Ancient Aliens Must Have Visited Earth (Ancient Egypt) In The Distant Past Here's The Proof (X2 Videos)

If you know me or are aware of my website's or even know of what I post about then you'll already know that I don't believe in coincidences, at all.

There's no such thing as a coincidence because as you'll probably already know, everything happens for a reason, right. So based on that, there can't be a coincidence or a coincidental occurrence.

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Let's just take a deep look into our own timeline and get a shortened version of what is no doubt a long story - a kind of peep into our history "wart's and all". I'm talking about the "hidden in plain sight knowledge" in say for instance ancient Egyptian tombs or found scrolls and religious texts including in carved reliefs in public for everyone to see. They're definitely there, in fact if you Google it you'll find way more than i could ever write about (don't go nowhere lol).

Just like the painting's with UFOs in them and as anyone might think after seeing just a fraction of it everything is all wrong including history that's been taught in schools! But there's just way to many examples for it to be wrong orade up because we're talking about anomalies that spans centuries and centuries.

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Mainstream archaeology discoveries are shown in only one light and guy's we all know that it's not Extraterrestrials or a cover up and we are obviously looking at it wrong! If it cant be explained it will get tucked away in whomevers country that discovered these "anomalies" in their national antiquities museums never to see the light of day again. Let's take the UK for instance, The British Museum. Omg there's apparently over 2 million pieces of antiquities but only a single digits worth of antique or ancient historic pieces are on display at any one time.

We're talking about 2 to 5 percent of their stash is on display and of these 2 million pieces what percentage of it all do you think cannot be explained or hasn't got a back story with it, or it shouldn't even exist but yet there it is? It's not as high as you might think but it's still a lot of pieces from unknown origins, ie it can't be explained or attributed to anyone or any particular peoples, places or time in history?

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Well, for that answer we need to look up how many things are still in situ but shouldn't exist?

The hidden in plain sight anomalies.

Then we can at least say that if there's stuff still in place that shouldn't exist, it stand's to reason that some thing's have been recovered and stashed away, right? Or, they've been recovered and absolutely obliterated and possibly taken apart right back to it's components and if you think that people didn't hide thing's in plain sight back in ancient times just think about the General E. Lee statue with the time capsule directly below it hidden in plain sight. So we definitely know that the people who was in charge in the olden days of "long ago" really did hide who knows what in that particular time capsule. Sure there's an official statement, stating what they want us to know was inside the time capsule but they could say anything. Anyway, let's take a look at this totally unexplainable ancient Egyptian tomb carving of modern day symbols which has been verified as been from King Seti I reign.

Oh believe me this is 100 percent legitimate and real because archaeology expert's have dated it and I suppose we should accept it, you know because it fits the narrative lol:

Helicopter hieroglyphs refer to an Egyptian hieroglyph carving from the Temple of Seti I at Abydos. The "helicopter" image is the result of carved stone being re-used over time. The initial carving was made during the reign of Seti I and translates to "He who repulses the nine enemies of Egypt".


This is a fantastic and amazing real helicopter carving from King Seti's tomb in ancient Egypt.

Credit: Medium Alexander Rose/Unveiled YouTube Channel/Channel 5 YouTube Channel/World History/UFO Sighting's Footage/Ufosfootage/Canva.

I seriously could not believe it when the archaeological expert's actually verified this ancient historic carving after long investigations. But let's not forget about the UFO disclosure in 2017 or should I say UAPs because if we combine all the information of not just a helicopter but a submarine and a modern day Tic Tac UFO, the air ship in the carving, the tank etc then I start to realize that there's a lot to this Earth that we humans are not understanding? There has to be because we're seeing in ancient times technology which hasn't been invented yet but will be. Then there's the US Government admitting to UFOs and supplying not one but three UFO videos. They call it Unidentified Aerial Phenomena but it's UFOs in all but name. All this reality has been done before and of that im convinced. How else do we describe prophecy that has come true, it's a very hard subject to understand?

My thoughts and opinions...

