Silver Metallic UFO Or Is It A Jets Jettisoned Gas Tank

Instagram is a modern-day wonderment of the unusual and the bizarre. Here we have a UFO but this one is so strikingly clear and can be made out with such clarity. It's got things going for it and against it been a UFO.

Silver metallic UFO or is it a gas tank.

The Cigar shape leaves us with no doubt at all that this is a "Flying Rod" because of its defining shape. It's the vents on the thing that are giving me pause for thought as I can not explain these at all.

The UFO Cigar "Flying Rod" was uploaded to the Instagram account UFO1907 and has nothing with it but again that doesn't take away from the fact that this is amazing.

It could be a Jet's gas tank been jettisoned from the aircraft maybe as it seems to be falling to the ground but still, why would it have all the slits in its sides? But what about those vents on the thing?

There are some explanations from people commenting on the actual video but it's in Spanish and I don't speak or read Spanish so if you want to check them out that's cool. I'll put a link to the video on Instagram at the bottom of this post in the source link.

The above image is the Flying Rod and the "only real lookalike" Jet fuel tank that I could find online researching it. After thinking more about it, the silver tank (if that's what it is) is not at all aerodynamic. Again, the vents are now making me think this is a UFO.

So is it a fuel tank from the outside of a Jet, well I don't know anymore, it's looking doubtful, especially after trying to find out what it is. I am no closer now - than I was an hour ago to figuring this out. Hopefully, you'll have more luck in figuring this anomaly out, and that's what it is guys, it's a straight-up anomaly.

Source UFO 1907 Instagram.


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  1. its not a UFO Its clearly spinning as its falling to earth gravity is causing its decent

  2. Not long enough film, seems its falling not flying, more of something jetasoned, still good photo catch. Too short for definite description. Nice find.

  3. Its not falling, its levitating, you can see it from the start of the video. And its rotating, is a typical cigar-shaped ship with a gravity anullation propulsion system. From the Saurians.

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