UFO Filmed From Car So They Stop To Film It

A UFO sighting happened while a group of friends was out driving home at night as they were on the highway.

Friends are driving when they see a UFO in the sky.

A large white craft with no visible propulsion system was flying as fast as the cars then overtook the cars. The UAP then turned orange and later to a light blue colour.

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Let's get into it.


The friend's stopped their car and got out while they were still filming this object to explain what they'd seen all the while the UFO seemed to have stopped and was hovering above them. The video doesn't seem to be all that much until the realisation that it's flown off with nothing visible to propel it in any way shape or form! More detailed crafts or objects don't even travel that fast.

UAPs and disclosure

It's only the white and silver Orb's (spheres) that have been the only UAPs in all recorded history to be verified as a real phenomenon by any government (that matters) they're verified as existing. UFOs/UAPs are recognised as non-human origin crafts and are coming from unknown origin sources with no visible propulsion systems and that can only mean one thing which is that they're from off-world. The US Government stopped short of saying they're Extraterrestrial craft but reading between the lines and with the knowledge that 3 UAP videos were released...

Yes, the US Government has stopped short of saying directly that it's Alien crafts but what else besides that is there? Non-human origin crafts kind of do what it says on the tin so-to-speak. You'd be stunned if you put the same amount of faith in the Mexican Military statements (on and off the record) because they've left no room for speculation put it that way. They were the first to release UFO videos.

Quote 1:

The Mexican Air Force has released footage of what appear to be unidentified flying objects picked up by an infrared camera as they whizzed around a surveillance plane. May 11 2004.

NBC News 

This all came about a very, very long time ago way before the US Government/US Navy released the 3 UAP videos. How about that!

Government disclosure

And yes it does matter what a Government says on UFOs because hundreds of millions of people rely on what their Government says which is not a bad thing when it matters say like when they release 3 UAP videos. We listen then so why not in other places? Across the world, it's billions of people who all rely on their Government so that's just how important it is that the US Government and the Mexican Government have stood up and been counted and gone against every single administration preceding them. Every Government in history scoffed at UFO sightings and denied everything and some even went out of their way to deny everything and mock it.

Quote 2:

It was so strange that except for us, a few cars were driving by and looking at it, and we were all curious as to what it was. What was that?


In the above video I've added 3 videos altogether showing just 3 hand-picked examples of recently received UFO sightings footage from people around the world on Instagram alone. I am regularly sent ten's of thousands of specifically UFO Orb videos per year and that's just the typical white and silver, sometimes dark coloured Orbs.

I'm regularly sent triangular-shaped UFOs, bizarre-looking UFO footage, mass UFO sightings, formations of crafts, unknown origin objects, cylindrical objects and blurred UFOs. The list is vast and endless. Actual crafts that disappeared on camera as it's been filmed. Also, pilots who swear that reverse-engineered hybrid aerial vehicles are flying among them.

I'm having to put all this information gathered pretty much over 15 year's together just as an overall overview and I'm saying that we are being surveyed. Air Force jets are regularly buzzed and followed, installations are regularly visited, and military personnel from every rank have come forward with their own story. Politicians and NGOs including charity bosses, aerospace engineering CEOs, corporate and Presidents have all had UFO sightings and reported events.

The list I tell you is long, it's eye-opening and it shouldn't be brushed aside.

I've been looking into Ufology, disclosure, UAPs, conspiracies, deep state, specific UFO researchers, early satellites, early human civilizations and anomalies around the world. The changing attitudes and beliefs are happening everywhere.

This is exactly why UFO Sightings Footage has been voted the number 1 UFO blog in the United Kingdom for 3 years running. It gets even better because my second UK UFO blog is now at number 10. Feedspot ranks bloggers, influencers and vloggers in their respective niche categories.

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Link to that list on Feedspot. I'm at number 1 and number 10 and I'm so proud of it. Writing about something that I am passionate about is baring one's soul to the world and that's the truth. This list for me personally validates everything I write about.

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Credit: Danimoam/UFO Sightings Footage/UFO Sightings/Ufosfootage/Canva.

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