Is our reality like a record on an endless loop  like a heartbeat expanding and contracting or is this just one simulation of many endless best outcome scenarios where absolutely everything is added artificially otherwise it's not a proper simulation, it's just part simulation. Are we all an experiment...

I ask this because it's exactly what is happening with Covid outcomes. Scientist's are running simulations to get closer to the 100 percent vaccination protection and to do that they need AI which is so advanced it's indistinguishable from the real world, just ask Elon. Simulations are running and outcomes are being checked, onto the next one.

Is this life like that of a simulation, I suppose we "should" never know...

Here's a bit more information on the Helicopter carving:

As with all dates in Ancient Egypt, the actual dates of Seti's reign are unclear, and various historians propose different dates, with 1294 BC to 1279 BC[3] and 1290 BC to 1279 BC[4] being the most commonly used by scholars today.


So, as with anything guy's, please let yourself explore and research instead of been told something and believing it. I used to believe that it's a modern day fake but as it turns out when i did my own research it's actually a real carving from King Seti's reign. So it goes to show (for myself at least) that it really does pay to do my own research.

Hidden In plain sight knowledge! Check this out:

The 26,000-Year Astronomical Monument Hidden in Plain Sight

The star map of “Safety Island” has baffled visitors for decades.


I've just got started on hidden in plain sight knowledge and ooparts. That stands for Out Of Place ARTefactS. There's no limit to how many things are hidden in plain sight because we're still finding brand new but ancient buildings for instance in the Amazon, underground in Peru, tombs in Egypt, ancient tunnels in Scotland to Iran. There's out of place artefacts in Kuwait, Sumerians lived in modern day Iraq then there's the ancient Mayans and so on and so on.


The Sumerians gave the world it's very first writing system that literally just came about "overnight" from nowhere! We're talking about a fully fledged writing system with intricate words, phrases, pretty much everything that a sophisticated writing system needs and it evolved just like a modern day writing system. We're constantly adding to our English language. When the ancient cuneiform tablets of Mesopotamia were discovered and deciphered in the late 19th century CE, they would literally transform human understanding of history.

Prior to their discovery, the Bible was considered the oldest and most authoritative book in the world. That shows us just how important it is in the timeline of humanity. But yet cuneiform still appeared from nowhere! Overnight it just was and that is for me, the absolute deal breaker as far as coincidences go. There's no such thing as coincidences only deliberate acts that influence and affect directly and indirectly!

Ancient cuneiform Sumerians writing system.

Cuneiform Writing

Credit: Jan van der Crabben (CC BY-NC-SA)/World History/UFO Sighting's Footage/Ufosfootage/Canva.

I've found a perfect video that explains why it's important to research for your own answers to questions about Extraterrestrial entities and ancient technology. Take the ancient Mayan people with their depiction of a spaceship on a tomb lid. The carving is there, it's ancient but yet it clearly depicts a working spaceship or "UFO". It could only be a literal translation because of the petroglyph system. Depiction of what was actually there, as there is no way that it's a lie or misleading information. They carved what they saw, their calendar, their knowledge of the stars right down to war, religion and even sports.

Here's a couple of fantastic videos with the first directly below showing actual real space artefacts X2 to be precise and that's been proven to have come from outer space that was found in King Tut's tomb. A gift from Extraterrestrial entities or created from a meteorite... The jury is still out on that one.

The second video is about Extraterrestrial entities hidden in plain sight on Earth, please enjoy:

Quick quote of the above YouTube video description:

King Tut's tomb had numerous ancient artefacts inside of it, two of them came from out of space. Architects found that the dagger and Tutankhamun's breastplate inside King Tut's tomb to be remnants of an asteroid that hit Ancient Egypt. Check out Egypt's Unexplained Files to see how Egyptian pharaohs were mummified and preserved for thousands of years.

Here's the second video about Aliens hiding in plain sight here on Earth:

Quick quote of the above YouTube video description:

If you know anyone who would want to see this post I'd really appreciate it if you could share it with them, thank you. I'd really like it if you could share your thoughts on this post and and tell us what you think about the Extraterrestrial species possibly already living here on Earth but hidden in plain sight, cheers.

