UFO Hiding In Clouds And A "Strange Entity" In The Clouds Video

The strangest anomalies and UFOs in the clouds around the world.

It looks real, it looks solid and it looks like it is a typical looking Flying Saucer design. The clouds are obstructing the lower half section of this "cloud anomaly" which makes it a lot harder to make a determined decision so we'll have to settle with opinions and that's based on like I say:

Shape is a typical Flying Saucer.
Metallic color.
Hiding behind the clouds.
No noise.
Reflection of the surface light.
Solid looking vehicle.
It looks like it's hiding behind the cloud.

So after making that list which is a gut feelings response list, from a feeling I got when I first saw this video I'm still confidant with my choice. This not only allows me to home in on my gut reactions and get it right or get better at decisions making when it comes to either believing in something which can't be proved either one way or another or just been confidant in the choice I make. There's another weird video of the strangest thing in the clouds at the bottom of this post, check that out, it's very funky.

I'd rather make a decision which will later on be validated but if it can't be validated until we capture an Alien and "it" admits to been here on this day in a Flying Saucer above this specific cloud, then I have to be happy in the choice, which I am. If I can tell you one thing that might help you make similar choices that would be to just believe in yourself and don't waver and have faith.

Clouds over Phoenix, Arizona.

There'll be things pointed out that you didn't see or think about because there might be any number of people seeing this post. But that's a good thing because you can go back, check it out and tweek your "gut feeling response" so that you get it right next and even if it still can't be validated one way or another then so  be it. Your always learning so remember that.

There's been UFOs in the clouds for many, many years just lurking and these images prove it.

UFO in the clouds.

Clouds are a perfect bush )so-to-speak) to hide behind for any passing UFO? If there's any better place than this I think they would of found it and would of been exploiting it, but they havent and they do use these clouds as cover. There's examples after examples everywhere.

The strangest anomalies and UFOs in the clouds around the world.

With anomalies in the clouds on the rise there seems to always be some sort of "rational explanation", but this one is just way out there on a deserted island by itself! It's fantastic. The clouds are moving around from the get go when you start the video (below). It's spooky, it's weird and I really don't know what I'm seeing here in this video? It's got to have an explanation, but what.

The video below is strange:

Seriously there's something in that cloud, there's something that looks like it's wriggling around or trying to free itself from some invisible bond? It's the best way I can describe it to you? You can see it yourself, how do you explain what's happening in the video.

Source UFO Sightings Hotspot.
Source Alien UFO Research.
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Extraterrestrials Are Working In Classified Programs Claims Insider

Insider knowledge of the Aliens that definitely here.

Emery Smith, a former US Air Force Surgical Assistant, has revealed more about his knowledge and face to face interactions with extraterrestrials he encountered while working on classified programs.

He encountered the extraterrestrials at Kirtland Air Force Base, and other classified facilities in New Mexico such as White Sands and Dulce;
along with Denver, Colorado and Charlottesville, Virginia, all of which he has previously discussed on Cosmic Disclosure (Gaia TV).
In the July 10 episode of Cosmic Disclosure, Smith talked about encyclopedic databases with extensive information on different extraterrestrial races he was shown after he began working on the classified programs in 1992 while stationed at Kirtland AFB:

After a few years in the projects and your clearance gets up and you’re getting briefed on different scenarios and different types of extraterrestrials where they’re saying they’re extraterrestrials or beings from other than Earth origin, and also getting access to the most amazing libraries of encyclopedias that they have there it’s all on computer mainframes you get to really understand that we’re just a small, small part of such a wide and vast array of other beings that are spread out through the universe and multiverse.

Smith’s information dovetails with what Corey Goode, another insider discussing classified programs involving extraterrestrial life and technology, says he encountered while working on a U.S. Navy created secret space program. Goode says he was given access to smart glass pads which contained classified encyclopedias on extraterrestrial life and advanced technologies.

Corey Goode on a smart glass computer tablet with Alien archives.

This is a very, small part of a large well researched post on Exopolitics so we suggest that you get your coffee out and a small notebook to take notes as it's a very informative and unbelievably good knowledge read. If your in to the strange, mysterious and Alien plus UFO (possibly real information) then your going to be blown away by this information.

Always stay objective.

There's many theories and many people think it's all a well orchestrated story line by Ufologists and other people "actors" with nefarious reasons nd are been put up to it by agencies threatening their lives because they know how much they can sway the "alternative thinkers" or the paranoid bunch so-to-speak you know, supposedly like me or UFO Sightings Footage as a whole? Plus there's other reasons to throw people off the scents, like money from tech, politics, future dynasties, control and power and security.
People will always believe in and think about Aliens and UFOs, there's just no getting away from that - so they have to steer you the believer (and me) in the direction that they want you to believe in. If your there, well then your not focused on them!
Just don't get your hopes up or get your sights set on Alien disclosure (they've been saying it's coming for decades) yeah, I'm talking about the "public Ufologist figures" they've got books to sell, they've got cards to sign (for a fee of course) they need you to constantly believe Alien disclosure is coming!

