Life On Mars From Fingers, Helmets And Shoes To Statues

Ancient Mars is giving up it's more significant gems like this statue carved in to the rock face like ancient Egypt.

Above is a carved rock statue of what looks exactly like what we have in Egypt, right? But guys, this is actually on Mars, so what the hell is going on? This is getting strange because researching for this post I've come across stuff that defies all known logic and senses. it can't be that ancient Mars was a human's planet, was it?

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Mars is so mysterious, and you just know deep down that there's something innately wrong with Mars. Like there more to it than what we publicly know? You don't know what it is yet, but you do know that it fascinates you. Did Mars once have life human beings living on its surface, and if that's true, how long ago in the ancient past was it?

Another finger discovered on Mars now it makes it very human like in Mars past.

Seriously, I'm starting to think that ancient humans came from Mars in a spaceship because considering our human history only goes back so many years we could be from Mars.


There are way, way too many human-like "recognisable" items/artefacts/fossils on Mars right now, that it makes sense to say out loud that ancient Mars was our ancient human ancestral home planet. OK, explain these two fingers.

Another finger discovered on Mars now it makes it two.

By the look of some of the Martian artefacts which the Curiosity Rover has discovered, I would say that this total devastation happened way off in the very, very remote past.

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I'm serious about this and to show how serious I am about this, I'm going to now show you just a handful of "items of evidence" or proof (if you like the sound of that instead) which NASA's instruments have detected!

Definite helmet from a war discovered on Mars.

Please be aware that these ancient artefacts are 100% real, no trickery was involved, and I will give you a link to the actual Raw images in NASA's archives - where possible.

Discovery of a shoe on Mars by Scott C Waring.

Link to raw image.

Did Mars have an all-out "global war" that created "armageddon-like conditions" on the red planet and wiped all the Martian inhabitants off the planet?

UFO or Flying Saucer discovered to be crashed on Mars.

I do know that Scott C Waring from UFO Sightings Daily found this in one of his many discoveries of mysterious Martian artefacts. He's got an impressive amount of discoveries under his belt of Martian remnants and ancient petrified fossils.

In the video above we see what an unmistakable human finger is. There is nothing else that this fossil looks like or even comes close to looking like? It certainly doesn't look like a Martian rock.

I bet in all of NASA's wildest dreams they never for one minute thought they'd come across a human-looking finger. But if a full world like Mars did go to war with each other in a nuclear war, then what they went through must have been a catastrophic event.

And they came out looking like an armageddon or "savaged planet" or a Mad Max type of planet. Nothing survived at all. Everything did a Pompei style "turned to ashes" or stone where they stood.

Is that a petrified Frog on Mars that has turned to stone or rock.

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  1. Mars, the last place you'd expect to find anything resembling what a human would make right here on Earth right? Well, that's wrong as these images from the Mars Rover would show us that there are relics, artefacts and even what looks like "fingers" in NASA's own images. I kid you not, these are Mars images and yes I agree if you look at something long enough you'll see what you wanna see but these are as soon as you look at them, they're there. πŸ‘½πŸ›ΈπŸ—ΏπŸ‘ŸπŸ›ΈπŸ‘½

  2. Mars is in--habited almost 4billiom martians reside in the interior,75k yrs ago they lived partially on the surface also, until their Nuc' War with their neighbor the planet phaeton,75k yrs ago was between mars and jupiter,now it's the asteroid belt,nasa will tell you there's not enough debris to be that planet, their agenda, to sell the lie planets a solid their not. Mars took
    2 hits 10times the size of Hiroshima,our view of mars can be seen the 2hits bottom left top right ?? the reptilians claim Phaeton was their home planet only a handful survived,some came to earth, there's not many of them even today there's app 17k martians living on earth
    an just as many earthlings on mars, yet mars is not the place to be for earthlings, because some of their youth are downright, unruly you could wake up in the morning an your head is on a dog or cats body, that's their
    fun! crazy, the sphinx is a mars guessing that elon musk knows mars is inhabitanted,

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