Did you know...

Having this one fixed point in the sky is the foundation of all celestial navigation.

Credit: NASA/Medium Alexander Rose/UFO Sighting's Footage/Canva.

Long exposure of star trails depicting how all the stars appear to revolve around the earth’s celestial axis, which is currently pointed close to our current North Star - Polaris. Note that when I say that the stars of the night sky “appear to” rotate around Polaris, it is because this apparent rotation is only due to our vantage point on a rotating planet.

(Image courtesy of NASA)

Presently, this center point lies very close to the conveniently bright star Polaris. The reason we have historically paid so much attention to this celestial center, or North Star, is because it is the star that stays put all through the course of the night. Having this one fixed point in the sky is the foundation of all celestial navigation.


Link to original post.

A fixed celestial point of view from Earth Northern Star.

Credit: NASA/Medium Alexander Rose/UFO Sighting's Footage/Canva.

The earth sits at roughly a 23 degree tilt. Axial precession is that tilt slowly wobbling around in a circle, changing what we perceive as the celestial pole or “North Star.” (Image from Wikipedia entry on Axial Precession.)

But that point near Polaris, which we call the North Star, is actually slowly moving and tracing a circle through the night sky. While Polaris is our North Star.


Please could you help share this post with anyone else who has an 8nterest in anomalies and ancient history strange anomalies, cheers. Don't forget to leave your thought's and opinions also, thanks.

Credit: Medium Alexander Rose/Unveiled YouTube Channel/Channel 5 YouTube Channel/World History/UFO Sighting's Footage/Ufosfootage/Canva.

Thing's You Probably Never Knew About Genius Nikola Tesla (video)

Why, oh why was the man who wanted to give free energy to the world ruthlessly shut down and belittled when all he did was give!

The best thing hardly anyone knows about Nikola Tesla (link to Wikipedia) was that he was born during a lightning storm... Eerily coincidental but true.

Anyway, here's my own thought's on Nikola Tesla:

Why did the power's at the time significantly and very deliberately go out of their way to make it impossible for the genius that was Nikola Tesla to give away his own inventions? I know that if your like me, it's horrendous what happened to Mr Tesla and for me to write about it after researching more about his life, it really is heartbreaking. I'm writing about history which I whole heartedly wish wasn't true but it is so, we have to lump it I'm afraid.

Nikola Tesla was a highly intelligent genius who wanted to give free energy to the world.

Credit: Sighting's Footage/Ufosfootage/Canva.

The forces which Nikola was going up against was unnatural and far away from the natural forces which he had single handedly tamed. See, we're talking about human nature, human forces which are manipulated hence why I'm saying that they are unnatural forces. As history teaches us, Nikola Tesla couldn't understand or probably even want to understand the human element of which includes back stabbing, collusion, ridicule and cliches and downright disgusting behavior like bullying and aggressive behavior. If you or anyone whom you know are affected by bullying, I ask you to please tell someone. I've been bullied myself (passively bullied) and I know how hard it can be. The mental strain can take a toll so please don't suffer in silence. If you could help someone who is affected by it, or you need someone to talk to then please ring someone. *I'll put a link at the bottom of this post where you can get help. 🙏👍🏻

Here's my own thought's on Nikola Tesla:

Because it wasn't his (Nikola Tesla's) nature to take advantage of people, he couldn't see it was happening to himself - as he saw the best in people. If we look at it like this as well - he was so far removed from been able to see people's flaws because it was just who he was, it didn't come natural to look for flaws in people so he was alway's going to be taken advantage of just through the cut throat world he was working in! It was so unnatural to him, it's not his fault and in my eyes it only makes him greater in my eyes because he could have got onboard, he could have learned to protect his patents and inventions through aggressive means but he didn't. He chose to stay true to himself and let "them" be damned by their own hands. His consciousness is clear, and the world has come to see it. This is why he's held in such high regards now, this is why people will alway's route for the underdog.

