The Pole Shift Theory Is Gathering Support Because Of Nibiru Planet X


The pole shift theory is a hypothesis based on geologic evidence that the physical north and south poles of Earth have not always been at their present-day locations. Pole shift theory is almost always discussed in the context of Earth, but other solar system bodies may have experienced similar reversals during their existences.

There are a few variations of thought as to how and why the Earth experiences pole shifts. One theory suggests a 180-degree physical inversion of the planet's solid crust around its molten core. Thus, leading to major cataclysmic events and extreme physical earth changes. It is believed that this could take place if another planetary body - - such as a 'rogue planet' or similar cosmic anomaly - passed in close proximity to the Earth, providing enough torque for such an event to occur.

Nibiru Planet X causing magnetic shift of earth
Amazing Nibiru
Many believe this has occurred in the past and is due to occur again in the not so distant future. Some speculate that this potential rogue planet will be passing Earth in the year 2016 - 2017 on its 3,600 year orbit around our sun. According to theorist Zechariah Sitchin, he calls this planet Nibiru, the 12th planet of our solar system. This event could have the potential to reshape earth and life, as we know it.

The second would be a reversal of the Earth's magnetic poles called geomagnetic reversal in which the positions of magnetic north and magnetic south become interchanged as the Earth's magnetic field weakens. A reversal of the magnetic poles is much more likely, as it has occurred several times before in Earth's history according to paleomagnetists. Evidence for this is provided by measurements of the orientation of magnetic materials in sedimentary and volcanic rock.

Nibiru Planet X causing magnetic shift of earth
Planet X conspiracy theory
Research indicates approximately 200 reversals have occurred over the last 178 million years. Scientist and author, Gregg Braden refers to this shift as, 'the shift of the ages' where Earth's magnetic field decreases to zero point, consequently reversing the magnetic flow, bringing humanity into an age of Enlightenment. This shift is also thought to bring about periods of rapid cataclysmic changes. Many tried to link this event to the year 2012 and the end of the ancient Mayan Calendar cycle. Recent geomagnetic reversals;

Geomagnetic Reversals Pole Shifts
Pole shifts chart

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