Reptilian Eyes Exposed on CNN News Channel

I've always been on the fence about anyone been able to claim they are Reptilian or an Alien outright or that they think they're part Alien or even a clone? But...

Some people have suggested they where from a top secret cloning program and they have implants, can read peoples minds yadda, yadda. It's just words.


Image credit's CNN

That's all fine and well, it's entirely up to the individual to believe in whatever they want to believe in (it's their choice) and I do not have a problem with that.


Spectacular or what!

It's just not something I subscribe to because "it's only words" and a good story to tell someone or a group of people around a camp fire.

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There's nothing in way of tangible evidence backing up their claims - nothing by way of a team of people around them agreeing or saying that they know about it - nothing but a grandiose word play. It's maybe a little blunt but it's the truth.

But then there's this video below (which can be identified through CNN's archive...)

Video credit CNN/Blue_Beam_Project.

It's like the RH Negative blood lines are "only" suggested there might be a link to Aliens, that's if Aliens exist - right?

I truly hope that Aliens and UFOs are confirmed, like science fact confirmed - one day, because I have researched this genre extensively and put a lot of time in to this because I have hope and I love it.


It's interesting, it's fascinating, it's got massive implications and everyone would benefit from it especially if they're technologically advanced?

I have hope that one day, we'll all see that there's much, much more to life than just Earth and all it's constraints.

One day, it will be normal to fly to the Moon. One day it will be normal to get in a vehicle without driving and take a nap and wake up in Germany or wherever's been put in to the autopilot system.

But, I come across this short video not long ago and I uploaded it to my Instagram channel and before long people was saying it is real, they saw the CNN news and it's the same etc.

It's the easiest way to verify i right? Just check the original footage against this footage and see if it actually happens in that footage from CNN also?

This is a post where i'm asking if anyone has got the original footage (I know it's a long leap) but i'm asking anyways:


Can anyone find the original footage for this CNN what looks like an interview and it looks like it was live and in a studio with more than just one person (the potential Reptilian)?

In the Blue Beam Project Instagram (link below) it says how to spot Reptiles, how to identify them and other information on Reptilian hybrids.

Source CNN News Channel.
Source Blue_Beam_Project Instagram.
Reference Reptile Woman Instagram.
Reference Reptile Hybrids Pinterest.


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  1. Long before David Icke made it fashionable to accuse the Queen of being a lizard type (NOTE: Lady Di said her staff used to call her "Lizzie" behind her back and was NOT because it was a sobriquet of the word Elizabeth, either!)- I KNEW that this was the case: that we have shared - more o less - this planet with these reptilians. They have preferred to remain underground for the most part. It wasn't until one Phil Schneider - a DUMBs team leader drilling underground bases for the USG in Dulce Bae , New Mexico that this premise REALLY came to the fore. In 1979 he and his team bumped into another unchartered dome like bse and was confronted by reptilians. The end result was loss of lives on both sides. He had a few fingers shot off in the melee. He gave interviews andat conferneces on this kind of material - until- he was mysteriously found strangled to death by a catheter by his bedpost shrtly after one of his conference talks. Strange how so many of these "experiencers" end up on the short end of life. Bill Cooper, Dr. Karla Turner and host of others have been "hit" by the Silencers. These Reptiloids have been with us since Eve took a bite of that forbidden fruti offered up by - you guessed it- the Serpent. That, folks, was NOT a metaphor. The Bible was telling you what laid in wait for when the celestial team (i.e we humans) made it to Earth. They felt we were the trespassers of their domain and they have been planting booby traps of every conceivable invention to trap us since! Hence all the legends from dragons to gargoyles. IT has been a real cater-cousin existence between our two species for many millennia. It will continue to go on until the Redeemer makes his final come back call.

  2. Fake,reptilian have toowear human dye optics.

  3. Pass on any footage of man or woman you like best, HD if possible. Give me a few hours and in return you will get "reptilian" eyes on all of them. This FX is so easy to achieve, you could do it yourself at home and have more fake videos to enrich your already stupid blog.

  4. that's total bs, I watched that coverage from CNN Chile, live a few years ago, I remember seeing that close up that they did to her, didn't see that, in fact, no one saw it. lol

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