NASA Shuts Down ISS Feed After Massive UFO Appears

Huge UFO actually starts to uncloak itself right next to the International Space Station.

NASA, once again and "frustratingly for us" shuts down it's live feed of the International Space Station, just because a huge UFO starts to appear as if out of nowhere. Let us see it aswell and stop hogging the history making events! We all paid for it, it's BY RIGHTS OURS!

The public paid for every part of NASA including that very camera plus the ISS, rockets and the satellites.

Do we always have to remind you that "your a servant to the people". If you want to hog it all, go private!

This event belongs to the world, not just NASA!

Image just as the huge UFO at the ISS starts to uncloak itself.

This UFO is massive and I can't stress that enough to you, it's been described as if it's towering over the Earth like a Darth Vader Death Star or some strange space penthouse with a balcony where you can just gaze out over the Earth.

That's how big this thing is. It is a blue - ish colour which literally just starts to appear out of nothing. It's a gradual event which sees the blue like object start to appear with what can only be described as a plasma like gas surrounding this thing? It's shape is like a half Moon or crescent shape and it has hard lines to it not just a curve.

This is the UFO at the ISS right before the screen is switched off.

This suggests at least to me that this is an intelligently made craft?

I say craft because it's in space and to be there, with a made object means only one thing as far as I can tell and that it's a vehicle or craft? It's not one of ours (at least I don't think it is - we're not supposed to have this technology yet) and what it has done is uncloak itself near the ISS.

Below is the amazing video of the UFO:

Therefor I believe that this is friendly (maybe lol) as the ISS is still here which would suggest the meeting went well - otherwise the International Space Station would just be a memory and NASA would be telling everyone that a meteor or comet strike or even a man made accident happened? Anything but the truth!

Why the hell does NASA always cut the feed!

Why does NASA cut the feed but let us see a tantalising little bit of the Alien UFO?

Why does NASA think we're stupid and nobody saw the uncloaking and then they cut the feed?

The DailyStar had this to say about the object:

In a video posted online, a mysterious object seems to appear above the planet. The glowing object - which appears blueish in hue with a white centre - can be seen in the background of NASA’s live feed. As the camera zooms in, the alarming size of it becomes clearer as it towers over the planet.

Source Daily Star.
Source Joe Thai YouTube.
Source NASA ISS On UStream.

National Geographic Video, Police Have Confirmed UFO Sighting As Real

Police confirm that a UFO was actually seen and reported because they saw it aswell.

  • Artist's impression of the UFO/Nat Geo

The Police really have confirmed this as a real UFO or Unidentified Flying Object that did happen over Lebanon IL, USA in the good year of 2008. That year was an awesome one.


The Police mocked it at first, then they saw it to.

This is one of them cases where the Police start laughing and mocking something that they don't know and they really don't understand - which as everyone should know that's wrong as it leads to hatred.

It could of been absolutely anything and in this case though, it's a verified UFO.

These images are only a representation of what they saw by a graphics artist who created it based on what the eye witness was saying at the time (like a forensics artist).

That's probably the key to why it is such a detailed craft.

Because it was still fresh in their minds.

Close up of the UFO seen by the Police.

  • Artist's impression of the UFO/Nat Geo

The Police turned up eating doughnuts (stereo typical) lol, but for educational purposes I'll keep it historically as accurate as possible - and what they claimed to of seen was a very big undeniable UFO in front of them!

They probably then threw the doughnut right out of the cruisers window in a classic movie scene style and gave chase.

National Geographic have put their time and effort in to the creation of the video and yes they interviewed the Policemen to get their fresh insights into the UFO sighting and have it down on film for historical purposes.

That's a good idea, it's a possible Alien vehicle here on Earth and guys, it is not asking for "our permission" from the inhabitants of the planet - but instead of getting an okay, they've chosen to be stand offish, sneaky! 

Humans are all to aware of this type of behaviour - it's very blatant and in the humans past, or should I say in our past, that's how wars have broken out!

In fact, wars have started for a lot less than trespassing.

This is the Policeman who actually saw the UFO over Lebanon in the USA.

  • Police Officer who saw the UFO/Nat Geo

Even the Police saw this UFO and they we're mocking it in the beginning. These laughed along and then when confronted with it, well let's just say that it was taken seriously from then on. 

They're there for protection purposes and to serve humans in need. Is this why their training kicked in as they was identifying a genuine threat...

There are many Police forces around the world that have seen UFOs but actually decide to either not report it, cover it up or just bury the files once complete which is in nobodies interest. then there's the obvious interference by the Men In Black.

September 16, 2008: At first, police mocked the 911 call about the UFO sighting–but then they saw it too.

  • Eye witness drawing of the UFO over Lebanon IL, USA 2008

That's those who sweep in and confiscate everything and make everyone sign them "non disclosure contracts" or gagging orders if you will.

The UFO was silent and 6 people saw this UFO over southern Illinois.

A part time truck driver and Mini golf owner saw a very bright star in the sky that was moving really slow, no noise and just as if it was floating. He was reluctant to tell people and drove to the Police station and reported it and they all started laughing.

  • Ed Barton was the first Police Officer to see it. 
  • At 4:23 AM another Police Officer saw the UFO over a field.

Thankfully we have at least one Police force willing to go on TV and the record and say they really did see a genuine UFO and guys as you and I know, it only takes one UFO sighting to be real and this very well could be that one...


Source National Geographic YouTube.
Source Reference Latest UFO Sightings.

Plane Passenger Catches UFO And Missile On Camera

UFO and a Jet seen from a passenger plane and filmed.

This video is an historic one because it's caught a UFO streaming past a passenger plane and it's also got a really unusual looking missile or secret type of plane or Jet even, all within the same video just whizzing past a passenger plane like it's normal for this to happen.

