What Is Causing The Mandela Effect

The Mandela Effect is an amazing theory that is gaining support from everyone, including scientists, politicians, influential public figures, and me, the "common people" from right across the world!

Our history is changing my friends, and it is changing rapidly, and nothing is off limits because they can't control everything down to a tee. "They" are reportedly CERN, HAARP, and time travellers in the Black Project Government who control the darker side of politics and world matters.

These so-called "dark side" officials, over-lords, watchers, or whatever you want to call them, etc, are controlling everything? "Our future" is in reality, theirs! There's no such thing as freedom of influence, expression, speech, and direction in life - unless it fits in with their overall plans. The small things don't matter to them. They're interested in absolute control. You're already in their control every time you abide by a law, rule, or boundary, but there's more to what they want. Continue reading to find out what else they want and already have...

These figures set up everything and are still tweaking everything (The Mandela Effect) in their image of what they want. The materials are good, but what they want is your soul! King Henry The 8th is a great example of owning souls. He not only had the people's bodies and materials, but he also had the people's souls by setting up the Church of England.

Henry 8th owned everyone's souls

That is a great example of the control these new-age watchers have now. If you times what King Henry The 8th did with souls, by ten million factors, you have the modern-day "overlords" that have time travel and reality in their grasp by way of CERN, HAARP, NASA, JPL, Military, Navy, NSA, CIA, FBI. The list from Europe is endless with countless other bodies in the business of changing our reality today! Their in league with the real devil.

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Smashing particles together, at or near the speed of light, have many other effects not known to the public, including The Mandela Effect. Creating a black hole in a "CONTROLLED" circumstance is life itself! Do you understand what that means, controlled circumstances? It means they are Gods. They are making different realities all the time. Our reality was "made" a long time ago! "They" are creating or releasing energy as realities, all the time and harnessing the energy from these never-ending, expanding realities which create amounts of energy that are quite literally "not measurable" in terms of an end and then stored.

The Mandela Effect exists.

They are doing what was done to us aeons ago. Creating parallel universes!

The people in control and who use these "earthly controlled realities" are in partnership with captive Aliens and my thoughts behind this, are because the flying saucers that were (caught or captured) in this reality (Roswell as an example) were caught hopping from one reality to another and have been forced into creating machines from their machines. They exist, but they don't exist? Magnets suspend these huge machines in a constant state, spread out over 3 realities.

All the recent space noise or chatter, like the "wow" signal, is an encrypted message. just like we humans encrypt all our communications, so do the aliens. That's why we can't detect these signals and the ones we do. We pass them by because they are encrypted. We don't understand these signals because we don't send them and were not supposed to receive them, especially in a way we can understand them! But now that's all changed!

The recent surge over the last 60-70 plus years is because, like scouting out parties, Aliens are looking for their machines and representatives that we have hijacked and spread everything we learned throughout the world so that they can't possibly take everything back! It's our backup system.

Take, for instance, Rendelsham Forest, the Aliens are looking for their ships and equipment, and they also begin with their "scout ships," and orbs, lasers, and energy that pendown to any depth. I truly believe they found them. And they want them back! Or we went into a pact with them?

Because every time we use this reverse-engineered technology, we are giving off signals that we can't understand fully (yet), but they can, and it narrows their search down to earth. Our moon has communication devices on it that are alien in nature. These could be part of some ancient network of communications systems to keep vast colonies in communication and informed.

Let me tell you right now, there are" smoke vents on the moon pouring out smoke "STILL to this day!


There are "mega mining" ports and mineral extraction facilities on the moon. Ancient communication systems, military-grade defence systems, and ancient structures of which ALL MUST have BEEN MADE by Aliens. The open ports go underground and across the lunar surface in every direction called "volcanic tube tunnels." You might have heard about them. It's a kind of ready-made tube station with tubes going here, there, and everywhere. The super-heated volcano lava acts like a straw. It heats the rock on the sides of the tunnel and the lava flows through the middle when the lava goes, it leaves a rocky glass a couple of meters thick "with a glass" type curved wall behind. Hence, the straw effect. There is no removal of debris and no need for reinforced concrete walls in a tube shape.

No need the cutting heads, and no need for energy as the lava is controlled by superheated sensors that shift the direction through pulse technology which creates a 2-meter "virtual void" just in front of the superheated lava flow and that's an integral part of the steering system. Beyond that, it's then down to the surface of the Moon. How do I know this? I saw similar plans but for an Earth-based heated plasma tunnel boring machine, which creates glass tubes.

