White UFO Is Inches Away From The ISS In Bizarre Footage

I first saw this and thought somebody is having a laugh at our expense and when I say our's, I mean the UFO believers - the Ufology community.

This has gotta be a joke right, but it's not I don't think? I even went as far as thinking that this has to be a massive hoax because these are not some "app subscription editing software" anyone can purchase as this is "as far as I can tell" is the real deal"?


If this is a hoax then it's got to be some sort of privately created software, or some movie quality software.

This is just to good for the public available app editing software...

If you have any thoughts regarding that then please comment below and let us know, that would be great.

I even thought:

It's some sick CGI joke played out on someone's warped chess board or something stupid and crazy like that?

But I honestly don't think it is guys?

I think that this is - as far as I can tell, the real thing!


I've seen my fair share of ISS UFO videos and that's why I kinda gravitated to this one when I saw it online.

I saw it and thought "wow" that's amazing.

Some have speculated that this is from other space missions or even failed space missions in the past?

But I don't think it is?

It could be for one reason that I can think of and that's the titanium white colours of the UFO.

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NASA uses titanium white oxide on their space equipment and crafts during their missions.

Some people also suggested that this could be space junk, but again, if it is space junk then it's gotta come from NASA, right?

Unless it's Alien debris...

Old satellites?

Top secret military satellites?

Is this another Black Knight Satellite - but the White Knight Satellite version?

Here's the amazing video:

So, if we're seeing a real piece of NASA rocket debris - then this will be in their database that NASA has on tens of thousands of space junk it keeps and eye on?

It will definitely have this in it's data or archives "somewhere" as everything that has ever been lost in space, come off a satellite, gone in to orbit or otherwise misplaced and "unaccounted for" will be recorded somewhere, right?

I believe it's called ORDEM?

Because that's how NASA rolls, that's actually someones job inside NASA to weigh everything going up and everything coming down!

It will be somewhere in their files believe me.

It's just getting that person or persons to tell us, to publish their work and I don't think we're ever going see that day do you?

It really looks like Aliens might just be making contact here "again" and I say that because some of us already believe this has taken place before.

Source UFO Lovers Instagram.
Source Reference NASA Orbital Debris Program Office.


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  1. Cigar-shaped UFOs are usually owned by the Arcturians

  2. Does space junk change shape while being recorded as this one does?

  3. That object was a debris shield bag lost during ISS spacewalk on March 30, 2017 https://www.theguardian.com/science/2017/mar/31/lost-in-space-debris-shield-bag-floats-away-from-astronauts-during-iss-spacewalk

  4. Remember what the LIARS at NASA say
    "It's a Weather Balloon" !! John

  5. The government will never acknowledge the fact that they know about visitors from other space or are they visitor maybe were just one big fish tank of different species they are studying

  6. I gotta admit that I think you're right! I watched the video this links to, and the lost cover looks a LOT like this UFO. I'd call this one solved. Good find!

  7. Does space junk normally move like this and shape change??...As it starts to change NASA cuts the feed.

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