravity is a lot easier to work with on the Moon. In fact, everything about the Moon would be a better option. So why not put a stepping stone so-to-speak on the Moon and form a refuelling Station first?

Is there something that we don't know about Mars? Like for instance if there was some verified spaceship on Mars just waiting for the right person to come along and plunder the living daylights out of it! That might have already been done and there's actually more crafts on Mars than you can shake a stick at - all confirmed by the Mars Orbiter and detailed by the Mars Rovers...

It's a strange place that we live in so forgive me for having a bloody strange imagination! Unless like me, I just say what I see and I join the dots because one thing that I have not done guys, I have not made anything up. Everything I've wrote in this post is all the truth. There's not one lie.

Which makes it all the more stranger than ever!

Paranormal Crucible is always discovering and bringing us great UFO videos. Check them out whenever you get a chance to.

Here's the full video of the Mars spaceship which is just sat out in the Sun on the surface of Mars for all to see:

You've got to admit that I bring up some good questions, I understand if you don't agree with me but that's cool. Variety is brilliant, it's what gets results in terms of broadening the options as to what this anomaly actually is. Please post your comments on this and if you can share this post with your friends I'd really appreciate it, cheers. 

Credit: Paranormal Crucible YouTube/UFO Sightings Footage/Mirror/UFO News/Canva.

White UFO Disk The Size of A 747 Over Dubai

The best UFO proof is the one that really speaks to you which is just like what this one is doing.

People can bang on about this and that or look at the design, have you seen the colour it's exactly what you'd expect it UFO to look like.

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UFO Caught on Camera The Size of a Commercial Jet

The simple fact is this, it's really hard to know for sure what a UFO looks like. That's not to say that we don't have a preconceived perception of what a UFO looks like because we do.

Depending on what parts of the world you come from will definitely depend on what your thought's are about UFOs.

UFO with a white top and silver bottom that rotates over Dubai beach.

Credit: UFO & Alien Santana YouTube Channel/UFO Sightings Footage/Canva.

It's easier to be open minded and open yo any possible UFO being real. The video is definitely real looking and I can't find anything in the video that would suggest that it's a hoax. Why would people go out of their way to fake a UFO video? I can't see them making any impact in any way, shape or form, can you?

Anyways, it's a UFO the size of a 747 and it's over Dubai. It's been in the local media and international media outlets. It caused quite a stir when it was first released by a one "Jovic Alamon" which is the name credited in the Express video. Here's the link to that post where you can see the video.


The bizarre footage was originally uploaded to YouTube by the UFO & Alien Santana channel, apparently shot by the wife of eyewitness Jovic Alamons.

Here's the full video from UFO & Alien Santana YouTube channel, they've actually got a motherload of UFO videos on their YouTube channel:

Enjoy the video because it's an absolute brilliant UFO video if you ask me!

Video description:


Credit: UFO & Alien Santana YouTube Channel/UFO Sightings Footage/Express/UFO News/Canva.

2 Military Helicopters Escorting A Flying Disk in What Looks Like A Real Video

I can't even begin to tell you what this means if this is real (the UFO video at the bottom of this page) which I'm sure we'll all get to the bottom of.

But firstly I'm going to be making a quick distinction between knowing what a "made for TV UFO animation is" and knowing what a possible real UFO sighting looks like.

The image just below shows the UFO that was made for TV, actually it was a UFO reenactment created by looknowtv specifically to show in the TV documentary and the audience. It's a representation of what the eye witnesses saw. It was a genuine real attempt at giving the TV viewer a glimpse into the minds eye of the UFO witness. In fact, it totally backfired because someone recorded the TV show and said it was a real UFO sighting. What happened next was horrible. Below is the CGI animation of a UFO being escorted by military Jets. I took a snap shot of it to show you.

UFO flying saucer that was created using CGI for TV.

Credit: looknowtv YouTube/UFO Sightings Footage/Canva.

The guy who created the CGI animation was slandered, but because he has it on his own YouTube channel. It clearly states on the video that it's for entertainment purposes but instead he was saveged and you know why, it was all because people doing it was to lazy to read the description! How nasty is that, blatantly attacking someone because they either got behind it, believed it was real but then they found out that it's not real, so instead of being educated, they go after the guy who "clearly stated he's an animation expert" and recreates stuff for TV.

The Clearest UFO Cluster Probably Ever Just Filmed - This Beats Everything

I'm not joking when I say that this is the best UFO cluster that's probably ever been recorded and that's bar none and by far!

It's a strange kind of cluster because it's each UFO turning together instead of the UFO Orbs individually going about their own business. I've seen a fair few UFOs and loads of them was Orbs but not moving like these one's.

UFO Orbs in the best video you'll ever see.

Credit: Conspiracion_esp Instagram/UFO Sightings Footage/Canva.

It was filmed in Hawaii in July 2021 which is this month! They must have come here for something or other but what can it be?

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The Black Knight Satellite UFO

It's awesome I totally agree but I'd swap the awesome for just one answer and the answer I'd like to have is where are they coming from?