They've got a business that depends on it. If you take anything from this information alone, please be objective to everything and everyone - who knows who has been compromised and who is doing it for the money. If you walk blindly down a street your bound to find yourself in a situation that you can't control, what that means is this:

Blindly believing in what sounds plausible to your beliefs, from likable, educated people is a good way of that "someone" controlling you. If your always going to believe in the plausible sounding Alien story or well thought out story that they couldn't possibly know, but they heard it from a whistleblower, then good luck.

If your aware of the reasons why governments and other "hardcore agencies" are actively covering up Alien beings, then you'll know that they are capable of anything at all.

Absolutely anything! Like a long serving celebrity Ufologist delivering disinformation.

Common sense works but sometimes you need more than corroborated evidence from a whistleblower and plausible evidence? Sometimes it needs you to say no way, that's not real and I don't care if the President said so. Why, because "I can't be sure who's telling the truth at all?"

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Oldest Human Fossil Ever Found Is Redrawing The Human Timeline

The lower jaw of the earliest known human fossil ever discovered is rewriting human timelines.

This jawbone, shown steps from the place where it was spotted by Arizona State University grad student Chalachew Seyoum, puts the first members of the human genus Homo in the Afar region of Ethiopia half a million years earlier than previously thought.


The family tree has changed guys, we added a new cousin to the tree of life only a few years ago. I'd like to welcome to the group LD 350-1. Lol. This is an exceptionally special discovery as the last earliest discovery was LL666-1 dated to 2.3 million years ago. It's fascinating because when the timelines keep getting rewritten, we need to really ask the question "what's the deal with these so-called scientific facts"? Mmmh?

Right, so everytime we find another early human fossil it then instantly becomes the earliest known human fossil, fact! But really we should be calling it a "part time fossil fact". Is there a name for that? It's always going to be bested by another even earlier petrified fossil, that's just the way it (the egg and the Chicken scenario) so it's got to be described that way, right? But what, how and where. It might be me nitpicking but please call it something else, just give it a name. My best example is to call it a part timer fossil.

OK, so here's this amazing "human timelines are wrong yet again, post" Check this out:

Discovery pushes back the origin of our genus, Homo, by half a million years.

In a rare congruence of new evidence, two fossil jaws cast a fused beam of light on one of the darkest mysteries in human evolution: the origin of our genus Homo. The two lower jaws one a reconstruction of a pivotal specimen found half a century ago, the other freshly plucked from the badlands of Ethiopia point to East Africa as the birthplace of our evolutionary lineage.

The new Ethiopian fossil, announced online by the journal Science, pushes the arrival of Homo on the East African landscape back almost half a million years, to 2.8 million years ago. The date is tantalizingly close to the last known appearance, around three million years ago, of Australopithecus afarensis, an upright-walking, small-brained species best known from the skeleton called Lucy, believed by many scientists to be the direct ancestor of our genus.

The new jaw, known as LD 350-1, was found in January 2013 just a dozen miles from where Lucy was found in 1974. "This is exciting stuff," says paleoanthropologist Donald Johanson, who discovered Lucy. The Afar, part of the East African Rift Valley, has yielded many other prize fossils of hominin members of the extended human family including the previous earliest known Homo specimen, an upper jaw known as AL 666-1, dated to 2.3 million years ago. (Learn more about Ardi, another human ancestor from the Afar region.)

Map of Africa showing the sites of early human fossil discoveries.


Fossils attributed to Homo in the period two to three million years ago are exceedingly rare. Bill Kimbel, director of the Institute of Human Origins at Arizona State University, in Tempe, who co-led the analysis of the new specimen, once said that "You could put them all into a small shoe box and still have room for a good pair of shoes." Among the features placing the new fossil in that singular shoe box are slim molar teeth; a particular pattern of tooth cusps; and the shape of the bony body of the mandible all traits shared with later Homo. But the front of the jaw sports more primitive morphology, such as a receding chin line, characteristic of A. afarensis. "This narrows the time period in which we can now focus our search for the emergence of the human lineage," says Kimbel, who found the AL 666-1 jaw in 1994. "It's very much a transitional form, as would be expected at that age. The chin looks backwards in time. But the shape of the teeth looks forward."

Kimbel the earliest known fossils of humans.

AL 666-1 image courtesy of Kimbel. The previous earliest known fossil.

