Green Eyed Woman Claims To Be Alien Hybrid

The woman who is 6 foot 3 inches tall with blonde hair and green eyes absolutely 100 percent believes that she's an Alien hybrid.

I'm speechless and even perplexed. Yes, I'm perplexed lol that's the first time I've ever said (written) that. If perplexed means confused and taken aback and don't know how to process any given information then I'm perplexed. She's gotta be kidding right?


Rationally thinking about this she wants to tell the world that she's half human and half Alien. If true, then that's not gonna end well for her I assume because it's one thing saying it to a few people. But if you're on TV, in documentaries etc you're gonna get the wrong attention from the wrong acronym agency like the CIA.

Alien Human Hybrid called Lisa believes that she's here for a reason.

Credit: Earth Mystery News/Pinterest/Express Online/UFO Sightings Footage/UFO News/Canva.

I don't understand that bit, unless she wants to be taken away from everything she's ever known and put in some underground bunker or base at Area 51 and probed - then why would she say that? They put things in boxes and they lock the door, then throw away the key. But in this case, it's lock the door and throw away the box!

Alien Hybrid called Lisa has a twin.

Credit: Earth Mystery News/Pinterest/Express Online/UFO Sightings Footage/UFO News/Canva.

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This is why I'm kinda confused because as a human being (lol) it's all about survival instincts and not deliberately putting yourself in harm's way, but this woman seems to be putting two fingers up to the human half of herself and embracing the ET side which I assume is a wee bit anti-authority or simply not bothered about the prospect of what could lay ahead for this poor woman? But that's only if it's true and if the Government was to come knocking, she can't hide?

Do you see where I'm going with that?

If the Government took her seriously, she wouldn't be here right now and I honestly believe that! And, if you look deep into your soul and your knowledge about what the darker side of the Government is known for, you'll realize that what I'm saying is true. They wouldn't, no wait hold on that's wrong, "they couldn't" let an Alien walk about this Earth.

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Having an Alien hybrid or a human hybrid walk about Earth spouting off about her this and she's that etc wouldn't be allowed. That's just my understanding and it's nothing more than an observed opinion so take it for whatever you feel it's worth. Also, it's what she's saying as well which is blooming suspicious and if you've heard it all before, that's because you have. Being a human-alien hybrid is one thing but also being a human-alien hybrid with all this innate knowledge is beyond suspicious, it's beyond a story or a made-up lie. I think it's a delusion and I'll be honest yet again with you, I find it hard to believe based on what I know would happen to her. I also find it hard to believe her knowledge as it sounds like an ulterior motive "to me."

Express Quote:

She is now convinced she was implanted into her mother by aliens after they visited her while she was pregnant.

Her bizarre story was revealed for the first time by UFO researcher Luigi Vendittelli from Montreal, Canada, on the Earth Mystery News YouTube channel.

Mr Vendittelli said that her mother was eight months pregnant and decided to go upstairs into the bedroom to take a break.

The moment she hit the bed she was immediately paralysed and she started seeing this metallic grey object.

Okay, fine. You are a human Alien hybrid, but now that all this information has been attached to it I'm struggling to believe it. It sounds like the God complex, I'm special, I'm the one. I've been entrusted with sacred and "universe-changing" knowledge. It sounds like it's only knowledge for the chosen one. Like, please look at me, only I can save you. Tell your Government that Aliens are blah blah blah.

They call it the God complex. It's a known mental health issue that can and does affect people who absolutely 100 per cent believe in what they're saying. It's sad, it's treatable but it's only treatable if the person is willing.

Seriously, this is also why I have a hard time believing in what she's got to say about these shocking and very bizarre claims and also because of how much the world's media has latched onto it (like they would) and it's probably just because she's got long blonde hair and is 6 foot 3 inches tall? It's got nothing to do with the outlandish claims at all. I came across this strange and "surreal" story on Pinterest here. It's not every day that a tall blonde-haired woman with green eyes and over 6 feet declares herself to be an Alien hybrid.

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It's gonna be news in any country at any time of the year and the reasons are extremely obvious to me - what do you reckon? Oh yeah, and she thinks she's an Alien, let's not forget that titbit of tantalising news. It's got nothing to do with her being a woman and a good-looking blonde-haired woman at that. Nope, it has nothing to do with that lol.

