NASA Image Reveals Mysterious UFO Disk on Mars

In a riveting development that has set UFO enthusiasts' pulse racing, a researcher claimed to have discovered a NASA image showcasing an unmistakable UFO disk in plain sight on the Martian surface.

Mars orbiter photographs a Disk half buried on Mars.

The Mars orbiter caught image of a crashed Alien UFO on Mars.

Let's get into it.

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We're going way back to the early 2000s when searching through Mars photos was a chore instead of the latest easy-to-use, voice-controlled keyboards that Iron Man Tony Stark would be happy to use.


Controls like Siri and Cortana are just as helpful when researching Mars photos. Just ask the questions and answers appear as if by some Extraterrestrial magic. I highly recommend this approach to investigate the Martian surface HD quality images from the NASA image archives. Also, use Google Lens to compare every single image online that might look like the one you're researching it's a free and quality tool.

Speculations surrounding this ancient alien craft have ignited curiosity about its origin, longevity, and the possibility of beings still occupying the craft. As we delve into this intriguing discovery, we explore the questions it raises and examine if any search parties have attempted to locate their lost interstellar vessel.

Unveiling the NASA Image:

The researcher recently unearthed a compelling NASA image that raises eyebrows among both sceptics and proponents of extraterrestrial life. In this image, a prominent disk-shaped object is visible against the backdrop of the Martian landscape, suggesting the existence of an ancient alien craft that may have crashed on the planet's surface.

Researcher Jean Ward was reviewing footage from the Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter when he came upon an unusual image at the bottom of the Candor Chasma, a massive canyon in Mars’ Valles Marineris region that is thought to represent the planet’s Grand Canyon. It's around 40-50 feet across. The images were taken by NASA's Mars Orbiter Camera (MOC) aboard the Mars Global Surveyor (MGS) spacecraft launched in 1996. The MOC returned 243,668 images while in orbit around Mars before the loss of the MGS in 2006. We owe a lot to this amazing piece of human technology because it's changed how we see Mars, it's shaped our understanding of Mars and it's changed our future in many different ways. We now have a helicopter on Mars.

Ancient Alien Craft or Mere Illusion?

As we assess the implications of this remarkable discovery, we must consider several possibilities:

1. Ancient Alien Technology:

The presence of this UFO disk leads to tantalizing questions about its origin. Could it be an ancient alien vessel that crash-landed on Mars aeons ago?

The extraordinary longevity of this craft incites speculation about the possibility of it still being occupied by intelligent beings from another world but albeit of the no longer with us kind.

2. Optical Illusion or Natural Formation:

Sceptics propose that this apparent UFO might be an optical illusion or an example of pareidolia, a psychological phenomenon that leads us to interpret random shapes as familiar objects.

It is essential to approach this discovery openly, considering various perspectives before arriving at any conclusions. Unless it's a blatant UFO Disk on Mars.

Seeking Answers and Searching for Clues:

As the excitement surrounding this NASA image intensifies over the years and as more people become aware of it, it is only natural to wonder if any search parties have investigated the origins of this long-lost craft I.e NASA. The researcher's findings may inspire further exploration and scientific inquiry to explore the mysteries hidden within the Martian surface.

Who Could This Ship Belong To?

The catchphrase "Who could this ship belong to?" encapsulates the captivating essence of this discovery. While we can only speculate about the origins and inhabitants of this enigmatic craft, it ignites our collective imagination and encourages us to look beyond the confines of our planet.


The revelation of a NASA image showcasing a distinct and probable UFO disk on Mars opens up a realm of possibilities. Whether a relic of ancient extraterrestrial technology or a mere illusion, this discovery will continue to fuel our curiosity about the cosmos and our place within it. As we eagerly await further investigations and scientific analyses by NASA (lol) we remain captivated by the ongoing search for answers to the age-old question: Are we alone in the universe? My answer is no.


This article is based on the claims of researcher Jean Ward and must be treated as an initial exploration of the subject. It is essential to await potential corroborating evidence or additional scientific findings to validate or challenge these assertions.

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Credit: History Channel YouTube/NASA/UFO Sightings Footage/UFO Sightings/Ufosfootage/Canva.

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