The image below shows us Nikola Tesla's patents. But one of those patents definitely reminds me of the Star Trek spaceship.

One of these patents looks just like a certain Star Trek spaceship.

Credit: Sighting's Footage/Ufosfootage/Canva.

You see, no matter how you look at what happened to the great man himself, his legend only gets better. Year on year new people are learning about him and soon, there will be a statue of him in Washington DC. This is what happens when you research someone with no flaws, in my own opinion he only gave and that's flawless. Okay maybe that's a bit extreme but I truly dislike what people did to him personally and publicly, business wise and as an elderly gentleman living in the Hotel room. When he died the FBI robbed his safes. It was a true miracle that Nikola was able to get a message to his relative and right towards the end of his life and the rest as they say, you'll find in the library under fiction because the FBI won't say what they got and when they do say anything it's about inventions not falling into the enemies hands you know, like death rays and free energy devices. 🤫

Thus the world is spun a yarn, the lines are blurry and it's a case of "the rest being up to you as a person to see it through the eyes of innocence." Because he was totally innocent which showed through all his own inventions, because he was taken advantage of, you'll find Nikola Tesla's story through the eyes of every victim to a bully. Just imagine to live for decades knowing people bullied you, took your inventions, claimed your life's work, denounced you, tore down your biggest invention in such a public way just like they did with his career.

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His free electricity tower was a symbol of hope to everyone living in poverty. It must of been heartbreaking but in my eyes, he made it, not in his own lifetime which is sad but it's the future. He will live on forever at the forefront of the electrical revolution. In cars, in batteries, in free wifi, in charities, in universities, in schools, in start up companies, in space travel. There's a Tesla car in space floating around the universe and that my friend's is the biggest symbol of hope to everyone. Tesla will live on forever, long after the world is gone, there will be a Tesla car in space. You gotta admit, Nikola Tesla has the last laugh on all his bullies and I absolutely respect that.

All the thing's that Nikola Tesla was involved in bringing to life through inventions.

Credit: Sighting's Footage/Ufosfootage/Canva.

Thing's You Probably Never Knew About Genius Nikola Tesla:

1. Tesla was born on July 10, 1856, in the Austrian Empire, now Croatia. He was the fourth of five children. After a checkered academic career in Europe, he worked as a telegraph drafter and electrician before moving to the United States to work for Thomas Edison in 1884.

2. If you couldn’t imagine life without your TV remote, thank Nikola Tesla for making it possible. Tesla invented, predicted or contributed to the development of hundreds of technologies that play big parts in our daily lives - like the remote control, neon light's and fluorescent light's, wireless transmission, computers, smartphones, laser beams, x-rays, robotics and, of course, alternating current, the basis of our present-day electrical system. What a genuine, real life genius.

3. Did you know that Nikola Tesla invented wireless energy transmission? Oh yes he certainly did.

4. It's not only his genius that makes Nikola Tesla remarkable (and a genius he was), he could speak 8 languages fluently, he held about 300 patents, and invented so many things and contributed to so much that it's hard to put a number on it because if you use something that he invented, well it's a case that wothout his work, that particular invention would not work! So yes, there you go. It's definitely a case for the good versus bad or something that significantly raises his status from human being to a... I dare not write it but what I will write is this:

4a. There's a clear case of Nikola Tesla been born to enhance the world. The case is clear that if electricity was free, just electricity alone that the people of Earth would have been raised out of poverty. There's an argument that if electricity was free, people would have limitless energy to build, create, make and sell.

4b. Please, think about poverty stricken land's and imagine how the lives of so many people would have changed and changed for the good. Farming takes energy, creating takes energy, so mankind having free energy would be the human races seeding of this planet and for the greater good.

5. Although he he nearly singlehandedly invented the modern day technology and contributed to countless experiments and technology - did you know that he hardly received any credit which he deserved.

