Blacked Out Military Helicopter Chases UFO Along South Coast Of Britain

Absolutely amazing and simply stunning "brand new" footage has surfaced showing a totally blacked out Military helicopter in hot pursuit of a UFO.

The chase started along the British coast line in the south of England! This is the kinda footage we live for here at UFO Sightings Footage and hence it's in our name and D.N.A.

helicopter trails behind a UFO tailing it along the south coast of Britain
Military helicopter chases a UFO across the south coast of Britain

I found this amazing UFO video which I thought had all the hallmarks of been legit and so I thought you'd love (as it's disclosure).

This UFO event really does signify that a lot more authorities and government departments really have known about UFOs been real for a long time since disclosure earlier this year (2019).


ALARMING video footage has captured the moment a mysterious blacked-out helicopter (appears at 1:03) appeared to pursue a UFO across the south coast of England recorded by a window cleaner.

Window cleaner films drone being followed by mysterious black helicopter over the south coast of England in scenes straight out of the X-Files!

The article states:
Window cleaner Darren Cooper was stood in his garden having a cigarette when he spotted a small dark object zooming across the evening sky.

He grabbed his camera and managed to film the object for a few minutes before it flew off into the distance. But soon after, the dad-of-four was startled when a black helicopter swooped over his house in hot pursuit of the UFO.

It looked like a dark ring then I noticed the helicopter chasing it
UFO after being filtered

The X-Files style scene unfolded over several minutes above a busy estate on the south coast. Window cleaner Darren Cooper was having a cigarette in his garden when he spotted the small dark object zooming across the sky. Just after Mr Cooper recorded the bizarre small dark ring flying through the sky, a black helicopter emerged and followed in hot pursuit as if it was a scene from the X Files?

The small dark ring flies in the distance as the helicopter trails behind In the clip, the small dark ring flies into the distance as the helicopter trails behind several minutes later. The dad-of-four, who lives in Southampton, said:

  • "As I went back into the house to look at the footage, within two minutes the helicopter was above the house so I ran back outside with the camcorder and the chopper was on the same path as the object in the sky. 
  • “Notice in the video the helicopter is turning as if looking for something."

Black helicopters have been commonly spotted in the local areas following UFO sightings in the past. Alien conspiracy theorists suggest the helicopter(s) are part of a covert military force engaged in a secret UFO monitoring program - the basic story of the money-spinning, Men in Black movie franchise.

Mr Cooper, 49, rejects claims that the UFO he filmed was just a balloon or drone. He said: "It's most certainly not a balloon because the wind would have made it act like a balloon and gave it more of a wobble or speed it up or made it move erratically.

"There was no movements like that at all."

He added: "On closer inspection on the PC I noticed that zooming into the object it looks like it has a hole in the centre.

"The same day a friend told me he had also taken a closer look at the video and found strange things hiding in the clouds."

Several UFO sightings of a helicopter chasing a UFO on the south coast of Britain
The chopper chasing a UFO over the UK

So there you go my friends, there's your challenge for today? See what else you can find in the clouds in this video? I'm not saying there is anything there but as you can guess what he just said is quite tantalising to say the least?

What else is in the clouds over the UK? Is the UK and the USA in cahoots with each other and are they both involved in a covert Military operation"? Has it been ongoing for decades as some believe it has?

Another reason why the UK and the USA would never go up against each other in combat is the blunt truth that both of our nations have back engineered technology from downed UFOs and individually we have the power to literally and precisely take each other out in the blink of an eye? Or, is a treaty that would never be broke because we both have a mutual common goal?

I lean towards the latter because the USA knows that the UK is it's spiritual and literal father land. It was a rough childhood "upbringing" but as both countries matured, we or "they" have BOTH seemed to recognised each other's contributions and strengths which now work well together? The US and the UK would never go against each other again, absolutely not!

My point is this;

You will always see the USA's Military in the UK and you will always see British Military, intelligence in the USA. The UK forces don't need to cover the US because that's already taken care of. The UK is a stepping stone in the sense of the UK mainland is strategically placed where a Military presence made up of USA and UK forces would come together and like we have already seen thrive together here.

So when you see a Military blacked out chopper above, it's either the USA or the UK Military chasing off "another" unwanted guest i.e Aliens, Communists or the [Crop Circle] Corp of engineers of the Galactic Federation, lol. So don't be alarmed, the UFO just stepped out from warp speed and was politely asked to f**k off.

That's what I like to think anyways, it makes it a wee bit more interesting?

Here's another recent UFO sighting of a UFO dropping out of a wormhole or time warp?

UFO is filmed dropping out of a wormhole type time warp?
UFO dropping out of a wormhole

Source Darren Cooper.


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  1. i think its not a UFO but a new drone controlled from the helicopter. More stories emerge about the Airforce fighter pilots are experimenting with drones launched from the plane. This is probably a new type. The black colour is in fact due to the light. The weather is very dark so objects are dark too.

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