Professor Says UFO Is Part Of A Covert Fleet Created For The Space Force

Here we go, finally something I can definitely get my teeth in to and really figure out if the claims been stated and claimed are real.

A professor claims to know for sure that this UFO sighting (below) is part of a "covert fleet of Space Crafts" and they're all part of The Space Force.

Created by the President of the United States Mr Donald Trump!


Lately I've been feeling a bit disillusioned because of asking the same questions everyday, day in and day out - 24/7 and reading it from everyone else and their aunts - in just about every UFO page and group on Facebook.

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That's not to mention Pinterest, Instagram and Twitter (where we have other channels) where it's the same questions like these:

  • The question is "do Aliens exist?"
  • The other one is "are UFOs real?"

The answer is this whole article but yes they are real and they do exist but it was easy to lose sight of it.

The other questions I always see are:

  • Is NASA lying about Aliens?
  • Is there Aliens at Area 51?

The answer to that is yes.

Then there's the UFO/Alien statements I always see everywhere online (usually in the form of a meme) that "disclosure is coming".

OK, I've probably asked it myself - asking for disclosure or when is it going to happen? But i'm seeing it everywhere now.

It "was" getting to me but you guys immediately (and I mean immediately) like within one minuet of my post on Facebook about been disillusioned by it all - you replied back saying no, don't give up!

Do not give up, keep plugging away at it.

These questions are valid you said and that they're important and we need to keep echoing it.

It's not a needless question as it's the source of our beliefs and our full time hobby, it's the first question everyone ask's when they look up at the stars so it is very important.

So for that, I absolutely thank you from the bottom of my heart, thank you.


Here we go:

A cigar-shaped UFO similar to numerous mysterious objects seen in the US in recent months has been spotted above Orlando, Florida - and a professor thinks he knows what it is.

The Daily Star had revealed several baffling clips of the UFOs - which have also been described as snake-like popping up in all parts of the country since June.


The first sighting was recorded over the Mojave Desert, before similar objects were seen in Wyoming, New York and Washington. But now, an expert in the field has offered a new suggestion of what they could be after posting new footage of a sighting. The clip shows a glowing, elongated object slowly move across the overcast sky in Orlando, Florida. After several moments it disappears behind the treeline.

Dr Michael Salla - who posted the clip to YouTube last month - says in the clip:

“It is very clearly a cigar-shaped craft. “There are no wings, no tails so it is a cigar-shaped craft, a UFO.”

He was sent the UFO footage by an unnamed source, who has been releasing UFO videos in the area since 2008.

Dr Salla - an Assistant Professor in the School of International Service at American University, Washington DC - told The Daily Star site that he believes the craft is linked to the military's Space Force.

“I believe it is a hybrid air, sea, space vehicle developed by a major US corporation for a USAF (United States Air Force) - run secret space program,”

he explained...

“There is a military connection since the photographer, JP, says he has been encouraged to take photos of other UFOs which are part of a USAF secret space program, some of which he has been aboard.

“I believe the illuminated craft in the video is part of a covert fleet of electromagnetically propelled spacecraft that have been secretly developed by the USAF that will be unveiled as part of the soon to be created US Space Force.”

There's always a new story on the horizon, there's always a new UFO event and new UFO news. We will all one day learn the truth and ask yourself, are you really prepared to know Aliens are 100% real?

Here's the video from Professor Dr Michael Salla's YouTube channel:

The 61-year-old - who also runs conspiracy website - went on to say the purpose of such craft was to both "establish a strategic military advantage over other nations" and "protect Earth from alien attacks".

"Elected Government representatives know very little about these secret space programs developed by their respective militaries and other major world powers,"

He continued...

"In the US only a few very senior members of Congress are briefed, and even the President is kept out of the loop of many of these programs."

Source The Daily Star.
Source Reference JP Articles Photos And Videos.
Source Reference

The NSA Intercepted UFO Phenomena Communications In 1971

This is just one of them times where I was randomly looking through declassified FOIR - NSA files (online) as I sometimes do and it just fell in to place and stood out a mile. It's now December 2020 and we've still got no word on this but check out this amazing discovery. They've known about it all for a very long time.


Ip'm so tuned in to seeing words likte Unidentified Flying Object and words like "phenomena", top secret, NSA as it looks like NASA etc.