6. He hardly ever took notes or made blueprints of his experiments because he was a synesthete* who visualized and memorized every idea in great detail. His prolonged skull caused allegations of him being an extraterrestrial - prompting phrenologists of his time to investigate the matter. You know what, I never even knew that myself? I didn't know that he was investigated for being an extraterrestrial lol. C'mon, Nikola Tesla was a genius, not an Extraterrestrial. But it definitely gives us a wee bit of phycology as a result...

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If they thought that Nikola Tesla was an Extraterrestrial because of his slight prolonged skull or his extremely high IQ intelligence... Then that means a lot of people in the world are Alien's. I'm wondering if this is actually a bit of inside knowledge and the Government knows that "the real Extraterrestrial being's" do have prolonged skulls and have very high IQ's? It's either that or they was going after Nikola Tesla no matter what and this is Government officials, Government agencies but most of all, this is people willing to go after Nikola Tesla and that's where the bullies come into place.

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Using whatever reason and means to mistreat him, belittle him and in the end, break him. This is a shameful grey cloud over mankind's answer (which was Nikola Tesla) to the energy crisis we are all feeling now. If Governments had worked with Nikola instead of encouraging individuals to work against him, encouraging companies and individual entities that could have funded his work for thousands of years, they all chose greed and profits over doing the right thing and as a "thing", it's the saddest thing of all.

It's most certainly the only time that I've heard of an actual "reason for the Government to investigate" so is this a public blunder on the Government and is this why they never individually investigate such claims?

Because if they (the Government) only investigate specific claims or only specific claims like having a prolonged skull with a high IQ, then people might put two and two together and realise the only reason why the Government investigate such claims is because they have secret knowledge and know that Extraterrestrial entities have prolonged skulls with high IQ's.

Here's a fantastic video all about Nikola Tesla which was uploaded to YouTube by Nevo's Fact's:

Guy's, if you know someone who would appreciate this post then please share it with them, thank you so much. Id really appreciate it if you could share your thoughts on Nikola Tesla and leave a comment, cheers.

* Synesthete: A person with synesthesia, a condition in which the normally separate senses are not separate. Sight may mingle with sound, taste with touch, etc. The senses are cross - wired. For example, when a digit - color synesthete sees or just thinks of a number, the number appears with a color film over it.

* Help with bullying, please look up Anti-bullying

Credit: Sighting's Footage/Ufosfootage/Canva.

The Number 1 UFO Sighting That Has Been Verified By The US Government

Yes, the title of this post is absolutely one hundred percent correct and you'll find out why as you read on through this, what I think is a brilliant post.

It's certainly not everyday that we are given anything remotely like real UFO evidence or UFO disclosure by anyone at all. Not even the Government would come forward with evidence or any official body come to think about it and that's been the case for a very long time?

Real ufo sighting from pilot's own jet cameras.

Credit: History Channel YouTube Channel/UFO Sighting's Footage/Ufosfootage/Canva.

2017 came about and absolutely changed that old way of covering up UFO sighting's and much, much more. With all the UFO sighting's and UFO encounters going on and happening on a daily basis around the world, releasing the three UAP videos was in my view a validation of all Ufology researchers efforts. Myself and my fellow Ufology colleagues involved in bringing you, the public the UFO encounters as they happen and as they did happen a short time ago and a long time ago - have all been vindicated and worth while.

We've had our beliefs in UFO encounters tested in the past and now we know that UFOs have been real all along, how do you feel about that? The power's that be have been deliberately testing our resolve but it's all for nothing on their part because we all stood firm. UFOs have been buzzing around the world for centuries and that's no joke, just because we got UFO disclosure in 2017, as far as I know UFO activity goes back a long, long time. Now we know that unknown aerial vehicles are operating in the world right now, we should be aware that this technology is so advanced and therefore the time line for the species whom created this mess, could be one thousand years ahead of our own time line or maybe even two thousand years ahead of our own time line, technology wise... It definitely gives me pause for thought and that's out of concern.

A picture of the UFO sighting from pilot's jet

Credit: History Channel YouTube Channel/UFO Sighting's Footage/Ufosfootage/Canva.

