NASA Has Created Real Alien DNA

So, surfing the web looking for Aliens I stumbled upon something that at first glance, I couldn't quite get my head round what was been said, surely this should be on every news outlet from here to Jupiter right?

NASA has created Alien life? Well, if that's not news worthy "grab you by the lapels" and spin you around headlines then nothing is...

Am I reading this right or should I take out my eyes, like in a cartoon and wash them in my mouth?


NASA's only gone and created a strand of Alien DNA- (Deoxyribonucleic acid) don't try to pronounce it as your tongue will fall out.

Mine did.

DNA contains everything your body needs to be, well - you!

Without it you'd be water, all squishy and a puddle on the floor - you get the picture!

DNA is the sacred building blocks for life and it's planning, it's management, it's knowledge, instructions, repair's - basically everything about "structure" planned and arranged to make you, is written in coded DNA sequences.

Also where it is and what it does is all written in your DNA and what goes into a well oiled "finished article i.e you" (so-to-speak) is inside your DNA.

They've gone and played God by artificially recreating a fully sequenced Alien strand, please read on.

They've created a strand of information with God knows what instructions, manipulation and directives loaded into or onto these DNA strands?

Are we looking at the ultimate MK Ultra program.


Who's going to be the lucky recipient of that abomination, I wonder?

The person or "thing" that receives that, is a ticking time bomb. There's no getting around this because scientists are a bloody inquisitive lot and they can't help themselves. You could say the very people that are supposedly there to help mankind are mankind's "downfall"?

These are the Monsanto's of the human variety. They will implant this strand in a volunteer then come along and demand it back.

It's private property.

It's an experiment, not yours. You incubated their experiment here's a restraining order your not allowed to go near it.

That's what happened to that poor farmer who was saddled with Monsanto's abomination on his land.

It will not end well. You already know that it deteriorates after working for a while. That's innate within us all to know that.

It will not be right ethically, morally and certainly from a stand point of who get's to decide it's outcome i.e life, is absolutely not up to us.

It's not up to mankind to choose anything in this realm. It's Gods or natures whichever you believe dictates life beyond reality, and it's theirs alone.

Anyways, here's the story. I think you need to read this guys whether or not you agree with this is neither here nor there.

The Express:
NASA has synthesised an “alien” form of DNA, revolutionising our understanding of what extraterrestrial life may resemble and where it exists.


Deoxyribonucleic acid (means DNA) contains the genetic instructions for all known living things.

  • And scientists at US space agency NASA have created an “alien” form of DNA.

  • This DNA could lead to breakthroughs in understanding what alien life could resemble.

  • The NASA discovery suggests there might be un-imagined forms of DNA - based life, as we know it on Earth.

  • Life is capable of spreading anywhere as this would suggest.

This work will help us to develop effective instruments and experiments to expand the scope of what we look for.
NASA's Lori Glaze

And alien life on other worlds might be built using different molecular systems of the kind the NASA scientists have synthesised, they have suggested.

The new molecular system will allow scientists searching for alien life to re-calibrate what exactly they are actually looking for and where it could exist.

DNA is a complex double helix-shaped molecule stored and then transmitting the genetic information that makes us who we are.

This data is passed from generation to generation in every living thing on Earth, allowing life to continue.

DNA is constructed of four different ingredients, known as nucleotides and are common across all life on our planet.

But DNA could likely vary significantly elsewhere in the universe, the NASA study has shown.

Here's a quick video showing the actual gene sequence they created:

Video source Millie Georgiadis/IU School Of Medicine/NASA/Independent

Imagining forms of life that might use different structures – and developing ways of detecting them – is a central part of NASA’s work.

And this week’s announcement is a huge breakthrough, as the study has created such a molecule.

Lori Glaze, acting director of NASA’s Planetary Science Division said:

“Life detection is an increasingly important goal of NASA’s planetary science missions, and this new work will help us to develop effective instruments and experiments that will expand the scope of what we look for.”

The new research saw scientists create a new kind of molecule system that functions like DNA, but has an important difference.

Instead of DNA’s usual four ingredients, the NASA scientists have created one containing eight.