It was super scaled up, and now it is being put to work for the maglev trains inside the Earth linking (hidden) underground sites. These revolutionary (decades ago) maglev trains "similar to the Japanese levitation trains" are travelling at speeds... Well, that would be telling. It's a new system of measuring speed. You see, when an inventor invents in secret, HE/SHE can call it what they want! Miles per "your name"? What about cycles per revolution etc etc? That's one very little unknown hidden gem about inventing incognito.

You can call it what you want, make it more personal. It can be on whatever measurement you want it to follow. Some like to keep the official speed measurements handy and convert the "personal measurements into official measurements" just so they have a gauge of the types of speeds they're going.

Like I said, if you invent something, YOU can call it what you want. There's no table of names for specific inventions. So, it makes sense that there's a sub-culture of hidden inventions that are of national security or state secrets? Counterintelligence and research and development in industries have a common goal, which is to keep it a secret for as long as possible, so names are changed and specifics are changed for security reasons.

If you apply this to inventions, world firsts, and never before attempted or unseen, unheard of things, then the world quite literally becomes a place that you would NOT recognise. Plonk someone from the 1920s into today's world, and EVERYTHING would seem like a different place. Now apply that to hidden, secret worlds of research, development, and new medicines you've never heard of - inventions which had to be kept secret because they gave you FREE ENERGY or FREE FOOD like the food replicator which we can see on Star Trek the beginnings of which is the 3D printer of today etc.

You know the 3D printer right,  which is around now? Well, check out the 3D FOOD PRINTER in these two images. Wow is all I can say and Star Trek has a lot of prophecies on its hands and begs the question "Is the conspiracy theory about Star Trek and creator Gene Roddenberry real) I reckon that in just 50 years we will be printing (replicator) food but instantly, printing body organs, houses, dams, colonies, teeth, hair, clothes, cars and they'll call it the instant material revolution. If you can see where I'm going with this - you should be able to instantly insert yourself or your mind inside of a world of your creation where everything can be called whatever you want because it's your creation. Nikola Tesla is in there, say hi if you can see him. He could tap into this world.

He was able to take apart machines in his mind and do research and development. He understood effects and was so clear-minded that he could apply speed, resistance, weight, heat, and loss or subtract with such precision AND do it all within a tenth of a second. He practised by untightening a bolt with a spanner in his mind, then tightening the bolt with his hand, but all in his mind. Then he practised on wheels, engines, or just a simple task like opening a door and closing it. But all the while, he was focusing his mind on sight, hearing the door open and close. He knew that the bolts tightened to such a specific tension created a specific sound, especially when specific metals were used in the hinges.

Nikola Tesla seen here photographed with the inventions that he created by researching and developing by himself.

That's one tiny, tiny window into the thought process of Nikola Tesla when he was starting. He knew that if he thought it once, read it, he would retain that information somewhere in his mind! That was the key to his logic. He knew that whatever the brain took in as memory, THE BRAIN HAS TO RETAIN IT because there's no way of deleting anything. One can not simply press a delete button to erase memories.

So he knew he (the soul) had to work with his mind and body and practice "becoming one" with the mind, body, and soul. He understood that he couldn't just take it for granted - that the mind, body, and soul from birth are already "at one" because believe me, they are not at one from birth! One has to travel a path through life to become enlightened and eventually join one's mind, body, and soul through a higher understanding. The greatest and most sophisticated creation(s) ever to exist in this dimension. In this plane is the mind, body, and soul. Put the letter "T" by the way - on the end of the word plane - and you get the word planet, lol. So are you existing on a planet or a plane of existence, ha.

Sorry, I went off track there, but I'm glad I wrote that because I remembered that I would one day write that out. Anyways...

Mars is similar, and I think that the earth was seeded many years ago with Alien DNA, mixed with Neanderthal DNA, which created humans, the workforce. That's why slavery is in our history and at one time was innate. If you had a slave you were in effect a God, with power over life and death. Just like what the aliens were doing. Maybe they tried not to put that in the DNA, but that innate instinct got through. The results are you and me!

DNA manipulation by Aliens has been going on for a long time against humans.

As a workforce for this system, we did all the grunt force work in the beginning. We worshipped the Aliens as Gods and erected huge temples to them. We tried to describe them with a new thing called writing. We tried to depict them in works of art, and in doing so, we entered into the beginning of our independence and self-expression. We rebelled against the aliens. We became AWARE of our situation and rebelled against the so-called system!

I found this article quote:

A few scientists have (privately) questioned whether certain quantum science tests (including CERN projects) may have affected the fabric of our reality. It is not a long article.


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