Here's the epic video that was uploaded to YouTube by History:

Thanks for checking this post out, and if you know someone who would appreciate it could you send them a link, cheers. Also if you want to leave your thought's and opinions on this post, then I'd really appreciate it and again, cheers for that.

Here's my own thought's and opinions on the state of Ufology, the origins, the time line of UFOs and basically this is kind of an overall thought bubble of mine where I can just be me.

Below I'm going to be writing about UFOs and the history of a struggle with the power's that be and the people who have tried to bring it to our attention. History, (before modern day understanding) just how did people write about something that they didn't even have a word for because that's gotta be one of the hardest things to do? Unless painting's and etches was something that was utilized maybe like this "Glorification of the Eucharist":

The celestial body of Disputa is often mistaken for the Sputnik satellite as they look very similar.

I mean c'mon, why has the celestial sphere body of Disputa got two aerials on it! Seriously, this is hundreds of years old circa 1600. What's the camera lens on the side for? This was painted in (1568–1613) so what the heck is going on! And then there's this one called "Madonna with Saint Giovannino" (15th Century):

Madonna with Saint Giovannino" (15th Century).

I mean, this does it ever get any better than the message that's definitely being conveyed to us all. The person in the painting is looking at the UFO (above).

Seriously, there's a lot more than what I have just put in this post. There's a whole plethora of real "tangible evidence" because it's a painting, in my eyes it ten times better than a written letter because we're seeing what he the painter or the person who is telling the painter what to paint?

The history of the world is written down in a totally different way than what we all see today. We have to date 171,476 thousand words in the English language. So yes, we can definitely If we go back through the historical book's we see (like all thing's) a lineage pattern emerging from the books.

Word's start to change from olden days of long ago and as we head on down to modern time's the phrases change, the sentences change and the modern word's start coming through. So, it's a case of knowledge versus understanding which is absolutely the most important thing that you and me need to make sense of what people was writing about and referencing and alluding to. Because let's just put ourselves in the shoes of an ancient farmer who's just seen a UFO?

Firstly, there's no word or word's to describe or reference to, about what he's just seen!

How the heck is he going to write about it so that people can understand what it was, that he saw? This is something that I have been trying to understand myself and so I can research more and more than I ever expected to.

Please could you share this post, cheers.

Credit: History Channel YouTube Channel/UFO Sighting's Footage/Ufosfootage/Canva.

Flying Saucer Passing 3 Military Jet's How Did It Get So Close

A Flying Saucer type of UFO is literally caught on camera from one of the jet's passing by three military Jet's.

These three military Jet's are flying in formation and low and behold a bonafide real UFO encounter takes place but it's so close to these Jets that the pilot's could have probably put out their hands and touched this unknown aerial object.

It's actually a bit ironic because of the recently released "multiple UAP videos" where military pilot's flying exceptionally good fighter Jet's videod many Tic Tac shaped UFO vehicles but the Government won't call it a UFO but instead will only call them Unidentified Aerial Phenomena or UAP.

Formation of jet's flying around the sky with a silver UFO passing them by.

Credit: UFO News YouTube Channel/UFO Sighting's Footage/Ufosfootage/Canva.

UFO Sighting's Footage support's and recognizes the aspirations and optimism that the future holds for the people of Ukraine before this horrendous war started. Nothing has changed in this respect because dream's cannot be waged against no matter what the decrepit lonely figure behind the terror thinks! Freedom is freedom, to wage war against freedom is a futile, irresponsible and pointless excercise because it's an idea.

Right, as far as UFOs go this one is puzzling "but only to an extent" because somehow I can't help but think that the pilot's should have seen it coming long before it came along side their jet's and it came from the front of the jet's where the pilot's should have seen it - it's even more blatant wouldn't you say so... Of course there's going to be unanswered questions about this particular UFO or Flying Saucer as it's the nature of the besst ie the Military world. Keeping stum (quiet) about any aerial objects that fighter pilots encounter on a regular basis and what these Navy pilots see is part of the course.

