The Mandela Effect And The BERENST(AE)IN Bears Conspiracy

A couple of months ago I came across a thing called The Mandela Effect and was literally stunned at the claims by a woman called Fiona Broome who has claimed she witnessed Nelson Mandela die in his prison cell in the 1980's. Obviously she was not actually in his prison cell, but rather she said his death was widely published and his funeral was televised.

Apparently the whole world witnessed his funeral and since then not only that event changed but other things in history have changed from how people remember things.There's a long list of things that have changed like TV, movies, books, cartoons, poems etc. I want you to watch these videos and tell me what you think? I think it's amazing and worth knowing about so we can witness it happening for ourselves! 

The Mandela Effect is real
Fiona's website has a full list of events that have changed and more crucially how to spot a change that's happening!

My current projects:
This site will be easier to search. You’ll be able to find others who've reported alternate memories that match yours. Expect tips for recognizing and exploring alternate realities. Discover the latest theories about what’s going on, when & where it’s happening, and why. I’ll also feature news stories related to alternate memories and parallel realities.

Here's a bit more about Fiona's history which I think will intrigue you?
Fiona Broome is intrigued by unexplained phenomena in everyday life. She uses books, videos, pod-casts, and websites to share ways you can encounter “the unknown” on your own, or with others who share your enthusiasm.

 Fiona has been researching — and writing about — paranormal phenomena since the 1980s. In the 1990s, her ghost-related website, (now, was one of the first online resources for new and experienced ghost hunters. It’s still home to the most popular, free course for new ghost hunters, Introduction to Ghost Hunting. Ms. Broome has written about ghosts, faerie lore, and anomalies for over 1,000 articles for magazines and websites.

Discussing paranormal topics, she’s been a guest on many radio and TV shows. Fiona has also been a speaker and panellist at a wide range of international events including the New England Ghost Conference, GhoStock, Central Texas Paranormal Conference, and Canada’s annual G.H.O.S.T.S. conferences. Since 2006, she’s been a frequent, invited Guest and panellist at Dragon Con.

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