So, after reading a fair few pages I finally started to see, further down the pages - these words and duly skipped to them as I wanted to see what happened next so-to-speak and couldn't wait lol.

You need to read at least down to page number 9 starting at number 1 - to make sense of this. But it's good as there's definite admissions in these pages which are there for all to see now.

This is an image of just one of the pages which have now been declassified. I've highlighted in red squares the info which is interesting.


The NSA (National security Agency) intercepted COMMENT or Communication Intelligence from a country which has had it's name redacted in these declassified documents and which where blacked out.

Yes, the infamous black lines anyone can have in their FOIR - Freedom Of Information request documents when they receive sensitive papers on any such subject matters I suppose.

This is about a (redacted country name) which had it's supposedly secure communications or messages if you like that got totally hacked by the US government.

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The NSA had "intercepted" lol - communications through a STET Radar operator and also between two aircraft's (whom had the UFO encounters) and a ground controller who had the first hand experience of hearing these epic "history changing events" in 1971.

He was also the one who had the UFO anomalies on his radar screen and could not identify them. I really hope you read these interesting "declassified papers?"

The NSA had intercepted them and the NSA cryptolinguists had gone to work on them.


They gave the NSA officers summaries of the intercepted messages (now translated transcripts from the linguists) which included words like unusual Phenomena, unidentified objects on the screen, radar and unusual etc.

All this is really standing out to me and it definitely piqued my interest even more as I was looking through this document.

These aircraft pilots had encountered these Unidentified Flying Objects - which had taken place north of (redacted word) so we cannot get any understanding of where this took place.

I'm assuming it wouldn't be wise to tell any country inadvertently through a FOIR, that you've been spying on them because it still wouldn't be good for relations even now with that country!

And what's worse than that is telling another country "possibly an ally" that you've been intercepting their STET Radar messages (as what else do they know) to their front line aircraft's and ground controllers.


Yeah, it doesn't matter I suppose as it was 1971.

But because their history could include significant things from then which all hinged on the honesty between the US and whichever country it was?

So having this would or could, null and void something...

It's implications, the implications of a deal that was brokered and all of it rested on the fact that the US is not now and has "since" not, been spying on them.

I'm sure you get my point?

Here's a great video of a UFO been chased by a top gun pilot:

But if this was so, then I'm sure that this was all taken in to account when these documents was released under the FOIR and is online for all to see?

So, there's the undeniable proof that the NSA (National Security Agency) was definitely aware of other countries involvement with UFO activity (at least seeing for sure) Extraterrestrial and Unidentified Flying Objects.

Below is a video about Rudloe Manor a former RAF base:

Which countries are known for reverse engineering UFOs and using UFO technology - except for the US?

Could it be Rudloe Manor the former RAF (Royal Air Force) base which is where an apparent UFO was taken. See video above)?

Footage, finally from Rudloe Manor - Site 1 of the registry and the Flying Complaints Flight building where the officers were sometimes sent out from in plain clothes to interview eye witnesses on their UFO sightings.

This was for many years, home to the (MoD) Ministry of Defence Men In Black. The departments all moved out of this Air Force base to RAF Henlow many years ago and as you can see nature is taking back this site rather quickly.

  • Did this unknown (redacted) country, actually retrieve any crashed UFOs?
  • Did this redacted country actually shoot down a UFO?
  • Just which country is this and which would fit?
  • Has there been anymore incidents of UFO activity with this country, since?

Just for the record, I only read down to page 8, so anything after that is all yours to read and disseminate at your own free will. The first 8 pages are mine, lol!

There could be confirmation of UFO events in the remaining pages that are left or confirmation that a UFO was subsequently recovered and the technology from that miracle of Alien species is in smartphones from Samsung, South Korea.

Who knows, but we could of been talking about South Korea all along? It's a country with a long name as it's a large black redacted line or a large blacked out area if you like?

Ufology research is long, it's deep and believe me there's a lot more to read on other parts of the NSA Declassified UFO Documents site. Let us know what else you find and we will check it out and maybe feature it in an article...

Source Vice News YouTube.

Source NSA Website Declassified Documents.

Source Reference Download

Source NSA Declassified Documents / UFO Documents Index.

Source Mathew Williams YouTube.



Plaintiff, v.




Simulation of network-enabled electronic warfare metrics to assess the value of networking in a general information and radar topology. STET is mentioned and a part of this.

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