2 Moving Objects on The Moon With Clear Track's

Proving that there's not one but two crafts on the Moon is like trying to prove that the Moon landing was a hoax it's pretty much based on opinions.

Rocks walking across the Moon leaving tracks.

Okay, it's only my opinion that these are crafts or more likely vehicles on the Lunar surface leaving tracks. We have a Tesla floating around space so yes anything is possible. I get that there's no proof of such things existing outside of the Earth but in my defense - they do look like they've been walking, shuffling, or like the robots on Earth they could be advanced mechanical units used by unknown beings on the Moon.

Death Valley rocks move because of the wind, rain, and weather phenomena. But there's no atmosphere on the Moon.

Seriously, don't laugh because we've got an electric car on the Moon and a helicopter on Mars so a machine on the Moon doesn't mean it's mind-blowing because of the strange accomplishments we have achieved in space already. So to laugh at what I just wrote is very short-sighted. It does sound bizarre I agree but we (NASA) put astronauts on the Moon "and they were doing doughnuts" in the craters and the astronauts played a game of golf on the Moon that's a fact! See this CNN post.

Also, these astronauts were been watched by real Alien beings from the other side of the crater! They had UFOs with them so technically they were Alien spaceships as we know they belong to the Aliens so that makes them known.

That's the astronaut's own words!

See, I know that some of you reading this are laughing at the idea that Aliens have vehicles on the Moon - but so do we.

Here's a great video with a good argument.

This is exactly why I no longer laugh at the bizarre opinions from people regarding anything unusual because of what's going on in the world, on the Moon, and on Mars.

Check out my YouTube channel.

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I recently wrote a post (link) about a definite base on Mars with a video I did and I zoomed in on what can only be described as a base. Everyone who read that post and saw the pictures and the video has said that it's a possible Alien base. They agreed that it was not a natural formation.

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They could be traveling on the Moon any of the following:

  • Alien crafts/vehicles
  • Autonomous vehicles
  • R/C sensors
  • Edible rocks
  • Asteroids
  • Crashed satellites/drones
  • Beckham free kick
  • Apollo Moon mission secret vehicle's
  • Alien creatures
  • Moon rocks

But yet they are both in the official NASA archives for all the world to see and judge for themselves. I'm not convinced that these are space rocks that fell onto the Moon because rocks don't walk or come up and out of craters. It's not the Moon Rover leaving tracks.

These are most certainly not anything attributed to the Moon landings or the landing of any space agency's probes.

Below is a zoom-in on the structure or craft that has left tracks in the Lunar dust.

Craft on the Moon leaves tracks in the Lunar dust.

Image credit NASA.

It's not rogue Earth satellites that crashed onto the surface of the Moon or even other Governments that have put people on the Moon.

There are two photos here but they are not put together properly as ones higher than the other so we don't see the tracks behind this other craft. They are misaligned but it shows yet another example of something moving under its steam so-to-speak on the Lunar surface.

Two photos from the Moon put together wrong shows another craft leaving tracks in the Lunar dust.

Image credit NASA.

That's only been achieved by the US Government and NASA.

So what the hell is this "Moon duo" up to as you and I can see, they're turning left and turning right, walking into big, dark crater shadows. They've come walking up and over the lip of the nearest crater to the North of the largest "tower" and stopped still.

Going into craters could be because they are robots going between bases on the Moon. There are bases on the Moon and these would need to send physical things between themselves, right?

Also and as far as we can tell they aren't still. Like staying in the same position and not moving. How long they've been like that just posing away, is anyone's guess.

Sure all of that is speculative and without anything like evidence or data retrieved by anyone. What it is, is based on what I know from research and information gathering.

Here's an amazing website with epic information on this and other ideas on what is happening here:

The Story According to NASA

Lunar Orbiter 5, Frame 168-H2

Boulder on the Moon

Lunar Orbiter 5 image of a boulder (just right of center) which has rolled and slid down a slope and left a trail on the Moon's surface.

This is within the crater Vitello and demonstrates the small role that such processes, called gravity wasting, have on the lunar surface.

The main source of surface modification on the Moon is meteorite and micrometeorite bombardment.

Location & Time Information

Mission: 5

Site: Vitello (41)

Frame: 168

Date/Time (UT): 1967-08-17 T 04:04:40

Distance/Range (km): 172

Central Latitude/Longitude (deg): -30.54,322.40 Orbit(s): N/A

I love this weird anomaly because even the asteroid theory does not stack up. Look at the shadow of the larger of the two "crafts or vehicles" and you will see that the larger one is a large spire or skyscraper type of shape. It definitely would not roll or walk from side to side etc which blows it out of the water it being a meteorite or asteroid hitting then tumbling across the surface of the Moon. The shadows are probably the key to the whole thing and guys, that shadow looks like it can't of made those tracks, but yet there they are.

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Source NASA, The Living Moon, CNN, UFO Sightings Footage, UFO Madness, ufosfootage.


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