Totally Frightening Picture of Filarial Worm

I don't want to write much because I want the picture to say it all.

I will give you the rundown of the picture if needed, lol. Now, this image (I've whittled it down to one image) is really unsettling and very terrifying to look at!

Did you know that there's a parasite called Filarial Worm that can actually live in your eye? It's true! This little critter can make its way into your eye and set up shop, causing all sorts of discomfort and potential damage.

Now, I know what you're thinking - "That's just great, another thing to worry about!" But fear not, my friend, because I'm here to give you all the details and help you understand this fascinating (albeit creepy) creature.

Filarial Worm is a parasite that can live in your eye and is terrifying.

The Filarial Worm is a parasite that can live in your eye. Filarial worms are most commonly transmitted by mosquitoes. They are highly known to cause what's commonly known as river blindness. These terrifying parasitic creatures, which travel to the lymphatic system, are also responsible for the condition known as Elephantiasis.

Credit: Google.

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