Astronaut's Revelation The Moon Landing Mystery Resurfaces

In a surprising admission, retired NASA astronaut Don Pettit recently stated that NASA no longer possesses the technology to return to the Moon.

Astronaut Apollo Moon discovery.

Pettit's revelation has ignited a heated debate within the scientific community and among conspiracy theorists, raising questions about the Apollo moon landing and the future of space exploration. Did you know that Don Petit filed a patent from space when he created a microgravity coffee cup?

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Let's get into it.


This blog post delves into the controversial statements made by Pettit and explores the implications of his claims.

Don Pettit's Declaration:

During an interview, Don Pettit revealed that NASA lacks the necessary knowledge and technology to venture beyond low Earth orbit because NASA destroyed the technology. This statement is at odds with the legendary Apollo missions that successfully landed astronauts on the Moon in the late 1960s and early 1970s, leaving many puzzled and seeking answers.

New York Times quote:

The Department of Defense confirmed what seekers of extraterrestrial life have long hoped to be true: They’re real.{alertInfo}

I enjoy looking back over previously reported historical events and the day that The New York Times released its best post in my view on UFOs including the above quote. It's referring to the UAP videos that the US Government had just released not long before the quote I've just mentioned. Louis Elizondo released the videos and later the US Government had to acknowledge their existence and explain itself. They exist and they're not man-made and they're not part of another country's advanced aerial technology. Their knowledge (US Government's), influence, power, nosiness and tentacles extend into every single government on the planet!

The Moon Landing Conspiracy:

Pettit's admission has strengthened the arguments of the moon landing conspiracy theorists who believe that the Apollo missions were staged. Sceptics argue that if NASA truly could send humans to the Moon, why haven't we returned in over 50 years? They contend that the absence of subsequent lunar expeditions suggests that the original missions may have been fabricated.

NASA Astronauts and Low Earth Orbit:

Pettit's comments align with remarks made by other NASA astronauts, both past and present, who have expressed their limitations in reaching beyond low Earth orbit. These candid statements from respected individuals raise important questions about technological advancements and whether there have been significant setbacks in space exploration.

The Path Forward:

Pettit's revelation highlights the need for NASA to regain the technological expertise and knowledge required to return to the Moon and expand our presence in space. This realization may catalyze renewed investment in research and development, enabling us to explore new frontiers and further our understanding of the universe like never before and quicker than ever before too.

Addressing the Moon Landing Mystery:

To address the scepticism surrounding the Moon landing, it is crucial to rely on scientific evidence, data, and expert analysis. I can't stress enough how crucial it is to rely on scientific evidence because it's a million times more acceptable as opposed to an opinion a feeling or just a belief. These are all fine, well and good but collecting information on this isn't scientific it's just collecting information from different sources usually preferred information over rational Independent and scientific research.

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Verification of the Apollo missions by various countries, extensive lunar rock samples, and photographic evidence supports the authenticity of these historic achievements over a belief any day I'm afraid. Seriously, I've done a full U-turn on plenty of different things which have all been logged in this awesome blog. I've kept it going a very long time and it's now at number 1 in the UK as per the vote in Feedspot in the niche "UK UFO Blogs."


Don Pettit's admission regarding NASA's inability to return to the Moon has reignited the age-old debate surrounding the moon landing. While it fuels conspiracy theories, scepticism should be met with a scientific approach, focusing on empirical evidence. Whether the revelation will prompt NASA to invest in reinstating the technology and knowledge of lunar exploration remains to be seen. As we ponder our place in the cosmos, it is vital to continue exploring and expanding our knowledge to unlock the mysteries beyond our planet.


This blog post is based on the statements made by Don Pettit and the ongoing discussion surrounding the moon landing. It presents various viewpoints without endorsing any specific theory or conspiracy. As scientific exploration evolves, the truth will continue to unfold.

One thing that Don Petit will be remembered for more than anything else is probably the small fact that he proved how the early particles at the beginning of planets formed and how clumping occurs because the particles don't have enough gravity to attract anything else so clumping occurs creating larger particles kick-starting a planet's beginning see Don Petit' Wikipedia link below. That's like providing God with a blueprint of his work! Amazing.

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Credit: NY Times/NASA/Astronaut Don Petit/UFO Sightings Footage/UFO Sightings/Ufosfootage/Canva.

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