The person filming this must of thought he or she'd stepped in to the twilight zone because you shouldn't really be seeing anything like this at all in the air at 30 thousand feet or whatever height it is! It's extremely high because we don't see anything like the ground.

It's either a Jet using secret technology or it's a missile.

Seeing a missile or a secret type of Jet or even a plane being flown is one thing but nobody should expect to see a UFO as well as it's definitely a thing that doesn't exist "officially" no matter which government or authorities you want to ask?

Both the Jet and the UFO seen together in the same video.

There are however really bizarre things that goes on everyday and at any height. Aliens are real, UFOs are real and secret technology test flights always happen. It's just that we've been so lucky to have them all in one video!

Below is the Jet or missile:

Is this a secret Jet or a secret missile test.

Below is the UFO seen from the passenger plane and videoed:

This is definitely an unknown UFO.

We are fortunate that this was filmed right at the correct moment and this has been put in to the history books weather "they the owners of the missile or secret Jet" like it or not, lol?

There are so many unanswered questions about this that makes this one of them more unusual videos. Will we ever get to know exactly what they both are let alone just the UFO? Will we ever have any solid proof like a close up image of the missile or UFO?

This video shows us some really amazing things that haven't been seen before together in one video:

The lack of information is always frustrating but that is exactly how it is in Ufology. It's absolutely an unknown from the first moment and usually to the end. When I say the end what I mean is when you have to go on to the next UFO as there is only so much that can be looked in to on any UFO without confirmation from Aliens.

Even confirmation from NASA or any government is dubious because they must be in direct connection with Aliens for them to say that a UFO is real or not. They can however give confirmation on a secret Jet or missile but we won't get that, will we.

Please leave us a comment on what you think it is, a missile or a Jet and what it all actually is that's going on? There are TR3B's that have been seen all over the world, we've provided the link to that story below. Is there any connection to stealth technology.

Source ufoi73 Instagram.
Source Reference Secret Stealth TR3B Seen All Over The World.

UFO Orb Coming Out Of Spiralling Portal Videoed By Tourists

Swirling portal with a UFO or Light Ball coming out of it.

This is a portal or stargate whatever you want to call it, there's a light Orb or "directed energy ball" that seems to be coming straight out of this "thing" that to me, looks like a portal whirling around in the sky over China?

There's no real other way to describe this other than this is a aerial phenomena going on here and as it's got UFO Orbs that seem to be coming directly out of it - that would suggest it came from somewhere hence I'm calling it a portal.

Below is the ball or energy or UFO Orb flying away from the swirling/spiralling portal.

The ball of energy starts to move away from the portal.

But where it's connected to is anyone's guess? It could be connected to another part of the planet or not on Earth at all.

I totally get how strange this all sounds, but what would you call it other than fake?

What words would you put to this if you was trying to explain this to someone because you love Ufology, UAP or the strange phenomena?

Is it a stargate or is it a portal or is it a totally natural event? Somebody probably knows the answer either way.

Unfortunately there is hardly any information that comes with the video?

But I reckoned that people need to see it all the same and it could be that the person who filmed this wants to remain anonymous like with a lot of UFO type videos people don't want to be ridiculed.

Here we can see the tourists that captured this strange event on camera.

That's the reason why I'm trying to describe this, because I think everything deserves an answer?

If someone is claiming to have caught a strange event on camera at least we can try to look in to it and if it's determined that it's a hoax, well then you've correctly looked in to it and given an answer.

Source ufo_mexico Instagram.

Shape Shifting UFO Flying Over Secured Area

Three UFOs flying in formation over a secured area and turn in to one UFO.

Three UFOs filmed over a secured locked area where flying in tight formation in a synchronized formation even and they did something that I wasn't expecting at all - they all converged in to one UFO. It's a bit bury as the person filming it is outside the secured area and has to zoom in.

They all came together to become one UFO still flying mind you and then the UFO started to flash red. It was a glowing red color.

This is the secured area where the UFOs where flying in formation.

The lack of information with this UFO video suggests to me that the person who filmed this wishes to remain anonymous? That's people's rights, if they want to do so they can do.

The UFOs are white, perfectly timing their flight paths and synchronizing their aerial maneuvers with perfect timing. It's an intelligent display and because the UFOs actually become one UFO this is why I'm posting because there's no drones as yet on the market that turn into one drone in mid flight. The video is probably real and so what is left but to say that this is a UFO?

This where the UFOs turn in to just one UFO.

I don't know if it's Alien in origins, I don't know if this is a part of a secret testing facility of technology at the facility where this was filmed which is still as yet unknown.

I'm posting this to get answers myself.

The UFO after turning in to one UFO then glows red.

A few comments on Instagram have suggested it is a fake but say nothing else to go with it? I think it's because if they can't understand what they're seeing they dismiss it? It could also be that this is all some people can say when they come across something that confuses them?

One person has suggested it's a hologram?

One person wrote something really interesting though:

This is real, I just saw the same 3 in NJ a couple days ago. 2 white and 1 red. I thought they were Christmas lights in the parking lot, I looked back again and realized they started gaining speed and were getting brighter. They went in between cars and just vanished...
The video is a strange one, it definitely has a good feeling to it and has that look of been genuine. It really could be real and it really could have an Alien origins to it, but it could also have an Earthly answer to it and guys I'm just as curious as you. I want answers to the things that I like, it's why I set up my social sites to get answers.

Here is the link to another UFO Mothership post releasing three UFOs we did before.

If you have an answer or an opinion which is more than a one word answer then please leave us a comment, but please no sarcastic comments as it's getting really tedious and yes we are fully aware that it could be a fake so you really don't need to tell everyone, cheers guys.

Source ufo_mexico Instagram

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