2 UFOs Flying In Formation With Planes

Here is a great video showing us what can only be described as two UFOs flying with planes that are in formation.

It's an unusual sight as it looks very clear, it looks like the two UFOs really are there and for some it's a bit much and will never be believed.


I always, always air on the side of caution because if we let any UFO sighting slip through the net then it will disappear forever.

If we keep all the UFO sightings in one big UFO reference like catalogue then we're covering our bases so-to-speak.

  • Does this look man made or Alien made.
  • Does this look real to you or not.
  • Should we dismiss this based on gut feeling.

Seriously, a lot of people are not used to seeing a HD UFO video and everytime they do, it looks to good to be true, right?

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This UFO video shows us two very different shaped UFOs which is curious.


They fly the same as each other and are silhouetted in black the same but their shapes are very different which suggests that these are both different UFOs.

Does that mean there's different Alien races on this planet?

Does that mean that instead of just one Alien planet out there in space, there could be at least 2 Alien planets?

Is there a place where these UFOs go (on Earth) when not engaged in Alien/Earth activity and what is their activity or agenda?

  • There's so many implications to saying a UFO is real.
  • Number one is their intentions.
  • Are they friendly or foe?

Well, I cannot possibly answer that but I have a theory and that is they are friendly.

I say that because judging by these advanced space crafts, they could if they wanted to - inflict severe damage and if not destroy a large proportion of either people or property with these crafts?

This is all speculation and any and all of this could turn out to be nothing, right?

But, I'm working with the exact same thing as you, this amazing video below:

I'm only going off what I see in the video, I'm going off the implications and what it must take for a space craft to travel through space to be here on Earth, it has to very, very advanced.

For that, it must be able to defend itself,it must be able to withstand tremendous pressures on the craft, it needs vast amounts of power or energy.

That is a very advanced machine.

Source bdmastro1.

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