Massive Alien Spaceships Hiding In Saturns Rings

Massive Alien spaceships are hiding in the ring's of Saturn according to an ex NASA employee. The NASA space telescopes do not lie (depending on who you ask) and these are definitely anomalous however you look at this.

Is there more to this than meets the eye or are these just innocent 2000 mile long space rocks in the rings of Saturn?


All these are valid questions and they all come from these absolutely stunning and anomalous images showing some really strange structures or spaceships in and around the rings of Saturn.

But then you get the news that absolutely floors you, it's the news that only comes once in a life time and that news is in the shape of a former NASA employee spilling the beans on what they've been up to and what they know!

Check this out...

According to one NASA’s former top engineer Dr Norman R. Bergrun the 2000 mile long UFOs were photographed by Voyager I mission to Saturn.

Dr. Norman Bergrun, who previously worked at NASA Ames Research Center, wrote the 1986 book entitled “Ringmakers of Saturn” (link to the Podcast PDF book, is in the source section below).


Image credit/Dr Norman Bergrun.

The book highlights that there are massive alien spaceships around Saturn (which Bergrun dubs “ring makers”) including ones which have actually created some of the rings.

We can see a clear image that has two definite strange structures forming what looks like the rings of Saturn?

It even looks a little bit like they are 3D printing the rocks?

In the book, he revealed photos taken of Saturn’s rings from the Voyager I flight in 1980.

The book highlights that there are massive alien ships around Saturn (which Bergrun dubs “ring makers”) including ones which have actually created some of the rings.

Did you know:

Voyager I was sent to the rings of Saturn to investigate some strange anomalies that they had witnessed through their observations from Earth.

"These photographic revelations are reinforced by, and are consistent with, scientific data extending over centuries as far back as Galileo. The pictures have been obtained by the author using simple, repeatable enhancement techniques applied to publicly available NASA photographs from Voyager 1 and 2 flybys of Saturn. Having been obtained by pre-scheduled flight programming, Voyager photographs are scientifically unique in that they are strictly impersonal."

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These aren't your typical boulders, comets asteroids or particles that make up the vast rings of Saturn which are surrounding the mega planet.

These are there one time, gone the next and popping up like this has got some people scrambling for answers...


If, these anomalies move, change shape or move position or obviously dodge other "boulders" within Saturns rings or in some peoples eyes "UFOs" then there is a clear and present intelligently controlled structure in space and that is frightening.

Frightening because it must be advanced enough to know about our presence, but hasn't made contact...


The good thing is that these have been observed in various places which has caused great interest as their shape is obvious and looks Alien in shape.

Here's a decent video about this by Ancient Code:

The Ringmakers of Saturn - CLIP NOTES.

The researcher who occupied important positions at NASA’s Ames Research Center believes how massive alien UFO spaceships are proliferating at a mind - boggling rate on the rings of Saturn.

Apparently, there's no threat because we'd all know about it by now - wouldn't we...

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