It's part and parcel, or at least it used to be standard practice to literally sweep everything right under the carpet. It used to be a secretive underworld with shadow figures and men in black (it's been proven). Mysterious and official looking men used to force people to sign non-disclosure contracts and gagging orders. Some people used to refuse (as per their right) but they were alway's threatened in the end and then they'd vanish.

Huge close up of the UFO sighting passing by 3 fighter Jet's.

Credit: UFO News YouTube Channel/UFO Sighting's Footage/Ufosfootage/Canva.

Here's the epic proof of the UFO encounter which absolutely took the pilot's by surprise! The Flying Saucer or UFO if you want to call it that, it was able to get so close to the jet's which is totally unacceptable! I can't even begin to explain what the implications of letting a "unknown object" surprise you in this way? It's a very serious mistake on the pilot's end because if this UFO did show up on the jet's radar, scanning equipment, cameras etc and the pilot didn't see it or even if it was just a genuine mistake, omg he or she's getting in trouble big time.

For the pilot's sake, let's just hope that the UFO didn't show up on any of the jet's instruments?

Snapshot of the silver UFO as seen from 3 fighter pilots encounter with the UFO coming so close to the jet's.

Credit: UFO News YouTube Channel/UFO Sighting's Footage/Ufosfootage/Canva.

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UFO Wiped Out Under The Guise Of Missile Interception

I blooming hate bringing stuff like the consequences of war into my Ufology platform. But guy's this is such a terrible, terrible situation and if I can help no mattter how little it is (I'm not worthy to ask for help on behalf of the proud Ukraine people) but I do have a fantastic and amazing readership so . please this is humanitarian aid, if you can help in your own way, like housing a Ukrainian refugee if you can help no mattter how little or as much, please do so in your own way. Im not going to choose for you but I will recommend, do your own thing and please check before you help, about what's right for you.

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I've just found a London based Polish clothes donation charity called White Eagles Club which is Britain's Polish communities that have come together and are accepting clothes:

The White Eagle Club on Balham High Road in London is one leading the campaign, asking for more donations to sort and ship over this March. They’re particularly asking for food: tinned, canned and instant packets of pot noodles and powdered soup. Plus sanitary supplies and baby equipment like diapers and bottles. Here's the link to the post.

I recommend "donating clothes or food" if you can. Due diligence is encouraged when donating, be aware and please double check until you are comfortable with doing so. Food and or clothes is my recommendation. Stuff that refugees need and can actually use straight away. Thank you so much and remember, it's nice to be nice.

UFO Sighting's Footage freedom for Ukraine now.

Credit: UFO Sighting's Footage/Canva.

Yeah rubbish to call it a uap and because they're called that, it went right over people's heads. The reason why the UAP videos where black and white is because it's been filmed in "Flir" or Forward Looking Infrared cameras which results in a black and white picture.

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The UFO sighting happened over the US somewhere and the reason why we don't have any exact location is because this was leaked. I'm personally just glad we've got the video in the first place. But the who, what, where and when to be honest it really does not matter because we have the video and thats all that counts.

There's a lot of UFO sighting's which have been reported over the years by pilot's and all to often (if not all the time) it's been covered up by the Government officials and pilot's "asked" to sign a non-disclosure contract. A silencing kind of gagging order which is wrong in my view because it's something that people need to be aware of. This Flying Saucer type UFO was able to get so close to the fighter Jet's but could you imagine if it was the White House?

Here's the epic video that was uploaded to YouTube by UFO News:

If you know anyone who would appreciate this post please can you share this post with them. Id also really appreciate it if you would leave us a message or your opinions, cheers.

Credit: UFO News YouTube Channel/UFO Sighting's Footage/Ufosfootage/Canva.

Unknown Strange Object Falls From The Sky And Is Still Hot

Okay, it definitely fell from the sky, people actually saw it fall and it created a two foot wide crater but it doesn't look like a meteorite but instead it looks like a UFO.

How people in India actually saw this "unknown object" falling from the sky in broad daylight I'll never know but it definitely happened one hundred percent.

That doesn't look like a meteorite it's a UFO for sure.