There are so many examples of people out there who think they're Aliens or they think that they're Alien hybrids just like this lady claims but I wonder what sticks out about this one. Or, is it just because she's 100% not what you'd expect an Alien hybrid to look like? What does a different talking person look like anyway? It kinda takes people a bit of time to digest the information I reckon. Seriously, it is what it is because that's just the way people are in general.

Here's the full EMN YouTube video above, top.

Please share your thoughts and opinions also any ideas that you might have about this confusing and bizarre story. It's intriguing, it's sad, it's just on a whole different planet if you ask me. I feel bad because I can't see this as being real so I'd personally like her to get some help. We only know her as Lisa and she has a French accent. Check this link for Wikipedia about the God Complex then read the statement below.

I only say this because most if not all of what she says is just her interpretation of her feelings. Here's a quick quote from the Earth Mystery News website exclusive interview with Lisa:

I have a reason for being here and it is a little different than other people but I feel there are a lot of people like this. There is something to be done. We need to change things and it’s a very heavy burden to have. Lisa says as she tries to grasp the mystery of what she feels within.

So you see, it's her interpretation only. Anyway, I hope that you have some constructive comments on this really interesting story, cheers.{alertInfo}

Credit: Earth Mystery News/Pinterest/Express Online/UFO Sightings Footage/UFO News/Canva.


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  1. God bless her for speaking out. Amen. She looks like a pleiadian to me. A race of human beings from the Pleiades system, approximately 444 light years away from Earth. Extraterrestrials from different races have been abducting women and creating hybrids for centuries if not thousands of years. Her story, if you are not narrow-minded if you are not close-minded. Like the author of this article can be believed. It does happen. And she does not have a mental condition. She is just revealing what she knows or believes that she is. For absolute proof, all she has to do is get a DNA test, to find out what is in her DNA. That will indicate what she really is. That is not difficult to get done. God bless her and all the other countless human-alien hybrids all over the world. Amen.

  2. All she has to is send some spit to '23 and Me'

  3. Is it me, or does that French accent not sound very convincing at all, as if she's putting on an act? Thought for a moment she might be Canadian-French, but I don't think there are many people in Canada, even in Quebec, who are monoglot French-speaking, and who aren't fluent in English as a second language? It did sound as if she was posing as a French speaker.

    1. That all depends on where you were brought up. She has a french Canadian accent (I'm French Canadian). Most people are bilingual but by far not everyone.

  4. There is this conscious group of intelligentences that did this experiment. They don't know exactly what took place or how to figure it out. The creator of this experiment is in fact puzzled by how it contines to expand and grow! Over time this experiment, which they have no idea how to stop or if they should stop it if they could grew to where other intelligences learned of it and in their own experiments they discovered ways to send certain of those among them off to experience and then report back in a final upload what they witnessed and experienced while within the field of the experiment. Who are these ones? If you have seen the light and been in it's presence? If you have you need no explanation you know. If you have been out of your body? Flown> and I'm not talking about dreams! I'm talking waking wide awake in fact real experiences you've had? Then you are one of us sent to learn about the experiment we started and cannot explain! These are great truths! Enjoy them if you understand!

  5. There are 144,000 of us sent to discover and report back. Not all around you have the same experiences as you. Not all get sick and a visit from a glowing mist or a light or any other healing event putting you right again it is only those sent to do this that get these experiences and it is our own team making sure we can continue the mission and report back. If you have had these things in your lives you will know what I speak of and it will resonate deep within you.

    1. 144001 i have had these experiences. Since i was born i have never been sick, i am now 48years old, not lost a single tooth, like to keep to myself & observing what other people habits are.
      Insome cases some things i see, seem like i have already seen them before.
      If its a sickness then i say its not not curably.

    2. you describe a human being, as there are over 7 billions. for some of us fellows it's just (and surely that has its own understandable reasons) hard to accept that we're part of a species, that behaves in so many irritable ways. it is a very common psychological effect among humans, when things seem like one has seen them before. it is not any kind of sickness, please trust me. it has to do with our unbelievably huge-sized subconscious. so please, fellows, let's focus on real-life-problems instead of speculating so much. wouldn't anybody like to be a special hybrid?

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