The Orbs are moving so clearly and in unison together.

Credit: Conspiracion_esp Instagram/UFO Sightings Footage/Canva.

UFO Orbs are probably the most popular UFOs in the world right now!

Lee Lewis UFO Sightings Footage

The International Space Station has been picking up the UFOs since I can remember. In fact I only did a post about this not long ago. Orbs are probably the most abundant UFOs in the world at the moment. They seem to be rapidly increasing in their numbers. Are they surveillance drones on behalf of the Government's? Well, we can't simply rule that out just because we like the Alien UFO answer.

I'd like to have an Orb captured, only because I don't like the idea that humanity is being surveyed by some Alien entity with who knows what intentions? It sounds like a paranoid delusion but you can see the UFOs for yourself, now ask yourself "what the hell is it spying on us for"?

We might not even like the answer but it's an answer none the less. I tell you what though, if these Aliens were reading this then they need to know that if they get caught by our Government they better be prepared for a place called Gulag Area 51. They should land near a TV news channel and ask for a witness so they can't be carted off without the people of Earth knowing about it, kind of like a guarantee.

Here's the video which shows the best UFO Orbs proof that there is:

Please share your thoughts and help share the post, thank you. Let's try to find out more about the Orbs and what is going.

Credit: Conspiracion_esp Instagram/UFO Sightings Footage/Canva.

UFO Orbs Filmed Over Nuclear Power Station in Japan

UFO Orbs like the ones here in this post are probably the most recorded type of UFO seen anywhere in the world.

The day that the Fukushima power station was devastated by the 2011 tsunami there was a mad rush of UFO activity literally all over Japan. They were seen all over Japan for some "unknown reasons" and I say unknown reasons in brackets because even though it's not been established as yet, there's a ton of evidence to say that the tsunami might have had something to do with the UFO being ever present in the areas of the nuclear power stations? They might have prevented a really big catastrophic event, they may have done nothing and just recorded what happened.

UFO Orbs in formation over nuclear power station in Japan.

Credit: @real_ufo_ovni/UFO Sightings Footage/UFO News/Canva.

It's only a guess but coupled with the fact that over the last few decade's the eye witness sighting's of UFO Orbs near or above these power plants has increased and for some other unknown reasons they've been Orbs. Does this strike you as strange or does that sound about right?

The UFO Orbs are seen changing formation over Japan.

Credit: @real_ufo_ovni/UFO Sightings Footage/UFO News/Canva.

Orbs are creepy little buggers, they've been seen on many, many occasions and filmed from the ISS (International Space Station) coming and going to the Earth and on mass! Loads and I mean loads of these ridiculously round, strange spheres have been recorded in "super clusters" either all flying at the same speed or some of them flying faster than others but then slowing down which would indicate that they were flying independently from each other.

People have recorded these UFO Orbs in many different parts of the world, check this link out and you'll see what I really mean.

Some were spotted changing their general directions either flying forward with a bit of lift, then lowering itself and also speeding back up. It made looking at this large super cluster like a genuine phenomenon that was taking place, and that more than likely can't be stopped.

This is why no military Jets have ever intercepted any and it always seems to come out later than they was seen on radar, but yet they did nothing! Just remember that when we next have "real radar confirmation".

Maybe that's all we can do is just look on in awe and God forbid but if one crashes we can always recover one because we have them on radar? This is what people don't realise, they're (UFOs) always being tracked and when the military admit they had "something on radar" you can guarantee that they scrambled Jets because if they didn't, that's bloody dereliction of duty! It's mind blowing what people don't understand - or should I say they don't want to understand.

I'll link you to the post I did about another UFO Orbs swarm here.

Here's the video and full description (just below the video) from the UFO Orb video posted to Instagram by @real_ufo_ovni:


New japanese ufo (ORBS) over fukushima.

The size of these hanging spheres can be easily compared with the houses in the picture.

In the caption of the posts related to the sighting of the Arbs, I explained that they are mostly seen in coastal cities and close to the sea.

Guys, please can you share your thoughts with us and share the post, thank you.

Credit @real_ufo_ovni Instagram/UFO Sightings Footage/UFO News/Canva.

China's Sending Over 20 Rocket's To Knock Asteroid off Collision Course With Earth

When I first read this my heart was in my mouth, I really don't know what the hell I was thinking but damn I felt a bit cold really quickly.

China's Sending Over 20 Rocket's To Save Earth From Armageddon.

Credit: LiveScience/UFO Sightings Footage/UFO News/Canva/Express.

Here's a quote from Live Science with some interesting facts:

China's Sending Over 20 Rocket's To Save Earth From Armageddon. Their target is an asteroid named Bennu, a 85.5-million-ton (77.5 million metric ton) space rock that is on track to swoop within 4.6 million miles (7.5 million kilometers) of Earth's orbit between 2175 and 2199. Although Bennu's chances of striking Earth are slim — at just 1 in 2,700 — the asteroid is as wide as the Empire State Building is tall, meaning that any collision with the Earth would be cataclysmic.

