Mysterious Black UFO Spotted Over Miami

In an extraordinary UFO sighting that occurred over Miami, Florida, a black Unidentified Flying Object (UFO) with a large rectangular body has left one eye witness awe-struck.

Rectangle UFO filmed over Miami FL in 2022.

A large black rectangular shape UFO sighting over Florida 2022.

Captured through the lens of a vigilant observer's car camera, this otherworldly encounter took place in the dead of the night in 2022 and that's putting it mildly.

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Let's get into it.


The remarkable "otherworldy" footage, sent to us via Instagram, has catapulted this sighting straight into the ranks of one of the most intriguing sightings in recent living memory.

The Fascinating Encounter:

The witness, who was out driving minding their own business, found themselves driving through Miami when they noticed an unusual object in the night sky. Kind of luminous and imposing, the black UFO stood out against the backdrop of stars. Its rectangular shape defied conventional aircraft designs, leaving the witness perplexed and intrigued. It's hovering in the dead of the night and there's nothing like this in any Air Force inventory at least publicly anyway.

The Phenomenal Footage:

Amidst their astonishment, the witness skillfully wielded their trusty camera phone to capture this extraordinary but creepy event. The video showcases the enigmatic UFO hovering silently through the night sky, gliding with an otherworldly grace. Its solid, black form created a stark contrast with the darkness surrounding it, leaving the observer in awe of this exceptional sight. There's a white light at either end with an orange glare erupting from the mid section of this UFO every now and then.

Possible Explanations:

While the true nature of this UFO remains shrouded in mystery it will probably stay that way until full disclosure, let us explore some theories that may shed light on this otherworldly oddity. Let's speculate that this rectangular UFO could be a top-secret military aircraft, testing advanced technologies far beyond the public's knowledge. We could argue that it's an interdimensional or extraterrestrial craft, a captivating possibility that continues to ignite the public's imagination and rightly or wrongly that thing as it sits there out in the open for all to see it shouldn't be there. It's come from somewhere and it's huge.

The Impact:

Regardless of the origin or purpose of this black rectangular UFO, the footage will spark a wave of excitement and speculation among those intrigued by the mysteries of our vast universe. It genuinely serves as a reminder that the cosmos holds secrets that you and I are yet to be privy too. It's challenging our understanding of what is possible and igniting conversations surrounding alien life is amazing. Because when the radar's sensors was recalibrated and the subsequent UFOs was shot down in February 2023 that let the world know that we're not alone in the universe. Now we know that the Planet Earth is being shared by God knows what! And we're all yet to be allowed in on this even though the jet's videos must still exist?


The sighting of a black UFO with a large rectangular body over Miami has captivated the imaginations of those fortunate enough to witness it. The compelling footage captured during this serendipitous encounter has led us to reflect upon the enigmatic possibilities that lie beyond our own terrestrial existence. While the true nature of this celestial phenomenon remains to be discovered, one thing is certain - this extraordinary event will continue to resonate within the hearts and minds of those deeply fascinated by the mysteries of the universe.

Video description:

This is a great UFO sighting of a creepy looking UFO which was filmed by the eye witness in Miami, FL. It's a really strange looking and unusual UFO that doesn't look like any UFO I've ever seen.

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