Alien Like Worm With Metal Teeth And Venom

Alien like Worm that really does have teeth and will absolutely sink them in to you for no reason.

This is not a prank or a hoax, this is a Blood Worm and it's got metal teeth (copper based) to be exact and they give a mild venom "freebie" whenever they bite a victim.


This is one creature you don't want to have as a pet or come across at the beach. This is the weirdest Alien - like creature that I've ever seen. It definitely reminds me "every single time I see it" of the Alien from the amazing movie called Predator, especially where it shoots out it's mouth to feed or even use it's mouth as a spear to stab it's victim through the head usually!

Capable of delivering a mildly venomous bite to humans, the blood-worm injects its prey with venom using a set of claw - like teeth made from a copper-based mineral, making them extremely hard. But in a horrifying twist, the teeth are located at the end of a proboscis - gross, tubular mouth part fired out from the worm’s head.

This is a bloody Worm! It's a Worm that feeds right, every creature needs to feed but how it feeds is what caught my attention as it has the - Alien and monster, plus horrifying creature vibe going on. It's scary "vibe" (which it has in spades going on for it) is absolutely everyone's worst nightmare - don't you reckon?

The teeth on these Blood Worms are insane which are also copper based teeth.

I don't think it's a Bobbit Worm do you as someone actually suggested that this is what it was, lol?

One person actually said in the comments on Daily star:

"a worm with teeth, that's nuts".

People have been suggesting that this is a Bobbit Worm but it has nothing on it that even comes close or even looks like it - except for it's shape being like a tube.

That's it, the mouth is different and there's no pincers. Just teeth which are metallic in nature! Seriously, metallic teeth in the animal or insect world is extremely strange.

Below is a Bobbit Worm, not the same as in the other video:

This is a Bobbit Worm and not the same as in the video.

When I found out that this is a Blood Worm and yes they do bite, I just had many horrible visions of it biting me on my feet walking on the beach. In fact they will always bite if you handle them without care.

The Blood Worm is actually one of the weirdest and more strangest creatures that I've ever seen as I will always think of the Alien creature from the Predator movies.

Below is a great video of the Blood Worm itself:

So what's your first impressions? Is it that there's a weird canny resemblance to the movie Predator? It has the mouth shooting out down to a Tee. It's cold, creepy, scary and if you haven't realized yet from what I've wrote - I hate creepy crawlies in person! But like this in a video I just squirm, lol.

Please can you share this and we'll get peoples reactions to this freaky looking Worm with teeth, it's got copper based metallic teeth! I don't know about you - but that's a monster where I come from.

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  1. This is an Alien Like Worm with metal teeth and venom, that really is the Alien from Predator the movie, right. It is absolutely terrifying, it scares me for absolute real. This is a monster in every sense of the word. You'll never see anything more scarier on this scale other than maybe a snake? But a snake can't shoot out it's mouth with metal teeth on the end and yes it has venom and sharp teeth, but this is way more stranger and strange is always going to win. 👽🐍👽🐍👽🐍👽

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