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Spaceship Found Parked on Comet

It's enough to be giving scientists nightmares and some are investing in new underpants, for when thing's get a bit hairy or dicey. Albeit, it will be heirlooms and pants left in their will to lucky future offsprings but hey, imagine what it will be like for the future people who will be surely buying them hoarding underkegs like when people hoarded toilet paper during the pandemic.


China's Sending Over 20 Rocket's To Save Earth From Armageddon and it's not the USA's job I suppose.

Credit: UFO Sightings Footage/UFO News/Canva.

I've just written this post, and it's just dawned on me why Mars is possibly being targeted for colonisation! Does China have a deadly serious program here that must be done? Is this why SpaceX is feverishly and tirelessly focusing all their efforts to get to and put a colony outpost on Mars!

Read on...

It wasn't a nice feeling to be honest. It felt like one of those horrible scenarios that when you wake up to read the day's headlines about what's happened over night, you then set your eyes on this!

Asteroid Bennu is on a potential collision course with the Earth in 2175.

Credit: The Independent via Yahoo News/UFO Sightings Footage/UFO News/Canva/Express.

Here's the trippy headline, which read:

China plans mass rocket launch to divert asteroid that could wipe out life on Earth.

So, yeah that's pretty much what I read and it started a chain event of me spitting feathers, a cold feeling washing over me and a cloud above the head ☁️🤒. I know it's not normally what people think about but how is a possible catastrophe going to be delivered to the world?

It could be in such a way that Catches people off guard. How else can they release the information, with billboards, planes flying an advert but I doubt they will.

I've actually written a post about this very asteroid in the past because I discovered a craft on this asteroid Bennu which believe it or not, seems to be a coincidence that China's targeting it right now for further investigation so soon after possible Alien technology has been discovered there...

Maybe it's under the guise of a scientific research investigation and it's actually working to find out more about what is going on there regarding Alien activity. It seems very strange and peculiar to me that China is taking a closer look at Bennu "to help an Earth 150 years in the future" because I'm not being funny but since when did China do something to better humanity unless it's beneficial to China, I'm unaware of it?

So it seems like there's something else entirely going on here instead of the whole China's helping humanity thing.

It's absolutely true though, that China's planning on sending over 20 rocket's to Asteroid Bennu because it's on a - and I quote: "a hazardous and potentially catastrophic collision course with Earth" with a 1 in 2700 chance of hitting the world we live on between the year 2175 and the year 2199.

And believe me, that 1 in 2700 chance is enough to concern scientists and the people who put these stats together. Here's the quote from the Independent about that:

Although the chance that Bennu will impact Earth is only 1-in-2700, that risk is still enough to concern scientists due to the amount of destruction the asteroid could cause.

Bennu is classified as a B-type asteroid, which means it contains a lot of carbon along with various other minerals, formed over 4.5 billion years ago.

Scientists at China’s National Space Science Centre found in simulations that 23 Long March 5 rockets, which weigh 900 tonnes when they leave the planet, hitting simultaneously could divert an asteroid from its original path by nearly 9,000 kilometres – 1.4 times the Earth’s radius.

The Independent.

This is from the Independent as well, which has a better and more accurate picture of what it post's about. It's one of the better UK newspapers that has a bit more substance to it. I really enjoy bringing people UFO News and UFO Sightings Footage plus real UFO videos because I, just like tons of other people out there know that Aliens are real and that Alien disclosure is happening but slowly. I'm trying to figure it out as well.

The conspiracist in me is fast connecting dot's but the law abiding sheep side of me is wanting to just bury my head in the sand and forget about it, just move away and get on with UFOs and searching for that one real UFO, like on Bennu. But if I look at it for what it is, it makes me start to think about the recent worldwide lockdowns and the curfews put in place by many Government's around the planet.

Don't forget about the by laws and the bans, on the spot fines, also any gatherings were prohibited plus tons of other laws and rules etc that was pushed very quickly into effect and passed in record time. It's kinda hard to not see it as all looking like a dry run for when the s*** really hits the fan.

If an Extraterrestrial Mothership turned up next to the Moon would you follow the Government's instructions to stay indoors and self isolate if they asked again but this time because of an Alien Mothership? Absolutely yes I would, my own reason for that is because I'm not going to stay outdoors just because I don't want to do whatever the Government says. Lol.

Here's a YouTube video from Buzz Info:

Long March 5B rocket launches Tianhe, the core module of China's new space station, on April 28, 2021. (Image credit: CASC)

Can 23 rocket's (Long March Rocket's as in the above image) really divert an asteroid weighing upwards of 85.5 million tons and smash it off guard enough that it would put the distance of say the widest part of the Earth between both the Bennu asteroid and the Earth... I'm totally in agreement that "if" something needs to be done then get er done! But why China? What the hell does China know that the USA and UK are not telling it's people?

That's possibly where the biggest mystery lay, sinister Government's keeping the public in the dark about stuff that potentially can't be fixed? Sinister or cynical? Probably both!

Credit: The Independent via Yahoo News/UFO Sightings Footage/UFO News/Canva/Express/LiveScience/Buzz Info.

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