White Flying Rod UFO During Storm In US

The storms are very frequent in the US but what's not frequent is Flying Rods or UFOs but yet this one has been caught very clearly on video making this a significant UFO encounter.

Storms are a magnet for UFO activity, it could be the massive amounts of energy in the air or it could be the perfect time to fly or get around for the UFOs as most humans are under cover or sheltering?


This has got me believing that this took place, that it was definitely recorded flying past and that this is about as far away from a fake video as one could possibly get.

That's why I had to do a post about this and show you that UFOs are very, very real.

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I'm looking at the way it flies in to the video frame, i'm looking at the shape, it's colour and the areas immediately around the edges of the UFO to look for anything out of the ordinary?


This all looks very good to me. There's the way it turns in mid air, it really uses it's body to manoeuvre instead of a blast of air (like the shuttle uses).

I'm looking for anything that would suggest this is a fake and I cannot find anything.

This is a promising sign and it's more importantly, it's good news for Ufology if this does indeed turn out to be real?

We need not only experts, we need Aliens to verify these as humans only have opinions.

Now if the government would allow us all access to Area 51 or S4, S1 - absolutely anywhere that an Alien is been held (which we know is real) we could ask them about this Flying Rod.

I like this, I will definitely encourage you to share this with anyone you think would appreciate looking at a possibly real UFO?

Thank you for stopping by and checking out this post and the video. Please leave your comments in the box below, cheers.

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  1. When this white Flying Rod UFO comes into view and shoots past, there's absolutely no doubt that we're witnessing something extraordinary here. It's in the air, flying but with no wings, no visible means of propulsion and yet it's super fast and now we have solid proof of UFOs.

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