NASA Cuts Live Feed When Strange UFO Appears

Triangle UFO turns up near the International Space Station and the TV is turned off, again.

Image Credit/NASA Live TV

So the famous song about Inglewood always up to no good, well change the lyrics to NASA "always" up to no good, in the hood. It's absolutely shocking behavior! They keep on treating space like we are to young to see what's real out there? Or that we can't handle the truth. What we can't really handle to be honest is the damn cover up. We can't handle the lies, the blatant censoring of the "real truth".

So what Aliens exist, and...

Triangle UFO turns up near the International Space Station and the TV is turned off, again.

Image Credit/NASA Live TV

We want to see our universal cousins. We want contact with our Alien brothers. It's that simple and you doctoring the truth just makes you look like an organisation I can't trust. Everytime you censor a UFO near the ISS your just diminishing your legitimacy to call yourself a space authority.

Everytime you "lie" and OMG you've been at it for a long time now. Everytime you lie, you've instantly negated the work you've been tirelessly working on because I'll tell you why. People, schools and universities and science as a whole looks to you for guidance and to tell them the truth. So if you keep the fact that life does exist in the universe away from them well.

All the work they've done is incorrect and you know it. You know that what they've put themselves through for that degree, certificates, qualifications etc and God knows what else in terms of studying, well you've lied to every single one of them.

Here is an image from the NASA live TV feed showing a triangle shape UFO.

They've all been misled.

So you either see yourselves as the gatekeepers and what, they're just working from what is widely accepted? Your cool with that? Knowing you have the truth in your hands that students desperately want to "learn" but failing to pass that knowledge on to the students and people who want to know is a major, major let down on your part NASA. It's wrong, and morally it's bankrupt.

Triangle UFO sighted near the International Space Station but NASA cut live feed.

Source UFO1907 Instagram.
Source NASA Live TV.

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