Huge Cube Spaceship Or UFO At The Sun

Huge UFO Cube at the Sun is back and looks like an Earth sized UFO.

Scott C Waring of the "very popular" conspiracy website UFO Sightings Daily is a fellow researcher and has found "yet" another (Borg Cube) UFO at the Sun in this epic NASA SOHO image, how great is this guy!

Amazingly, they're back, to say the least, and the (Cube UFOs) seem to be getting more frequent as time goes by. We are seeing UFOs the likes of which are huge, tremendous in size, appearance, and abilities! They seem to be doing a few things:


Ufonearsun Myunhauzen74 YouTube channel.

The "thing" may just be coming and going through the Sun, refuelling or hiding either just behind it or around the Sun. These are Earth-sized UFOs so the energy needed to manoeuvre it/drive it/fly it - must be epic amounts - also it could be why they might be near the Sun in the first place, using it as a personal refuelling gas station, so you can't blame them for been there as they might need it?

When these UFOs simply disappear, you know where they've gone, don't you? They're going to the sun!

There are actual NASA images showing UFOs going in, refuelling, and coming out of "our" Sun, and it's been going on for a while now. Follow this link to that post.

Cube UFO right next to our Sun is absolutely immense in size.

It seems like the general opinion when we've posted this kind of phenomenon before is that NASA knows what's going on and this is why we've seen a surge in technology to "examine" the Sun.

Huge UFO Cube at the Sun looks like an Earth sized UFO.

NASA has always led the way when creating new ways to examine the Sun or "keep a close eye on the Aliens" coming and going plus refuelling there.

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The suggestion I do like is that because this "Borg Cube UFO" has been seen loitering around the Sun, it could be Nibiru. I'll put a link to Nibiru's Wikipedia page so you can check it out. There are 2 Wiki pages, one for "Nibiru Cataclysm" and "Nibiru just the reference" Wiki page, and check both out.

One suggestion is this could be Nibiru as it keeps on showing up at the Sun.

It's almost as if we've just woken up and are looking out of the window watching the cars go past in both directions on the road.

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Common opinions and theories are this:

That the Sun is a portal or a gateway of some kind, which could be connecting two points of space as one single entrance.

Scott wrote:

I found the same cube UFO near our sun last night. The #UFO is very similar in shape and has a yellowish plume as if it has been using the sun's material as a propulsion of some sort. #The_UFO is the same cube shape and about the size of Earth itself.

Strangely, NASA has not made some kind of announcement about this UFO since every sun camera in the world of astronomy probably caught it. However, SOHO may be one of the few countries with cameras recording the sun since special filters are needed or the camera would be destroyed instantly.

Here is the video Scott made. His research is some of the best I've seen - EVER and I don't say that lightly:

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Date of sighting: Oct 31, 2018.

Location of sighting: Earth's Sun.

Credit: Ufonearsun Myunhauzen74 YouTube channel.

Source: NASA SOHO images.

Source UFO Sightings Daily.

Source NASA SOHO Images.

Source Reference Nibiru Wikipedia.

Source Reference Nibiru Cataclysm Wikipedia.

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