Credit: IndiaToday/Geological Survey of India/UFO Sighting's Footage/Ufosfootage/Canva.

Personally though I've never seen a mystery object fall from the sky but if I dod see one, it most certainly wouldn't look like this one. We can't argue that they didn't witness it because the video below shows us that they did witness it. So, they did see it and was running upon it straight away which suggests that they could see it even in daylight. To me, this looks like a metallic UFO in fact it looks like n interlocking piece of unknown object.

As you can see this unknown object that fell to the ground in India is not a meteorite it's a UFO.

Credit: Geological Survey of India/UFO Sighting's Footage/Ufosfootage/Canva.

This strange looking object is now in the hand's of the Geological Survey of India for examination. It fell to the world on the morning of Friday June 19th 2020 and reports are saying that it was really hot and definitely was to hot to touch.

Here's the epic proof that a UFO fell from the sky in India.

Credit: Geological Survey of India/UFO Sighting's Footage/Ufosfootage/Canva.

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Here's a quick quote from India Today News Agency:

A meteorite-like object fell from the sky in Rajasthan's Sanchore town on Friday morning. The object resulted in a one-foot-deep crater and created an explosive sound that was heard up to two kilometers away. The unidentified object is currently with the police and under investigation.

According to locals, an explosive sound was heard when the object fell from the sky. The fall and the sound resulted in panic in the area.

The object was emitting heat even three hours after it crashed leading many to believe it may explode. As a result, the administration advised locals to stay away. After it cooled down, it was put in a jar. According to the police, the object will be investigated by experts.


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Guy's, this does not look like a meteorite! In fact it's extremely unlikely that this is a meteorite just because of how it looks. Okay I'm not an expert in "greyish blue bits of what looks like metallic piece's of a UFO" but I'm definitely an expert in seeing thing's and giving my opinion! I'm pretty sure that everyone has an opinion on most thing's, so that's why I'm opening this up to you guy's. Because like, you can tell the difference between a meteorite and an unknown object?

Me, I've got an understanding in what's probably a lie or a fake or just totally misunderstood and labelled wrong. I come across a lot of misunderstood anomalies but not that it's intentionally put across as a UFO but rather it's just misunderstood.

But this, this is so strange, there's strange unusual markings on the metallic outer surface of the object which do not conform to what a meteorite looks like. Don't forget that meteorites have to go through our atmosphere and they get burnt up upon entry. This has no heat mark's, there's no black burn scorch mark's and it's entirely one metallic greyish blue color. That's why I am confident in saying that it is not a meteorite. It's an object and it fell to the ground and it's still hot. Guy's, it really is what it is... Right.

Quick quote:

Mangal Singh, Information Bureau Inspector, Jalore district, said, "After we received information about the unidentified object, department officials reached the spot. The unidentified object was found to be three kilometers heavy and was very hot. Investigation is underway.”

Here's a fantastic image of the UFO or meteorite, you can decide what you think it is but I'm still going to give you my opinion which is based on my past learned knowledge of meteorites and how they look, and how I know that UFOs can and have fallen to the ground before. Usually an extraction team moves in to retrieve it though. Okay, I hear you saying "but it's not that big"...

How big is a UFO?

The people of India was touching it, they we're talking about it, taking selfies with it, people was wanting to take it away and yet they couldn't because it was so hot. That's a good thing that they couldn't take it away because now it will not end up on the black market! It's in the hands of an official body.

But it's not looking like a meteorite, it's not burnt, it's not black like it should be. It's a silver lead color. What's going on with this so-called meteorite?

To me, this could be a UFO and it's not just me who's thinking it because a lot of people out there that are seeing it, they're looking at it and saying the exact same thing. It could be a UFO!

Here's the epic video that shows us something that quite possibly could be from out of this world:

If you know someone who would like to read and watch this video, I'd appreciate it if you could share this post with anyone whom will like it. I'd really appreciate it if you could leave your thought's and opinions on this post, cheers.

Credit: IndiaToday/Geological Survey of India/UFO Sighting's Footage/Ufosfootage/Canva.

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