But why is my question, why specifically 8?

It has all of the four that are found in life on Earth: adenine, cytosine, guanine, and thymine.

NASA scientist have added an extra four synthetic ones, capable of mimicking the structures of the ingredients found in regular DNA.

Capable of mimicking other ingredients, that means it's an intelligent synthetic ingredient! Just what the hell have NASA created here guys?

The NASA researchers call the new creation "hachimoji” DNA – hachi is Japanese for eight, while moji means letter.

Hhachimoji DNA functions the same as our DNA, meeting the same requirements that allow it to store and transmit information.

That has meant that the kinds of molecules that might be storing information in life on alien worlds could be similarly different.

You can read more on this amazing discovery, revelation, breakthrough - abomination or whatever you want to call it on the Express website (source below) which has some really interesting information on this type of crazy experimental behaviour from our so - called respected scientists working out of NASA.

Do you agree with this historic moment in time or do you think it's taken things just a wee bit to far?

Personally I think it's totally irresponsible because of the applications and implications plus the trend this is going to set? It's one step closer to full on cloning. It's one step closer to bending the ethical rules.

I see what these scientists are doing, they're skirting the laws by experimenting "just outside the law" experiments of which have applications which in the wrong hands could be terrible for many people.

The results from this could impact on the natural order of things but not just here on Earth - wherever life will be found.

Forever changing life in it's natural state!

Its kind of like an anticipation kind of thing. Why else would these experiments even be happening?

Why are they pushing the boundaries, envelope on the front lines of what is and isn't acceptable?


Image source Millie Georgiadis/IU School Of Medicine/NASA

Because they (the scientists) know what is coming probably and they want, no need ways to fundamentally control any Alien life if and when (if not already) Aliens present themselves!

And that's for real.

Why else would they be "artificially" experimenting with Alien DNA? How did they choose to call it Alien DNA? In contrast to what, our own?

It's so that they have avenues, choices and answers for when Aliens present themselves.

Is it to ultimately control them or is to finally control us!

If not then how do these scientist's even know that they've got Alien DNA? That's my finishing words on this post as I think it's screwed up big time, there's no going back if this get's into the genes of humans.

Source Express.
Source Independant.
Source NASA.

Strange Asteroid Might Be A Lightsail Of Artificial Origins

In a new study, astronomers from the Harvard Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics say asteroid ‘Oumuamua could be a giant solar sail ‘sent from another civilisation to look for signs of life’.

The study - Could Solar Radiation Pressure Explain Oumuamua’s Peculiar Acceleration - was conducted by Shmuel Bialy, a postdoctoral researcher at the CfA’s Institute for Theory and Computation (ITC) and Professor Abraham Loeb, the director of the ITC, the Frank B. 
Baird Jr. Professor of Science at Harvard University, and the head chair of the Breakthrough Starshot Advisory Committee.


These astronomers have analysed the strange cigar shape of the object, and an unexpected boost in speed and shift in trajectory as it passed through the inner solar system last year.

There's something strange to this that's for sure.

The researchers say the strange acceleration could the the result of solar radiation pushing a giant artificial solar sail.

Lightsails with similar dimensions have been designed and constructed by humans, including the Japanese - designed IKAROS project and the Starshot Initiative with which he is involved.


A sail that was only a fraction of a millimetre thick (0.3-0.9 mm) would be sufficient for a sheet of solid material to survive the journey through the entire galaxy.

But they propose some alternatives to this theory also:

Alternatively, a more exotic scenario is that Oumuamua may be a fully operational probe sent intentionally to Earth vicinity by an alien civilisation,’ they added.

If it is then it's very old.

Another option, which explains the lack of communication, a lack of any kind of signal could mean the giant object is actually an ‘alien shipwreck’.

You can read the whole study here.

Oumuamua (1I/2017 U1) is the first object of interstellar origin observed in the Solar System.


Recently, Micheli et al. (2018) reported that Oumuamua showed deviations from a Keplerian orbit at a high statistical significance.

