UFO Sighting From 2014 Ignored

This UFO sighting happened in 2014 and it's been ignored since. Okay I get it that it looks like a hoax but still it needs looking into and remembered at least?

Sometimes the best UFO incidents are seen for a week or two then forgotten, right. That's how it is. Let's try to keep this one from fading into obscurity.

Real UFO event without much information to go on.

Image credit Thirdphaseofmoon.

There's no evidence and apparently it was taken down from the original source before the people at Thirdphaseofmoon even had a chance to post it to their YouTube channel which is strange (see YouTube video description). The video was sent into Thirdphaseofmoon Blake Cousins.

Information is scarce on this UFO video.

Image credit Thirdphaseofmoon.

But the information together with the fact it was taken down from the original source means we need to keep remembering it at least. Who knows why it was taken down? That might not even be true, it might be a true UFO video or it could be absolutely anything come to think about it and it might of been faked in Photoshop. I'm looking at it again and I'm thinking it might be an actual drone?

We just don't know, there's no way of knowing! That's why we should keep an eye out for it.

Here's the video:

Do you think that because a UFO looks really, really bizarre it's grounds for dismissal outright?

I asked that because there's a tenancy for more defined, detailed looking UFOs to be dismissed and that's just because they look like what a Alien spaceship would look like.

Basically the more Alien a UFO looks then the more likely it's going to be ignored, laughed at or even made fun of. That's interesting because this would be excellent for Governments as they don't need to do any disinformation, lies or tell the public not to believe it. The public it seems is doing that for free.

Anyway, I came across this 140 years old photo of a UFO that I think looks very similar to the one recently (relatively modern compared to the one and a half century UFO) what do you think about the similarities?

This is a 140 year old UFO photo.

Image credit Google Search.

It's a long shot but it's definitely got a very similar look and feel don't you agree? There's something strange going on with both UFOs that I can't quite put my finger on but I get the impression that they're real.

Source Google Search.

Source Thirdphaseofmoon.

Spaceship Caught on Camera By Accident

This is the UFO I've been wanting to see probably since I started endlessly searching for "that bit of real evidence".

Excellent UFO Spaceship filmed in 2016 over Clarenville, NL, Canada. This will blow your mind. There's only one photo.

Canada UFO Spaceship UFO over Clarenville.

Image credit Salt Wire/Chad Haines

I mean look at it, look at that UFO Craft or spaceship "whatever" you want to call it and you tell me that it's a fake. That the person who filmed it is pulling all our big hairy legs!

The UFO Craft flying over the over Canadian lake looked like the Star Trek Enterprise, according to onlookers and you've gotta admit that it really does have a look and presence of the Star Trek Spaceship, right? It's made a non believer into a believer which is awesome.

Here's a few lines from the Salt Wire website post, link is at the bottom of the page;

While deleting some images off his camera this past week to make space in preparation for Christmas morning, Haines stumbled upon some photos he took the night of Feb. 23, 2016, from his Bayview Road home.

A great photo of the Canadian UFO Craft.

Image credit Chad Haines

Reviewing the photos once more, he still couldn’t find a rational explanation for what he saw in the sky.

Here's my thoughts on this...

Not everyone who is filming UFOs are lying you know, that just can't be true. I'll be the first person to say that it's a possible fake, if I really thought it was a fake. But I've learnt to give people a chance, to allow people to produce their evidence and to allow us the public the privilege of seeing it.

Why the hell do I want to call someone or anyone who puts forth evidence a liar. That's upside down, especially as it would never, never bring anyone to our groups or pages ever again. Also it's frigging rude, right.

So, that being said I have to say that it's about time that we had a decent piece of UFO footage shared with us. Sometimes in the Facebook groups people can be brutal, nasty and annoying. Please, if you don't believe a UFO photo/video is real and you don't have anything good to say about it, don't comment on it with horrible comments.

Because we need people to post their UFO sightings. We need non believers becoming believers, and we definitely need our groups to be a safe place for people to feel comfortable enough to post their evidence.

I saw this spaceship, craft and I thought wow. That just might be a real UFO. I'm thinking this because who in the right mind would want to spend ages probably, preparing a UFO type craft thing on a string or whatever it is that they used lol. It doesn't make sense to me because what the hell is there to gain by it?

A new Mustang, Ferrari, Rolex. Exactly, there is nothing to gain except for... I can't even think of anything to gain can you?

Let's just read the story, look at the image and add it to stack of possibilities that we store in the mind. Add it to the pile of maybes, the omg pile of UFO evidence which is getting so stupid and big that it's now the other way round.

People used to laugh at UFO believers, but now people laugh at the non believers which took decades to get to the point where at.

Source Express.

Source Salt Wire.

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