East Side Story To the extent that the new jaw underscores an East African origin for the genus Homo, it would seem to confound the argument made by other researchers that the best candidate for our genus immediate ancestor is a South African australopithecine, Australopithecus sediba. The authors of the Science paper point out that the only known specimens of A. sediba are almost a million years younger than the new Homo jaw from Ethiopia that they would have had to have given rise to. Fred Grine of New York's Stony Brook University, however, counters that there may well have been other populations of A. sediba, or something like it, far older. (Learn more about how A. sediba shook up the human family tree.) "The idea that [the new jaw] makes anything else unlikely to be an ancestor is ludicrous," says Grine. "That would pretend that the fossil record is complete. And we know it can't be, since they just discovered something that wasn't there before."

Human timelines and the tree of life.


Guy's the post is long, it's a very, very good read so we've only referenced it a bit so that you can check it out for yourself. There's that much information to take in that you need to be bookmark it on National Geographic. It's by a very reputable source and as we know it's from 2015 you can be assured that the information is correct as they have been updating it as time as gone on. But back in 2015 this was sensational news. This is a refresher for you so that the timelines of your knowledge can be synced and you know you have the right information always. Cheers guys, your always amazing.

Source National Geographic.
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Silver UFO Crashes In Kazakhstan And Locals Try To Open It

Locals in Kazakhstan try to open a hatch on a crashed UFO in a field.

This is the most unusual crashed UFO encounter we've probably ever covered because the locals actually got to it before the authorities and a video leaked from it plus some amazing photographs have leaked from it showing the actual crashed UFO. it's silver in appearance and has a hatch. The video is at the bottom.

Real UFO that crashed in a field is been investigated by the Kazakh locals.

The locals can be seen actually trying to open it. Personally i'd already be inside of it, carting off Aliens for a debriefing but that's just me, lol. When the authorities finally do turn up as you can guess they did - all the telephones, internet and mobile phone signals are all turned off. Yes, the area is on unofficial lockdown but this amazing video made by a local and the images manage to get smuggled out maybe in budgie smugglers. We'll probably never know how it was smuggled out?

So after researching (as I always do) I happened across this epic story which has a ring of truth to it, even though it's the basis for a Hollywood movie. There's an air of "probability" to this because of the events following the crashing of the UFO, plus there's the amazing video. Even though the video could be about anything, it makes me think that this is a genuine UFO - Unidentified Flying Object in the truest sense of the words. Here's the story:

Two glowing balls were seen lighting up the midnight sky over the west of the ex-Soviet republic of Kazakhstan. The eerie UFO crashed near the village of Bostandyk some 1,000ft from the Zhalpakatal-Karasu highway, say police. The object “exploded” on landing - causing local houses to “tremble” and igniting a blaze on the parched steppe destroying bushes and grass covering 100 hectares.

UFO crash site in Kazakhstan videoed and witnessed by a local.

Immediately, mobile communications in the remote area were cut, say frightened locals. Residents rushed to the scene and amid the flames found a silver-coloured object partially buried in the ground. It has a sealed hatch with a protruding valve. Locals evidently tried to open the hatch without success.

A smaller but similar object was nearby. One witness said: “The UFO material does not look like metal. It is soft like fabric.” A law enforcement source said the weird object that fell from the sky was like “a ball that had been welded shut”. The edges of the UFO had melted possible oil entry into the Earth’s atmosphere.

Residents of Karasu village saw the object spinning in the sky with bright lights pulsating before it crash landed. Local woman Assel Mukhambetkaliyeva explained: “This glowing sphere seemed to be spinning around and turning over our village. “Then it fell down somewhere behind the village and exploded. There was a loud rumble. The house trembled. “A large flame and smoke appeared over the place of the fall. We ran out of the house in fright. It's good that no one was hurt.”

The UFO is described as ball-shaped and 10ft in diameter. A second spherical object - smaller in size - was found nearby, according to witnesses. It took firefighters four hours to put out the flames on the burning steppe. Locals have crowded to the scene to inspect the alien object. One theory is that it was a satellite or spacecraft that crashed to earth in spectacular fashion. However, there was no announcement about Russian space launches coinciding with the UFO’s appearance.

There was no immediate official comment from the Kazakh authorities nor from space officials in neighbouring Russia. The first call to police was at 12.07 am local time on Thursday. News about the curious UFO has only just emerged from this remote area of Kazakhstan.

Here's that video which was videoed by the Kazakh locals and posted on Mundo Esoterico y Paranormal:

The story with the video:

Un enorme OVNI con luces pulsantes se estrelló y explotó cerca del pueblo de Bostandyk, al oeste de Kazajstán. Poco después del accidente se cortaron las comunicaciones telefónicas en toda la zona. Al parecer tenía una especie de escotilla sellada con unas válvulas que sobresalían.

Which translates to:

A huge UFO with pulsating lights crashed and exploded near the town of Bostandyk, in western Kazakhstan. Shortly after the accident telephone calls were cut throughout the area. Apparently it had a kind of hatch sealed with protruding valves.

Source Mundo Esoterico y Paranormal YouTube.
Source Mirror.
Source East2west News.

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