The observed trajectory is best explained by an excess radial acceleration ∆a ∝ r −2 , where r is the distance of Oumuamua from the Sun.

Such an acceleration is naturally expected for comets, driven by the evaporating material.

Related post:

However, recent observational and theoretical studies imply that Oumuamua is not an active comet.

We explore the possibility that the excess acceleration results from Solar radiation pressure.

This is a great bit of science.

The required mass-to-area ratio is (m/A) ≈ 0.1 g cm−2 . For a thin sheet this requires a thickness of ≈ 0.3−0.9 mm.

We find that although extremely thin, such an object would survive an interstellar travel over Galactic distances of ∼ 5 kpc, withstanding collisions with gas and dust-grains as well as stresses from rotation and tidal forces.

We discuss the possible origins of such an object. Our general results apply to any light probes designed for interstellar travel.

Source Harvard Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics.

Source Shmuel Bialy And Abraham Loeb.

Source Institute for Theory and Computation.

Tall White Aliens Are Controlling America According To Iran

What's it all about this accusation that the US is being controlled by a tall race of White, Space Aliens? Seriously, this was the absolute true accusations been levelled at the US by Iran.

I'm going to dive into the story from 2014 and it's going to sound like I'm trying to get you to believe that the US is being controlled by Aliens from space (where else) but in fact I'm really trying to figure it out as well, with you - together!

Image Credit UFO Sightings Footage/Whatdoesitmean

This is a quote from the Iranian Fars News Agency:

Documents leaked by NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden (where else) conclusively prove that the United States has been ruled by a race of tall, white space aliens who also assisted the rise of Nazi Germany in the 1930's.

Image credit/UFO Sightings Footage/Farsnews
These revelations about our alien overlords might not cost you any sleep.

Related post:

But the part that should concern you "a tad bit more" is that the UFO story was just published by the Fars News Agency, the English-language news service of Iran, a nation that may be very close to acquiring nuclear weapons.

This being a crazy conspiracy theory, naturally the Russians are behind it.

The alleged alien invasion was revealed in an alleged report by Russia's FSB spy agency, which found "incontrovertible proof' that an 'alien/extraterrestrial intelligence agenda' is driving U.S. domestic and international policy, and has been doing so since at least 1945," said the Iranian news service.

Snowden, who has been given asylum in Russia, leaked documents that a race of extraterrestrial "tall whites" arrived on Earth, helped Nazi Germany build a fleet of advanced submarines in the 1930's, and then met in 1954 with President Dwight Eisenhower "where the 'secret regime' currently ruling over America was established."

"Most disturbingly, this FSB report warns, is that the 'Tall White' agenda being implemented by the 'secret regime' ruling the United States calls for the creation of a global electronic surveillance system meant to hide all true information about their presence here on earth as they enter into what one of Snowden’s documents calls the 'final phase' of their end plan for total assimilation and world rule."

Any good conspiracy theory needs a patina of truth, a bit of intellectual cover to camouflage the craziness.

In this case, the - Fars story cites Paul Hellyer, the 1960's Canadian defence minister who is now a fervent UFO activist.

Here is a bit of what I believe in:

Apparently some news agencies and conspiracy theorists latch on to the ex-Canadian ministers beliefs and opinions when they are trying to give credibility their "stories"?

Personally I don't think this is a good thing as the evidence should always speak for itself and in this case it's the Edward Snowden leaked UFO documents.

These leaked documents were enough for him to be publicly named near enough immediately and Senators in the US was actually going on TV saying that he should be assassinated, executed and that the damage he's done is incalculable, unprecedented and will take decades to heal!

Image credit/UFO Sightings Footage/Whatdoesitmean

If this isn't enough, to tell you that what Edward Snowden leaked is the truth, then nothing will. well.

If any of the leaked documents are a hoax then all of it is a hoax, we can't choose or pick what we want, right?

We have to take it as all being the truth, until something from these leaked documents are proved without a shadow of a doubt to be a hoax by Snowden or a third party acting in collusion with him - well, until then i'm going to believe it.

Source Farsnews.
Source Forbes.
Source Whatdoesitmean.
Source Reference The Guardian.

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